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The Octonion Math That Could Underpin Physics | Hacker News
The types of numbers are Real (1D), Complex (2D), Quaternians (4D), and Octonions (8D). A few crazy physicists think that we can learn more about particle physics by using Octonions.
hn  physics  particles  speculative 
yesterday by darkwater
VincentGarreau/particles.js: A lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
javascript  particles  library 
8 days ago by narven
vaneenige/phenomenon: 🦄 A fast 2kB low-level WebGL API. GPU based with shaders.
Phenomenon is a very small, low-level WebGL library that provides the essentials to deliver a high performance experience. Its core functionality is built around the idea of moving millions of particles around using the power of the GPU.
particles  webgl  code  animation  3d  gpu 
9 days ago by VoxPelli
Just working on a little something for the . and lines. Taking clouds and moving them acro…
particles  web  Animated  from twitter_favs
17 days ago by robhawkes
Kenney · Particle Pack
HD 2D Particle pack from Kenney
free  assets  2D  particles 
21 days ago by edwardrowe
GDC Vault - The Visual Effects Technology of 'Destiny'

First part of talk was a lot about their sequencer, template engine (graphs, but not “black box” so really powerful). Some stuff on their editor, expressions, and lots of other powerful tools. Different “channels” (filters) for game object types, sequence types, etc

Second part is grab bag of techniques:
1. Faking AA or dof or motion blur by just increasing size and reducing opacity is good. For detecting sub-pixel particles and making them bigger it is neat
2. Jittered near fade for better fade off and
3. Thinning out particles due to gpu perf and how to detect gpu perf
4. Particle collision by detecting if it was in front of depth in previous and current frame (parity check) and other ways to stop or slide collided particles
5. Attractor/repulse based on shapes instead of just points
gdc18  vfx  particles  attractor  repulsor  optimization  EngineOverview 
5 weeks ago by MemoryStomp
GDC Vault - Frostbite GPU Emitter Graph System
Also a bunch of good stuff on baking animations into textures and doing particle crowds that way.

gdc18  vfx  particles  ParticleCulling  insects  leaves  snow  rain  sparks  emitters 
6 weeks ago by MemoryStomp

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