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AP-NORC/USA Facts poll: Americans struggle to ID true facts
sign of the times that the AP feels it needs to put the word "true" in front of the word "facts"--smdh
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Opinion | Is Politics a War of Ideas or of Us Against Them? - The New York Times
“negative partisans vote more consistently against the opposite party than partisans vote for their party.”

The remaining “persuadables” — an estimated 13 percent of voters, with little or no partisan commitment
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Partisanship and Political Animosity in 2016 | Pew Research Center
More than half of Democrats (55%) say the Republican Party makes them “afraid,” while 49% of Republicans say the same about the Democratic Party. Among those highly engaged in politics – those who say they vote regularly and either volunteer for or donate to campaigns – fully 70% of Democrats and 62% of Republicans say they are afraid of the other party.

Across a number of realms, negative feelings about the opposing party are as powerful – and in many cases more powerful – as are positive feelings about one’s own party.
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