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Heineken sponsors soccer-focused social video series | Mobile Marketer
Beer brand Heineken USA is partnering with soccer media company Copa90 on a documentary and original show, according to a press release shared with Mobile Marketer. The six-part series, "Hometown," showcases the culture of soccer fans "through the lens of the league's biggest stars," including Josef Martinez, a Venezuelan striker on the Atlanta United. The series is available to stream on Copa90's social channels.
The partners are creating a fan-led documentary about the new Los Angeles Football Club, the latest expansion in Major League Soccer, per the release. The documentary will highlight LAFC's new stadium, which hosts a Heineken-themed bar built and designed by the team's fans, along with the story of the first game at the new Banc of California Stadium through the eyes of attendees.
alcohol  partnerships  sportsrights  new-companies 
8 days ago by dancall
Google lets Nintendo's Mario lead the way on Maps | Mobile Marketer
Google Maps added a feature that lets smartphone users get directions from Mario, the star character from Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. franchise. Starting on Mario Day, whose abbreviation is MAR10, the mapping app added a feature to change the navigation arrow into an icon of Mario driving a racing cart, per a company blog post.
To get started, smartphone users need to update their Google Maps app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. By clicking on the yellow question mark (“?”) icon on the bottom right of the app screen, users can select Mario Time to see the new graphics, which run for a week.
maps  gaming  creative  GAMES  partnerships  funny 
8 days ago by dancall
Report: Facebook to debut video news by summer | Mobile Marketer
Facebook plans to start a news section for its Watch video platform and is testing content partnerships with about 10 publishers, Axios reported. The social network, which has about 2 billion users worldwide, wants to create its first standalone video programs for national news by working with traditional and digital-first media companies.

While details about the new programming are scarce, Facebook wants content that is at least three minutes long. As the company tests out what works best on its platform, it is also working with publishers to figure out budgets and how to monetize the programming, per Axios.
facebook  video  content  partnerships  newspapers 
8 days ago by dancall
Slack/Concur integration
“the bots will give users the ability to approve expense reports right from Slack, upload expense receipts, search for and book flights, and create basic expense reports from within a bot chat”
chatbots  expenses  bots  Im  concur  slack  partnerships 
9 days ago by cote
Scoop: Facebook aiming to launch News for Watch this summer - Axios
Timely news video is the latest step in our strategy to make targeted investments in new types of programming on Facebook Watch... As part of our broader effort to support quality news on Facebook, we plan to meet with a wide-range of potential partners to develop, learn and innovate on news programming tailored to succeed in a social environment. Our early conversations have been encouraging, and we're excited about the possibilities ahead.”
fb  onlinevideo  partnerships 
10 days ago by paulbradshaw
Report: Twitter tests integration with ad-buying platforms | Mobile Marketer
Social media network Twitter plans to open its ad inventory to programmatic buying from outside platforms and agency trading desks, unnamed sources told Ad Age. If the company's plans come to fruition, Twitter will be the first social network to open its "walled garden" to programmatic technology, making ad buying quicker and easier.
Twitter is testing the offering with agencies and brands and has plans to open its inventory to companies such as WPP, Dentsu Aegis and Omnicom, people briefed on the news told Ad Age.
twitter  advertising  agencies  partnerships 
15 days ago by dancall
Sky to offer Netflix content alongside its own
While Sky continues to wade through multi-billion dollar bids from Fox and Comcast, the UK pay-TV provider has quietly been working behind the scenes to bring new content and services to its platform. Earlier this week, the company announced that it had signed a deal with Spotify to bring a dedicated music app to Sky Q boxes, while adding a whole host of personalisation features. Today, however, Sky has gone one better, confirming a new partnership with streaming giant Netflix to offer the US company's TV and movie content alongside its own across Europe.

Sky says it will create a "brand-new and attractively priced entertainment TV pack" that will allow a Netflix Sky Q app to showcase popular TV series like Stranger Things and The Crown next to shows that Sky has spent big on like Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies. The agreement doesn't stop there, either: Netflix will appear as a separate app on Now TV boxes, including the cheap Roku-powered streaming stick that went on sale this week.
tv  partnerships 
19 days ago by dancall
Tencent Music, Spotify’s strategic partner in China, is valued at over $12B | TechCrunch
Tencent and Spotify announced a share swap in December that saw each side take an undisclosed slice of the other for strategic purposes going forward. According to Spotify’s filing, it took nine percent of Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) which it valued at €910 million at the time. That translates to a total valuation of €10.11 billion, or $12.3 billion, although Spotify includes 10 percent leeway above and below that figure.
spotify  stats  tencent  partnerships  apac 
22 days ago by dancall
Insight & Strategy: Wasteland with a V – Contagious I/O
We recently reported on how V Energy tapped into gaming culture by building a mod that people could download to improve Fallout 4.
The Australian energy drink, which has the brand proposition ‘be a bit better at life’, developed the mod by asking Reddit users what improvements they’d like to see – and then building them. We spoke to Rob Harding-Smith, a senior strategist at TKT in Sydney, the agency behind the campaign, to find out what insights they gathered from the platform and why Wasteland with a V was a better option than straightforward sponsorship.
gaming  partnerships  GAMES 
23 days ago by dancall
Nissan and DeNA will begin testing a self-driving taxi service in Japan next month | TechCrunch
Nissan Motor and DeNA announced today that field tests of Easy Ride, the self-driving taxi service they developed together, will begin next month in Japan. This means that Nissan and DeNA now rank among Uber, Lyft, GM, Didi Chuxing and other companies pioneering self-driving taxi pilots, with the goal of launching commercially within the next few years.

