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Dust Effect on the Performance of Wind Turbine Airfoils - 2010-Psychology-FunFunFun.pdf
Fun type
1 can be described as
, with
large loadings on joking, laughing, talking, and
entertainment, with high scorers describing the
situation as “socializing
with friends”, “hanging
out with friends”, “enjoy, relaxed, excited”, “Be-
ing with friends”, “out with friends”, “socialising
with friends”, “when I’m with the girls”, “board
game with friends “, “drunken sports night with
friends”, and “out with friends”.

Fun type
2 can be labelled as
, with
its loadings on peaceful, warm, relaxed, loving,
caring, and contentment. High scoring situations
were “gardening”, “just being at home”, “went to
Southampton beach”, “being with people I like”,
“swimming”, “with friend, in fave cafe, study”,
“chatting with mates”, “smiley laughing content”,
“swimming in the sea” and “listening to music”.

Fun type
3 can be labelled as
, with
high loadings on focussed, challenged, accom-
plished, absorbed and e
ngrossed, and contains
some sense of a flow state. High scoring situations
included, “acting in a play “, “playing football
with friends”, “working on my GPS tracer pro-
ject”, “winning in a game”, “horse riding”,
“computer games with friends”, “jamming with
friends”, “when I was creating something “,
“when learning something interesting”, “achiev-
ing a goal”, and “racing, mountain, skis, speed”.

Fun type
4 is labelled Sensual, but might also be
labelled romantic or sexual with its loadings on
sensual. lustful, intimate and romantic. Relatively
few participants scored highly on this factor but
amongst those who did the descriptions were
“having sex” (reported by three participants),
“food and good company”, and “spending time
with my boyfriend”.

fun type
5 is readily described as
with loadings on ecstatic, crazy, excited and en-
ergetic. Typical situations were “amusement
parks”, “Exhilarating, ex
citing, unpredictable,
amusing”, “partying, drinking, watching films”,
“going clubbing”, “clubbing with friends”, “ela-
tion euphoria enjoy”, “clubbing”, “pub/clubbing”,
“visiting night clubs”, and “at a rave”.
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Better Than Guessing is Recognizing
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Building a language translator from scratch with deep learning | Hacker News
The transformer paper was quite influential in machine translation space. This resource [0] posted here a while back is a good place to learn and get a better idea how it works.



lucidrains 7 hours ago [-]

one of the best visual tutorials on the transformer I came across
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4 days ago by hellsten

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