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Dansk Designs / Kobenstyle
Gorgeous kitchenware, mid-century Danish styles with enamel.
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Revere Ware History - Revere Ware Parts
January, 1938
While the final trial runs were being completed, Dr. W.A. Welden, head of Revere’s design group, was given the job of creating the product that would use the new “Copper-Clad” process. Welden’s design combined a rivet-free construction and cool Bakelite handles with the new cooking surface. The product was known as the 1400 line within the company, while to the consumer it became “Revere Ware”.
Revere Ware was introduced to the public at the 1939 Chicago Housewares Show and was an immediate success. Sales grew steadily, and Revere expanded the 1400 line to include 15 distinct pieces of cookware.

The sales of Revere Ware were limited only by the production capacity of the Rome, NY plant, and the decision was made to establish a second plant on the west coast. Subsequently, an abandoned manufacturing plant in Riverside, CA, was acquired and equipped for production.
December, 1948
The Riverside, California plant completed its first shipment of cookware.
January, 1950
With both the Rome and Riverside plants operating at 100% capacity, Revere established a third manufacturing site for the copper-clad line at the southeast edge of Clinton, IL. A complete manufacturing plant and trained work force was set up in less than 10 months. The first shipment of Revere Ware from Clinton to customers was made on December 14, 1950.
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