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Pope Gregory IX - Wikipedia
Gregory was a supporter of the mendicant orders which he saw an excellent means for counteracting by voluntary poverty the love of luxury and splendour which was possessing many ecclesiastics. He was a friend of Saint Dominic as well as Clare of Assisi. On 17 January 1235, he approved the Order of Our Lady of Mercy for the redemption of captives. He appointed ten cardinals[9] and canonized Saints Elisabeth of Hungary, Dominic, Anthony of Padua, and Francis of Assisi, of whom he had been a personal friend and early patron. He transformed a chapel to Our Lady in the church of Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome.
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Flirting with Schism | Commonweal Magazine
Flirting with Schism
The Right-Wing Effort to Delegitimize Pope Francis
By Massimo Faggioli
September 6, 2018

"Certainly this generation of U.S. bishops is no longer up to the job. The lower clergy and lay men and women in positions of leadership—from parents to school teachers to liturgical ministers—will be tested very intensely over the next few months. Can they still talk with the other kind of Catholic, and teach others to do the same?"
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september 2018 by benjekman
Bergoglio's Reform Was Written Before. By Martin Luther - Settimo Cielo - Blog - L’Espresso
It would be reductive, however, if we were to limit ourselves to what has been said so far. Because there also exists - or better, existed - a widespread “Catholic mindset,” made up of the following:

- a cultural attitude based on a realism with regard to human nature that is sometimes disenchanted and willing to “understand all” as a precondition for “forgiving all”;
- a non-ascetic spirituality that is understanding toward certain material aspects of life, and not inclined to disdain them;
- engagement in everyday charity toward the humble and needy, without the need to idealize them or almost make new idols of them;
- a willingness also to represent itself in its own magnificence, and therefore not deaf to the evidence of beauty and of the arts, as testimony to a supreme Beauty toward which the Christian must tend;
- a subtle examination of the most inward movements of the heart, of the interior struggle between good and evil, of the dialectic between “temptations” and the response of conscience.
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Pietro Paolo Savorgnan di Brazzà, aka Pierre Paul François Camille Savorgnan de Brazza
An Italian explorer. With the backing of the Société de Géographie de Paris, he opened up for France entry along the right bank of the Congo that eventually led to French colonies in Central Africa. His easy manner and great physical charm, as well as his pacific approach among Africans, were his trademarks. Under French colonial rule, the capital of the Republic of the Congo was named Brazzaville after him and the name was retained by the post-colonial rulers.
The decision to honor Pierre de Brazza as a founding father of the Republic of the Congo has elicited protests among many Congolese. Mwinda Press, the journal of the Association of Congolese Democrats in France wrote articles quoting Théophile Obenga who depicted Pierre de Brazza as a colonizer and not a humanist, declaring him to have raped a Congolese woman, a princess and the equivalent of a Vestal Virgin, and to have pillaged villages, raising highly charged questions as to why the colonizer should be revered as a national hero instead of the Congolese who fought against colonization.
Penny  Dreadful  Colonialism  Africa  France  Papacy  Italy  Bears 
april 2018 by dbourn
Deus omnium fidelium pastor
DEUS omnium fidelium pastor et rector, famulum tuum N., quem pastorem Ecclesiae tuae praeesse voluisti, propitius respice: da ei, quaesumus, verbo et exemplo, quibus praeest, proficere; ut ad vitam, una cum grege sibi credito, perveniat sempiternam. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.
catholic  prayer  papacy 
march 2018 by benjekman
By What Authority? | Gerhard Cardinal Müller | First Things
pt. 2

by Gerhard Cardinal Müller
catholic  theology  papacy 
february 2018 by benjekman
The Rome of Pope Paschal I: Papal Power, Urban Renovation, Church Rebuilding and Relic Translation, 817-824 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Fourth Series): Caroline J. Goodson: 9780521768191: Books
The Rome of Pope Paschal I: Papal Power, Urban Renovation, Church Rebuilding and Relic Translation, 817-824 (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought: Fourth Series) 0th Edition
rome  church_building  byzantium  papacy  9th_century  books 
february 2018 by benjekman
Questioning the prospects of Catholic-Orthodox unity – Catholic World Report
Decentralization, the virtues of which the North American dialogue says we must continue to contemplate, is much more theologically, historically, and practically defensible than the Roman centralization and personality cult of the pope we have been enduring for decades. Perhaps all the novelties and peculiarities of this Franciscan papacy will finally bring us to reconsider papal centralization and begin to rid ourselves of it both for the good of the Catholic Church and also the cause of Christian unity.
catholic  orthodox  ecumenism  papacy 
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Vatican I — John W. O'Malley | Harvard University Press
Vatican I
The Council and the Making of the Ultramontane Church
John W. O'Malley
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