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Being a Dev Dad
My experience becoming a parent, doing everything wrong, and finally striking a good work/life balance.
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'Time outs don't work! Here are 4 reasons why this out of date practice isn't working for you'…
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How To Pick The Best Baby Activity Gym For Your Baby's Development — CanDo Kiddo
because belly-up play under the activity gym can easily put the same pressure on the back of your b
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Hardware-Based Parental Controls 4 ur Connected Home
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The List
Oh mine here we go

-When I was 14 my mom installed a monitoring software on my computer so she could see my screen on her laptop to make sure I was doing homework. I didn’t know about this until I watched really kinky intense porn and I got screamed at from downstairs.

-When I was 18 I got my nose pierced, told her that I did it, and she freaked out and said she did not got me “permission” to do that and “wait until dad hears about this.” Dad hears about it and doesn’t give a shit because I AM AN ADULT.

-I am 19 and decide to go to the movies at 10pm, CHAOS.

-At 19/20 she knew my itunes password for some reason and OBSESSIVELY used find my iphone to track my location. My older brother witnessed her just constantly tracking my location for no apparent reason. One time I was in my boyfriend’s basement and I get 10 missed calls from her because it said I was in the middle of a field. When I figured out how to turn it off she would not shut up about it for months and would try to guilt me into turning it back on. Said it was “because she cared” “sorry for caring” “dad lets me track his phone.”

-When I first getting to know my boyfriend when I was 20 I got really drunk one night and fell asleep until 2pm, I wake up to 20 missed calls and ignore them because I was going home anyway. I start driving home, and pass my mom’s car on the way back to my house. Turns out she called the fucking police and was driving to his house to find me. I never gave her his address. Got it from tracking my phone. Another reason I disabled find my iphone.

-I wasn’t allowed to have my car at college for my entire junior year because they didn’t trust me with it???? I’ve driven since 2014 and have never had any incidents for them to not trust me. I wasn’t able to get a job, go grocery shopping, or really have a life because of it.

-When I had my first boyfriend when I was 15 we were hanging out in my basement to play video games, and my mom was sitting in a corner the entire time watching us.

-Said I was driving to Atlantic City (An hour and a half away) for an anime convention when I was 20, tried INSISTING on driving me and my friends and listed crime statistics to me and basically said I would get mugged.

-She didn’t let my brother learn how to ride a bike until he was 13 because she was afraid of him injuring himself.

Boiiii that’s just what I can think of from the top of my head. Luckily I won’t get cut off for ignoring her crazy and doing what I want.
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Points - lifeonmars, read by Lockedinjohnlock - 54k, 7 hrs
"'The little things are infinitely the most important.' -- A Case of Identity, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. What if His Last Vow never happened? This fic picks up a few months after John and Mary's wedding, in an alternate universe where Magnussen doesn't exist, but Mary is still pregnant. Life continues -- just in a different direction. And slowly, Sherlock and John find their way to each other." A fix-it fic that is SO MUCH MORE PLAUSIBLE than what actually happened. Podfic:
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No Normal | The New Yorker
That has to be so weird learning your dad finally could admit who he really was.
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