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William Weaver - Tracking Down Foucault's Pendulum
Translators sometimes become involved in strange investigations and quests. In translating two novels by Umberto Eco, I have found myself collecting books on medieval monastic architecture, on the secret of the pyramids; sometimes I spend long minutes consulting Latin dictionaries, or reading the article on Thomas Aquinas in my old Brittanica. And, on this bleak November day, I was tracking down the pendulum invented by Jean Bernard Leon Foucault and displayed in 1851 in the Pantheon in Paris to demonstrate the rotation of the earth. Foucault's device not only supplied the title of the Eco book I was then translating, but it - and its surroundings - also played an essential role in the story. To translate two climactic chapters, I had to study the setting with my own eyes before I could try to step into the author's shoes.
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3 days ago by dbourn
I wish I’d done that: Amanda Levete on the Pompidou Centre | 1843
The building that turned the world of architecture inside out and upside down
architecture  paris  building 
7 days ago by fdedic
Food+Tech Connect How Vertical Farm Startup Bowery Approaches Biodiversity | Food+Tech Connect
Bowery's Susan MacIsaac explain how the vertical farming company is utilizing previously unusable industrial space to grow over 100 crop varieties.
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8 days ago by prrd
RT : In 1969, the "Mistral", the legendary train (and fastest one in 🇪🇺 back then) from 🇫🇷 to 🇫🇷, got a new s…
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9 days ago by aslakr
Cemetery in Paris
Jim Morrison. Chopin Abelard and Heloise etc
Paris  cemetery 
10 days ago by BLBF

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