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Determination of the nicotine content of various edible nightshades (Solanaceae) and their products and estimation of the associated dietary nicoti... - PubMed - NCBI
Very interesting! I have often reflected on a relationship between cravings for or/and sensitivity/ intolerance to Solanaceae family foods and tobacco addiction / sensitivity. There are quite a number of other alkaloids common to many edible Solanaceae members, including solanine, tomatine, capsaicin and chaconine - all of which are toxic and produced by the plants for defensive purposes - and which appear to be the main compounds involved in sensitivity reactions.
Solanaceae  tomato  potato  aubergine  chilli  paprika  cayenne  capsicum  nicotine  solanine  tomatine  capsaicin  chaconine  sensitivity  allergy  intolerance  addiction 
27 days ago by CharlesForsyth
Cabbage Sauteed with Chicken - COOKTORIA
3 tbsp olive oil
1/2 lb boneless chicken thighs, cut into small pieces
1 small cabbage
2 medium carrots (shredded)
1 tbsp paprika
2 tomatoes
3 bay leaves
1 cup chicken stock
salt, pepper
chopped fresh parsley to garnish

You can totally cheat and just buy two bags of pre shredded coleslaw– it even comes with the carrots in it. Furthermore, instead of paprika, I use an incredibly flavorful Ethiopian spice blend called Berbere, which is paprika based.

food  chicken  carrot  cabbage  paprika  lunch 
october 2018 by yarngeek
Chicken Paprikash
Skip the tomato?? Read comments. Don't add paprika on the heat
recipe  paprika  chicken  peppers  sourcream 
october 2018 by unintendedbliss
Shakshuka (North African-Style Poached Eggs in Spicy Tomato Sauce) Recipe | Serious Eats
Don't believe Kenji when he tells you that you can use tomatoes in your cast iron. I had a ridiculously well-seasoned skillet and, after following this recipe, nearly all of the seasoning was stripped.

It's also much easier to handle leftovers if you make the shakshuka without the eggs and cook them on demand in a separate pan.
african  onion  redpepper  jalapeno  serrano  fresnochile  garlic  paprika  smokedpaprika  cumin  tomato  cilantro  egg  olive  feta  artichokehearts  madethis:excellent 
june 2018 by danengler
Chicken Tagine With Olives And Preserved Lemons Recipe - NYT Cooking
Pretty good. Drop the saffron, feel free to skip marinade time, and don't use too many olives or salt too much (it was a little salty and bitter).
garlic  ginger  paprika  cumin  turmeric  chicken  onion  cilantro  olive  preserved-lemon  middle-eastern  recipe 
june 2018 by amsone

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