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Best Sheet-Pan Breakfast Squares Recipe - How to Make Sheet-Pan Breakfast Squares
I think puff pastry would be better for this. Look for recipes that use it instead of the rolls.
Recipes  easy  baked  breakfast  brunch  eggs  ham  bacon  puffpastry  tart  sheetpan  makeahead  party  girly 
2 days ago by lala7625
Exclusive: shock figures reveal state of UK’s brutal prisons | Society | The Guardian
The scale of the crisis engulfing Britain’s prisons can be revealed, after an Observer investigation found that two-thirds are providing inmates with inadequate conditions or unacceptable treatment.

An analysis of hundreds of inspections covering 118 institutions found that a staggering 68% are now providing unsatisfactory standards in at least one respect, with two in five jails deemed to be unacceptably unsafe. &! - Are Britain’s prisons facing a meltdown? Few in government can now deny that our jail system is in severe crisis. Yet no one seems to want to tackle it &!
UK  Austerity  Prison  nasty  party  Conservative  Theresa  May  Police 
5 days ago by asterisk2a
Councils struggling to cope with surge in child protection referrals | Society | The Guardian
[UK austerity will be costly later on to clean up. and as proven again and again, deadly. ] Councils are increasingly only able to address “critical” situations and help the most at-risk children instead of carrying out vital preventive work to stop domestic violence and its devastating impact on victims, said the organisation that represents 370 councils in England and Wales.
UK  Austerity  Council  child  protection  services  DWP  ESA  JSA  homelessness  homeless  Sociology  nasty  party  Conservative  JAM  Theresa  May  Brexit 
6 days ago by asterisk2a
The Tory blueprint: fund a cruel system, not the disabled people it punishes | Frances Ryan | Opinion | The Guardian
enabled by Daily Mail communication - adopted by Osborne and co. scroungers and benefit cheats - double standard to tax evasion and avoidance
DWP  ESA  Disabled  disability  UK  Austerity  welfare  state  Tories  nasty  party  Conservative  JSA  sanctions  double  standard  tax  evasion  avoidance  Sociology  Psychology  DailyMail 
7 days ago by asterisk2a
Two Cheers for Polarization | Boston Review
In my new book, The Polarizers (2018), I highlight the specific actors who helped bring this change about. In the early postwar years, for example, a group of political scientists led by Wesleyan University’s E.E. Schattschneider provided intellectual ballast for the project by reviving a Progressive-era doctrine called “responsible party government.” Proponents of responsible party government sought to nationalize the party structures that had long been patchworks of state and local organizations. They promoted programmatic parties, organized around substantive issues rather than ties of tradition, patronage, or personality. And to secure democratic accountability, they sought to ensure that the two parties’ respective programs were at once coherent and mutually distinct. The goal, as a famous Schattschneider-led committee of the American Political Science Association (APSA) wrote in 1950, was a system in which the parties “bring forth programs to which they commit themselves and . . . possess sufficient internal cohesion to carry out these programs.”

Most of these scholars were themselves frustrated liberal Democrats, just as Roosevelt had been, and they found an eager audience in the ranks of organized postwar liberalism. Officeholders like Hubert Humphrey engaged with responsible-party scholars and championed party discipline in speeches. Ideological advocacy groups like Americans for Democratic Action featured discussions of the doctrine in their literature while the progressive wing of organized labor took up the cause of cohesive party discipline. Meanwhile, an ascendant generation of issue-driven “amateur” activists—thrilling to Adlai Stevenson’s presidential campaigns in the 1950s—battled to wrest control of Democratic organizations from traditional machines in the north while attacking the outsized national power of the conservative leaders in the south. They valorized party discipline in Congress and majority rule within national party affairs, hoping that many disempowered southerners would leave the party.
2017  democrat  ****  postwar  democracy  republican  party  boston.globe  history  politics  inequality  polarization 
7 days ago by gpe
Best Asian Sloppy Joe Recipe - How to Make Asian Sloppy Joes
Try this recipe first but it seems like it would be a good party dish - everyone could build their own and eveything could be kept at the right temp
Recipes  easy  sloppyjoes  Asian  unique  fusion  party  SuperBowl  football  sliders  weeknight 
8 days ago by lala7625
More nursing bursaries axed as Government is accused of being "hell bent" on reducing supply of new NHS recruits - Mirror Online
Applicants who already have a different degree and want to join the profession on the two year postgraduate course will now rack up thousands of pounds more in student debt.

It comes after the axing of the bursary for undergraduates completing a three year degree and apprentices on a five-year course resulted in a huge drop off in applicantions.

The Royal College of Nursing currently estimates there are 40,000 nursing vacancies in England alone.
NHS  Crisis  Austerity  Tory  Conservative  Party  Privatisation  student  debt  nasty 
10 days ago by asterisk2a
Artichoke Mushroom Lasagna with Bechamel Sauce - Green Healthy Cooking
Add some spinach, fresh basil or something to brighten it up. Could also add some cooked chicken sausage to this.
Recipes  Italian  baked  pasta  lasagna  easy  layered  creamy  white  artichoke  mushroom  comfort  girly  party  makeahead 
10 days ago by lala7625

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