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Parts Unknown: Bajor by fresne
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown RPF/Deep Space 9, gen. "In the season eight premiere, Tony pays a visit to Deep Space Nine and Bajor." // 7.5K, AU. Haven't seen any Parts Unknown, but this is easy enough to follow. Dwells mainly on the occupation and recovery efforts in a way the canon never did, with the overall downbeat vibe leavened by rather goofy commercial breaks. It's pretty interesting (and filled with typos). Featured canon characters: Sisko, Jake, Jadzia.
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december 2018 by zhena
W. Kamau Bell on Anthony Bourdain’s ‘I Pinch Myself’ Moment From First Posthumous Episode
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Inside Anthony Bourdain's devastating "I pinch myself" moment from tonight's #PartsUnknown with @wkamaubell

— The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) September 24, 2018
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september 2018 by chetan
I'll be livetweeting w/ me & Tony here. If you have any thoughts or questions I'll try to respond. It…
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september 2018 by KateSherrill
and changed the way my husband and I travel. It's about food, but not necessarily fancy foo…
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june 2018 by miaeaton
Just watching the episode on Armenia - No One showed the people & places did. He will…
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june 2018 by geomantic
Move aside . shows how fishing is done in Southern Italy on Sunday at 9p.
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november 2017 by netweb
RT : What’s it like to live, work and eat in Antarctica? Find out with Sunday on .
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june 2017 by callenet
Get ready! is back this fall with brand new adventures -- and dinner with President 🍻
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july 2016 by brianru
Watching a true artist craft their work is always inspiring. This is on a whole other level.
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october 2013 by cushyl
Twitter / orvtech: Watching @Bourdain on CNN ...
RT @orvtech: Watching @Bourdain on CNN #partsunknown on Libya when he asked how the rebels organized and communicated ...…  partsunknown 
september 2013 by paulmwatson

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