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Obvious Plant (@obviousplant) • Instagram photos and videos
217.8k Followers, 331 Following, 519 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Obvious Plant (@obviousplant)
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3 days ago by po
Incorporating Music into Group Projects

EconGoneCountry can also be used as a segue into more in-depth group projects involving economics and music.  A prominent project among economic educators involves groups of students choosing a popular or well known song and then re-writing the lyrics to focus on economic concepts.  The students sing the new lyrics over the original music and create their own music video.  These projects, referred to as Rockonomix and Econ Beats, are implemented at colleges and universities across the United States who compete against one another for the top prize.  For more information on Rockonomix and Econ Beats, including sample instruction sheet, grading rubric, and peer evaluation form, visit and  
14 days ago by michaelvmiller
VC Starter Kit
Everything you need to begin your career investing in the tech industry
vc  parody  funny  venturecapital  tootme 
4 weeks ago by nelson
九らラ@5部アニメ拝観さんはTwitterを使っています: 「アニメで根掘り葉掘り頂きましたので大好きな番組パロ」 / Twitter
illust  jojo  parody 
6 weeks ago by pillow
DNA Friend
DNA Friend is the only DNA testing service that provides a completely free genetic report in just 24 hours. Stop wondering and start knowing where you come from, where you’re headed, and which of your inherited genetic traits will lead to the most long-term suffering.
funny  parody  culture 
7 weeks ago by agius
the ldpl programming language
Includes a complete language reference, plus some ldpl example programs and some implementations and commentary.
ldpl  cobol  esoteric  joke  parody  programing 
7 weeks ago by cothrun

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