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FORTUNE : China is Now Close to Parity With the U.S. on the Global 500 , a Sign of the Country’s Growing Power | USA needsEditing Komal Neha Sonu neeraj
AS THE CHINESE CENTURY nears its third decade, Fortune’s Global 500 shows how profoundly the world’s balance of power is shifting. American companies account for 121 of the world’s largest corporations by revenue. Chinese companies account for 119. Yes, America is still No. 1, barely, but it seems inevitable that it will give up that title, probably next year. For the first time since the debut of the Global 500 in 1990, and arguably for the first time since World War II, a nation other than the
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FORTUNE  :  China  is  Now  Close  to  Parity  With  the  U.S.  on  Global  500  _  a  Sign  of  Country’s  Growing  Power  |  USA  needsEditing  Komal  Neha  Sonu  neeraj  from iphone
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Perinatal data visualisations, Data visualisations - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
These data visualisations provide an overview of mothers and babies, maternal demographics, the antenatal period, labour and birth, and baby outcomes. Data from the AIHW National Perinatal Data...
ziad  parity  age  census 
may 2019 by hmhxxx
A backup program for disk arrays. It stores parity information of your data and it recovers from up to six disk failures
backup  disk  raid  parity 
april 2019 by synergyfactor
A backup program for disk arrays. It stores parity information of your data and it recovers from up to six disk failures
mediacenter  raid  hdd  nas  parity  redundancy  snapshot  storage 
march 2019 by sphere2k
RT : Casper works on Parity Ethereum Client! $ETH $ETC
Parity  Casper  Ethereum  from twitter
may 2018 by roderik

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