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'For me, this is paradise': life in the Spanish city that banned cars | Cities | The Guardian
The benefits are numerous. On the same streets where 30 people died in traffic accidents from 1996 to 2006, only three died in the subsequent 10 years, and none since 2009. CO2 emissions are down 70%, nearly three-quarters of what were car journeys are now made on foot or by bicycle, and, while other towns in the region are shrinking, central Pontevedra has gained 12,000 new inhabitants. Also, withholding planning permission for big shopping centres has meant that small businesses – which elsewhere have been unable to withstand Spain’s prolonged economic crisis – have managed to stay afloat.
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60 Years of Urban Change
Compare aerial images from decades ago to modern satellite views to explore dramatic changes that affected downtown areas in the last half of the 20th Century.
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The future of the Ashby BART parking lot is in flux — Berkeleyside
> South Berkeley, once home to a large Japanese-American community, saw an influx of African-American residents after World War II. Redlining prevented those black residents from buying homes in many neighborhoods throughout the city, and they were segregated below Martin Luther King Jr. Way, then called Grove Street. That black community built a thriving commercial district around what later became the Ashby BART station.

> One speaker, Alfred Twu, presented a vision for a fusion of the two potential uses of the lot. Twu, who is running for Berkeley City Council in District 8, supported building housing with the ground floor remaining in "community control." Instead of generic chain stores, Twu pictured a nonprofit-run "town square," with permanent vendors both indoors and outdoors, live music and fruit stands.

> Though the site is currently filled with cars every weekday, not a single speaker asked for it to remain a parking lot. According to materials distributed by BART at the meeting, the Ashby station has 600 spaces and 6.3 acres of parking total ... Out of the 10 most walked-to BART stations, Ashby is the only one with a parking lot, according to BART. It has the seventh highest share of passengers walking to the station out of all BART stations. According to the document, 18% of passengers drove to the station in 2015, while 59% walked.
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