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roOomy Virtually Staged Matterport 3D Tours | New Collaboration!
roOomy offers technology to virtually redesign spaces to help estate agents sell homes. Have partnered with Matterport to provide staging services to their VR scans
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12 days ago by allyocarter
Recent Survey Shows Firms Aren't Doing Right Due Diligence on Laterals | The American Lawyer
However, when we look at the overall success of firms’ lateral hiring programs, the picture loses some of its cheer. The firms in our survey acknowledge a 30 percent departure rate at five years, a self-assessment that is kinder than the 38 percent that we know from objective market analysis. The departures comprise a combination of (1) partners who didn’t work out and thus were asked to leave, and (2) those who were working out (or moving that way) but, by leaving so soon, didn’t stay long enough to cover the cost of their hiring and initial down time. Add to these departed laterals those who are just “muddling along” and it’s easy to see that close to half of lateral partners fail to live up to expectations.

So, what goes wrong? Our survey makes this clear: Laterals disappoint on the volume of business they attract to their new firms (see Figure 2). Every firm in our survey reported challenges with laterals’ purported books of business actually transpiring. Similarly, 75 percent of firms report that laterals “sometimes” or “often” expect more work to be given to them than is reasonable, and 90 percent run into business development issues. By contrast, only one-third of firms regularly encounter client conflict problems, while two-thirds encounter cultural fit issues.
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4 weeks ago by JordanFurlong

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