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Heptio brings its disaster recovery tool Ark to Microsoft's Azure Container Service - SiliconANGLE
“By teaming up with Microsoft, Heptio said, users will be able to backup and restore Kubernetes content in the Azure Container Service. In addition, they’ll be able to use Ark to create regular snapshots that persist in Azure and are encrypted when data is at rest.”
heptio  kubernetes  startups  azure  partnerships 
9 days ago by cote
Starbucks, Alibaba partner on AR tech at new Shanghai roastery | Mobile Marketer
Starbucks, the coffee chain with more than 24,000 stores worldwide, partnered with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba on a high-tech brick-and-mortar store in Shanghai that features a mobile augmented reality (AR) experience. The Starbucks Reserve Roastery lets smartphone users walk around the store and point at different features with their smartphone to learn more information, according to a press release from the company.
Starbucks describes the 30,000-square-foot roastery as the "first fully immersive coffee wonderland in China" and its "most ambitious project ever." The Shanghai location is the coffee chain’s largest retail space worldwide, featuring three coffee bars, a 3-D-printed tea bar, a bakery and a ceiling built with 10,000 handmade wooden tiles.
Alibaba will sell special merchandise, coffee and tasting experiences on its Tmall marketplace. Smartphone users need to download the custom app to see the AR features and unlock virtual badges as they tour the store.
alibaba  apac  retail  augmented-reality  partnerships 
9 days ago by dancall
Take Flight in the Red Bull Air Race with Daydream—in Real Time - VRScout
Ever wanted to see what it’s like to fly in one of the fastest racing planes on earth? Now, through VR, you can get a firsthand cockpit experience.
Red Bull is partnering with Google Daydream to create The Red Bull Air Race LIVE VR app. This app uses real-time flight data directly from the pilot’s cockpit and re-creates the races in a 360° virtual reality experience.
augmented-reality  partnerships  vr  drones  fmcg 
9 days ago by dancall
Alibaba, Ford Partner to Redefine the Driving Experience |
Alibaba Group and Ford Motor have inked an agreement to explore ways to improve consumer retail experiences in the automotive industry, as the U.S. automaker looks to rev up sales growth in the China market.

Under the agreement, Ford will be working with four of Alibaba’s business units—operating-system developer AliOS, cloud-computing platform Alibaba Cloud, digital-marketing arm Alimama and B2C shopping site Tmall—to identify opportunities in these areas as well as artificial intelligence, infotainment and the Internet-of-Things (IoT).
automotive  retail  apac  partnerships  alibaba 
9 days ago by dancall
Alibaba To Give Shanghai’s Subway System Hi-Tech Makeover |
Alibaba Group and Alipay-operator Ant Financial on Tuesday signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Shanghai Shentong Metro Group, operator of the Shanghai Metro, to improve the experience of subway commuters in Shanghai through artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Per the agreement, Shanghai Metro’s mobile app, METRO, which provides passengers with subway-related news updates and route suggestions, will include an Alipay payment option to access all of its stations in the city, starting early next year.
cities  alibaba  future  partnerships 
9 days ago by dancall
tdg-the-digit-group | SMART CITIES - partner of posterscope
As our world rapidly emerges as large, urban environments, there are numerous challenges with integrating buildings and assets into the urban fabric of Smart City initiatives.  The potential value is in the interconnection and interoperability of your data in the context of Smart Buildings and Smart Cities, all powered by 3D real time environment technologies.   the digit goup is the recognized world leader of implemented Smart Cities.  Contact us so we can assist you in discovering the value of Smart Buildings and Smart Cities and provide you with best practices, lessons learned and a framework strategy for your organization.  Our Smart Cities services include:
cities  new-companies  partnerships 
17 days ago by dancall
Request a Lyft inside the Amtrak app when your train arrives
Lyft has teamed up with another brand, forming a partnership that totally makes sense. Now, Amtrak riders can request a Lyft directly from the Amtrak app. Lyft said in a statement that rides to and from transit stations are one of its most popular routes and account for a quarter of Chicago ride requests alone. Amtrak travel is available in 46 states and as of now, Lyft is available to 97 percent of Amtrak riders.

