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What Is Sleep Paralysis?
For centuries, sleep paralysis has been associated with demons, alien abductions, and madness. Sleep Sherpa explains what sleep paralysis is.
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march 2019 by vishalingole
Cafe in Japan hires paralyzed people to control robot servers • Nextshark
Carl Samson:
<p>A cafe with an all-robot staff controlled by paralyzed people has opened in Tokyo.

The cafe, called Dawn ver.β, held its ribbon cutting ceremony on Nov. 26.

Ten people with conditions like ALS [muscular dystrophy] and other spinal cord injuries are currently employed at Dawn, according to Sankei.

From home, they operate the OriHime-D, a 120-centimeter (4-foot) robot that communicates, moves around and handles objects.

Behind the OriHime-D is Ory, a startup that develops robotics for disabled people. In a video, a paralyzed man is seen “typing” commands through his eyes. The OriHime-D can also be used by people involved in childcare, nursing care or other activities that prevent them from leaving home or a certain location.

“Even those who can’t go out can work through this alter ego and have a role in society,” Ory noted.

Dawn (Diverse Avatar Working Network), based on the same cafe in the 2008 anime “Time of Eve,” imagines a coffee shop where humans and robots interact as equals, SoraNews24 noted.

The cafe, located in the Japanese capital’s Akasaka District, is a joint effort between Ory, All Nippon Airways (ANA), the Nippon Foundation, and the Avatar Robotic Consultative Association (ARCA).</p>

The "workers" do get paid, though the cafe has ended the experiment as of Friday. I truly cannot decide if this is wonderful, or weirdly exploitative, or both, or neither.
japan  robot  paralysis 
december 2018 by charlesarthur
Once paralyzed, 3 men take steps again with spinal implant | The New York Times
Three men who lost the use of their legs after severe spinal injuries are able to walk, if briefly and awkwardly, with the help of a pacemaker-like implant. UW Medicine rehabilitation specialist Chet Moritz is quoted.
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november 2018 by UWMedicine
Once paralyzed, three men take steps again with spinal implant • The New York Times
Benedict Carey:
<p>David Mzee broke his neck in 2010. He was a college student in Zurich at the time, an athlete who enjoyed risk and contact, and he flipped off a trampoline and onto a foam pad. “The foam pad, it didn’t do its job,” he said.

Mr. Mzee, now 33, is one of three men who lost the use of their legs years ago after severe spinal injuries, but who now are able to walk without any supports, if briefly and awkwardly, with the help of a pacemaker-like implant, scientists reported on Wednesday.

The breakthrough is the latest achievement in the scientific effort to understand and treat such life-changing injuries. Several recent studies have restored motion to paralyzed or partially paralyzed patients by applying continuous electrical stimulation to the spinal cord.

The new report, <a href="">described in the journal Nature</a>, is the first demonstration of so-called patterned stimulation: an implant sends bursts of targeted stimulation to the muscles that intend to move. In effect, the stimulation occurs on an as-needed basis, roughly mimicking the body’s own signaling mechanism.</p>

The <a href="">BBC report, with video</a>, is truly amazing.
paralysis  science  spine 
october 2018 by charlesarthur
Understanding the Main Causes of Paralysis in Catastrophic Auto Accidents
Catastrophic auto accidents are tragic accidents that lead to a drastic change in lifestyle for the victim.
auto-accident  paralysis  medical 
june 2018 by Adventure_Web
REQUEST: Cas/Dean (or Dean/Sam), non-con, spells, frozen boys
Okay so I want a spell that only lets one of them move at a time. Dean is frozen in place, can't even blink as Cas strips. He's horrified. Then Cas is frozen with his hands on his belt buckle and Dean is forced to finish the process, gets Cas completely naked while Cas can't move. Then Cas has to idk suck Dean off while Dean is frozen, then Dean is opening Cas up while Cas is frozen, etc etc etc.

I just think it would be super hot. Half the time they can't move and can only watch/feel what the other is doing, and the other half of the time they're being forced to do it.

Maybe they're mute, or maybe they can talk each other through it? Maybe established relationship or maybe first time? Go wild with any other kinks.

Would also be happy with Sam/Dean. (Dean POV would be the hottest pls pls)
:spn  fps  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:sam/dean  noncon  curse/spell  paralysis 
february 2017 by Mayalaen

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