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Sexual abuse: It’s you, him, and his work
"Teasing out a response to a work and its maker is complicated, and personal."
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RT : My paper on the construction process of the Solimene Factory (1956) is out. , çade. Draw…
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Arcosanti, an Early Eco-City, Faces the Future
THE pilgrimage began with a black-and-white handbill on a campus bulletin board. At the top was a sketch of an ultramodern compound rising above a desert canyon: a city upon a hill.
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Graham Foundation > Exhibitions > Everything Loose Will Land
"The Graham Foundation is pleased to present Everything Loose Will Land—an exhibition that explores the dynamic intersection of architecture and the visual arts in Los Angeles during the 1970s. Reframing Frank Lloyd Wright's famous quip, “Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles,” the exhibition demonstrates that rather than merely abject disarray, the city’s characteristic “looseness” dislodged the arts from their separate habits, realigning and ultimately redefining cultural practices and their relationship to the city.

Expanding on the interplay between art and architecture, sections of Everything Loose Will Land will be installed inside of Judy Ledgerwood’s immersive wall painting, Chromatic Patterns for the Graham Foundation, which will remain on view in the first floor galleries of the Madlener House."
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Paolo Soleri dies at 93; architect of innovative city Arcosanti -
Paolo Soleri, an Italian-born architect who created a visionary prototype for a new kind of ecologically sensitive city in the remote Arizona desert four decades ago, only to watch the suburban sprawl he detested begin to creep near it in recent years, has died. He was 93.
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AHI: United States » The ultimate future city: the world inside
"I re-read The World Inside every few years. Though its story line is wispy, something about his human hive is endlessly absorbing, both fascinating and deeply disturbing. Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window toyed with urban voyeurism as an inescapable feature (bane and benefit) of high-rise living, but The World Inside took it a step further. If we are surrounded by our fellow beings in every direction, at every moment of our existence, we may choose to conceal or flaunt ourselves but we are unlikely to have secrets for long. So unless we are all to be obsessed voyeurs of each other, we might as well shed our historical prudery and accept that anything about us can become visible to all of us."
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