This is the most recent brand partnership for Lyft, which just launched its Minnie Vans for guest transport throughout Disney World. The company also recently joined forces with Taco Bell. These brand partnerships are smart moves, building on increasing momentum that has pushed the company past the one million rides per day mark and nudged its growth beyond that of Uber's.
taxi  partnerships  ti  appint 
19 days ago by dancall
Music x Paper
OKGo x Double A - a printer paper company
music  partnerships  creative 
19 days ago by dancall
Coca-Cola, Amazon offer personalized gift ideas via new Pinterest tool | Mobile Marketer
Pinterest launched its first-ever Secret Santa, a personalized gift-giving tool that allows users to find custom gift ideas for friends and family, the company announced in blog post. Brand partners for the tool include Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Coca-Cola, CVS and Universal Pictures.
The tool uses the Pinterest API to create custom idea boards based on what friends and family are saying on the social media platform. To find gifts for people who aren’t on Pinterest, users can find a persona, such as travelers or pet lovers, similar to the person they are shopping for.
pinterest  TOOLS  ecommerce  partnerships 
23 days ago by dancall
GoDaddy And Square Take On SMB Services Together |
GoDaddy’s integration with Square makes it easier for SMBs operating in both the online and offline worlds to integrate payments powered by Square directly into their GoDaddy sites.
“One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in commerce today is the pressing need for merchants of all sizes to be able to offer multichannel solutions,” Goldberg said. “We have heard from loads of product sellers and service providers who want to sell easily in both the real world and online, and have those systems really sync up.”
payment  partnerships 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Nordstrom, Home Depot put Pinterest's Pincodes in stores | Mobile Marketer
Pinterest has rolled out a "Lens Your Look" feature that lets users take photos of an item in their closet and get outfit recommendations styled around that item and based on their individual wardrobes, according to a blog post by the company.
The platform also unveiled Pincodes, a tool similar to QR codes, that bring users to branded Pinterest boards when they point their smartphone camera at the code icon. The codes will be featured on Kraft Heinz products, in Nordstrom and Home Depot stores, at Kia's exhibit in the LA Auto Show and in the December issue of Real Simple magazine, per the blog post.
partnerships  retail  qr  pinterest  mobile  luxury  fmcg 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Microsoft’s period of congenial cooperation could be over - by @ron_miller
"A couple of years ago while a guest of Marc Benioff onstage at Salesforce’s Dreamforce customer conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said something that seemed to signal a new period of amicable cooperation for his company. Several pieces of evidence seem to suggest that the period of friendly cooperation that was in full bloom in 2015 could be over, and not just with Salesforce."
cloud  enterprise  tc  microsoft  satya  nadella  coopetition  partnerships 
4 weeks ago by jonerp
Instacart Adds Grocery Giant Kroger In Retail Push After Amazon-Whole Foods Deal
Mehta said deal talks with major retailers only picked up in the days since the Amazon-Whole Foods deal. The latest to sign up is Ralphs, a unit of grocery giant Kroger, which will begin using Instacart to deliver groceries starting this month. (For more on how the Amazon-Whole Foods deal transformed Instacart's business, see When His Top Rival Bought His Largest Customer, Instacart's CEO Cheered. It Turns Out He Wasn't Crazy from the December 12, 2017 issue of Forbes.)
ecommerce  delivery  partnerships 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Foursquare is now working behind-the-scenes with Asia's biggest social networks
The announcements are part of Foursquare's evolution from a consumer location-tagging app, to an infrastructure company, providing its location smarts to other apps.
Foursquare already powers other big tech players such as Uber, which uses Foursquare globally to let users set their destinations by typing in the name of a building or restaurant, instead of having to find an address.
foursquare  location  partnerships  technology  tencent  wechat 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Oh dear, people really hate the Zoella advent calender | Metro News
If there’s one group of people you don’t want to get angry it’s parents of tweenage children in the run-up to Christmas. They’re tired, stressed, under pressure to get amazing presents and constantly being ground down by pester-power.

Unfortunately the Boots and Zoella collaboration has done exactly that. Why? Because the general consensus is, this calender is a massive bloody rip-off.
celebrity  retail  ecommerce  partnerships  fail  luxury 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Instacart Adds Grocery Giant Kroger In Retail Push After Amazon-Whole Foods Deal
The catalyst for the industry's growing embrace of online delivery? Amazon's $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods in June 2017.
"It really was like a thermonuclear bomb against the entire grocery industry," Apoorva Mehta, CEO of Instacart, told Forbes in an exclusive interview.
Mehta said deal talks with major retailers only picked up in the days since the Amazon-Whole Foods deal. The latest to sign up is Ralphs, a unit of grocery giant Kroger, which will begin using Instacart to deliver groceries starting this month. (For more on how the Amazon-Whole Foods deal transformed Instacart's business, see When His Top Rival Bought His Largest Customer, Instacart's CEO Cheered. It Turns Out He Wasn't Crazy from the December 12, 2017 issue of Forbes.)
retail  ecommerce  partnerships  technology  new-companies 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Pokémon Go Creators Are Making A Harry Potter AR Game - VRScout
Could this be the next big AR game? Niantic, the developers of the popular Pokémon Go mobile game is now making a Harry Potter game. Expected to launch on mobile devices in 2018, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will let those of you dreaming about one day becoming a real-life Wizard finally a reality.

Created in collaboration with Warner Bros, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will have you learning spells and exploring real world neighborhoods and cities. All to discover and fight legendary beasts and team up with others to take down powerful enemies.
augmented-reality  partnerships  GAMES  future  kids 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Tencent pays $2b for stake in struggling Snapchat
Tencent has been a bit more specific, saying it could work with Snap to publish games and improve ad sales – specifically to create “newsfeed ads” within Snapchat, reports Reuters. Snapchat does not have a newsfeed, suggesting the millennial-oriented messaging app could become more like Facebook – or like the Moments stream inside Tencent’s WeChat.
tencent  wechat  snapchat  deals  partnerships  apac 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Alexa snags Oprah for 'favorite things' shopping experience | Mobile Marketer
Oprah Winfrey is the first celebrity to lend her voiceover talents to Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant as part of a holiday promotion between the e-commerce giant and Winfrey's O magazine, TechCrunch reported. Alexa users can say, “Alexa, let’s shop Oprah’s favorite things” to shop for the 102 products on her wish list, the biggest in the 21-year history of Oprah’s Favorite Things.
Oprah’s voice can recommend one of her favorite products and provide background details on why she picked the item this year. Alexa then asks if the listener wants to buy the product with a simple “yes” or “no.” A “no” answer will prompt the virtual Oprah to move on to the next item on the wish list.
echo  amazon  ecommerce  partnerships  celebrity 
5 weeks ago by dancall

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