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The Jealous Curator /// curated contemporary art /// dad
"the harder I work, the luckier I get" marathon runner, traveler and reader dad of the Jealous Curator dies suddenly. He supported her art early, framing and taking seriously her art
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16 hours ago by emmacarlson
Easy Ways to Improve Food Security & Fight World Hunger
Charity options for kids helping other kids and families with food insecurity (from Gina)
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19 hours ago by emmacarlson
孩子為何一直犯同樣錯?用打的沒效!處罰要懂四技巧 - 天才領袖 - 王宏哲
1、自我檢討處罰法 ( 冷靜、具體指出行為的處罰)


2、時間暫停處罰法 (限制,安靜區的處罰)

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yesterday by lohsingyee
Five Life Lessons with Drachenturm
As happens in the life of every board gamer who's bothered to reproduce, there comes a time when your central preoccupation is the inculcation of cardboard and rulesets, dice and phases, punchboards and baggies. Brainwashing, to put it less nicely. All parenting is brainwashing, hopefully with more positive results than negative. During our semi-regular visits…
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2 days ago by fiamh

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