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Tilt.js - A tiny parallax tilt effect for jQuery
lightweight parallax hover tilt effect for jQuery
jquery  js  parallax  plugin 
8 days ago by davemac
Tilt.js - A tiny parallax tilt effect for jQuery
jquery plugin to allow a hover tilt effect on an element. If you place another element above it produces a kind of parallax effect.
webdesign  web  design  effect  tilt  jquery  js  javascript  script  parallax  hover  angle  animation 
17 days ago by piperh
Joseph a avoué, Maison de détail - Gabrielle Aries
lots of good stuff here, like the animations on the numbers when you scroll, the transitions, layout and design.
parallax  transition  animation  typography  layout  design  inspiration  cni-research  cni-inspiration  design-elements 
17 days ago by jacqui
Simple declarative parallax library in vanilla js
js  parallax  scroll 
27 days ago by elivz
Medium Style Header – Tony Jing – Medium
The team behind Medium has created a great experience. The execution of this greatness lies in getting the details right. For example, once logged in, the home page’s image header gradually blurs out as the user scrolls down the page. Another example is the parallax effect as the title and subtitle fading out of the view, against the large full bleed background image, when scrolling down on the page. These interactions not only provide context for the reader, they also make the experience engaging and pleasant. I’ve decided to recreate these two experiences.
article  ux  effect  jquery  parallax  blur 
4 weeks ago by javajunky

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