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A Tasty Spinach Sformato Recipe with Parmesan Sauce - Our Italian Table
pureed veggies, bechamel, eggs
she puts strip of mozza in this one.
fennel for winter
vegetable  custard  mold  flan  parmesan  italian 
4 weeks ago by pegasus505
The Sikhs who saved Parmesan - BBC News
What do Punjab and Italy's Po Valley have in common? More than you might imagine, which explains why immigrant Sikhs from the Indian state became the backbone of Italy's most famous cheese-making industry.
bbcnews  sikh  parmesan  cheese  italy 
7 weeks ago by mjs
Best Chicken Parm Burgers Recipe -
Serve without a bun and with a salad and a little bit of garlic bread.
Recipes  easy  weeknight  Italian  Parmesan  burgers  tomato  sauce  lowcarb  cheese 
8 weeks ago by lala7625

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