DeNA is a Tokyo-headquartered online services company that is probably best known outside of Japan for a partnership with Nintendo that has produced mobile games like “Fire Emblem Heroes.” Its other services, however, encompass a wide range of verticals, including e-commerce, entertainment, healthcare, social networking and automotive tech. Two years ago, DeNA launched its first production vehicles with French autonomous vehicle company EasyMile, which are used to provide a driverless shuttle service called Robot Shuttle in Japanese cities.
automotive  taxi  partnerships  apac 
29 days ago by dancall
FIT and Complex partner on online course to increase accessibility to streetwear design tools | Glossy
In an effort to increase access to educational tools for the next generation of hypebeasts, the Fashion Institute of Technology is partnering with Complex to roll out an online course that teaches the fundamentals of sneaker design.

The six-part Sneaker Industry Essentials program — which includes 30 hours of instruction taught by a wide range of experts, including executives from brands like Nike and Adidas, as well as FIT professors and Complex editors — was officially announced on Wednesday, with enrollment opening in the coming weeks in advance of an April start date. In addition to design, the class will cover marketing, advertising and business strategies designed to help students learn the basics of creating a footwear business.
sportswear  education  partnerships  newspapers 
29 days ago by dancall
Bad Bus (Part 2/3) – Citymapper – Medium
The first generation of transport tech has often given cities a headache. This makes it hard for other players to engage in a meaningful manner.
This is bad for the future of collaborations between the public and private sector. Transit agencies and bus operators run bus systems, but don’t always have the right capabilities for software and data analytics.
cities  uber  automotive  taxi  fail  partnerships 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Gamasutra - NetEase and Mattel partner to create Mattel163 dev studio
Mattel has announced that it has formed a partnership with the Chinese technology company NetEase to create a new game development studio called Mattel163.
Mattel joins the ranks of other major companies NetEase has forged partnerships with, including Blizzard and Minecraft-maker Mojang, though those deals typically lead to the release of existing games in China rather than the formation of a new development studio geared toward global releases. 
The joint venture aims to use Mattel’s library of brands, which include Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, and Thomas & Friends, to create mobile games and educational apps for the global market.
kids  partnerships  gaming  apac  toys  content 
4 weeks ago by dancall
Burberry's partnership with Farfetch will accelerate its see-now-buy-now business model | Glossy
As part of its new partnership with the luxury marketplace Farfetch, Burberry is picking up the pace of its see-now-buy-now business model.
With Farfetch operating the entirety of the brand’s global e-commerce logistics, Burberry will be able to ship and deliver orders as they’re placed during Saturday’s in-season runway show to shoppers in the London area. The “Show to Door” program promises that any orders purchased from the runway within the first 24 hours will be delivered in 90 minutes or less. Available to order is a capsule collection from the runway, including the rainbow-check trench designed in support of LGBTQ rights and a selection of bags exclusive to Farfetch customers.
luxury  ecommerce  delivery  partnerships 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Magic Leap is partnering with Turner Sports and the NBA to stream games on an app | TechCrunch
Magic Leap and the National Basketball Association are partnering with Turner Sports to show live games on its platform in an app that will be available to Magic Leap One “Creator Edition” customers.

The partnership announced onstage at the Code Media conference in Huntington Beach, Calif. is the first, very vague, very nebulous, use case for Magic Leap (at least that I’ve heard).

The experiences sound a lot like virtual reality, with fans being able to experience what it’s like to be courtside at games.
vr  augmented-reality  magicleap  sportsrights  partnerships 
5 weeks ago by dancall
WeWork, J.Crew Pair On Pop-Up Shops |
In WeWork’s first fashion partnership, J.Crew will host a panel discussion series and sell items from its spring collection at several of the co-working company’s locations across the U.S. The talks — and the retail offerings — will come to WeWork spaces in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta and Philadelphia, Glossy reported.

As part of the program, the WeWork locations will house pop-up shops that will sell items from J.Crew’s spring collection and offer discounts to WeWork members. A portion of the sales from the shops will go to local charities, while the actual talks will be centered around professional success and personal fulfillment.
partnerships  luxury  retail  pop-up 
5 weeks ago by dancall
Nestle, Cainiao Unveils New Inventory Solution Designed For New Retail |
The two are designing a new all-in-one inventory solution that integrates Nestle’s warehouse stock across Alibaba’s platforms into an analytics-driven, shared inventory.
With real-world experiences increasingly linked to the web, forward-thinking companies across the world are looking to New Retail to seamlessly fuse the online and offline customer journeys. Starting from June last year, Nestle took a new approach to enhance consumers’ shopping experiences.
The Swiss company overhauled its China distribution strategy, making way for a more-efficient inventory management solution developed with Cainiao, dubbed “One Inventory.” In only 19 days since switching to the solution, the percentage of products offering second-day delivery jumped to more than 70 percent, up from 30 percent.
fmcg  apac  partnerships  retail  ecommerce 
5 weeks ago by dancall

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