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Panic Inc on Twitter: "😅 While improving security we built a system where unexpected web changes need approval in 5 mins — or shuts down."
😅 While improving security we built a system where unexpected web changes need approval in 5 mins — or shuts down.

— Panic Inc (@panic) August 17, 2017
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5 days ago by mjtsai
TIL that polar bears often hunt walruses by simply charging at a group of them and eating the ones that were crushed or wounded in the mass panic to escape. Direct attacks are rare. : todayilearned
Omg yes.
I'm Chilean and we don't make big deal of earthquakes because we have them pretty much every month.
Every time there's a foreigner in Chile and there's an earthquake, they start doing some pretty stupid stuff.
Like running outside the buildings, hiding under shitty tables, going downstairs... holy shit, it's literally not what you're supposed to do.
This is usually funny for most people but it's sad for me, back then in the 2010 earthquake (8.8 richter) I was in a hotel near the epicenter (I was on vacations) an when it started I dressed and got out of my room, then the shaking was getting stronger and this one girl in the other room started screaming (she was from europe I believe, I saw her 2 days before the earthquake talking in a strange language I didn't understand lol) and got out of her room almost naked and started running around desperately.
By this point I and a couple of guys tried to calm her down but it seemed she didn't understand shit about spanish.
She ran to the stairs and then the super big ass shaking begun, I hugged a pilar there was in there and the girl fell off the stairs while in the middle of the earthquake, hit her head and died instantly (or at least, she was dead by the time the earthquake ended).
I get it, those are creppy as fuck, and you're not familiarized with them, but damn getting freaked out is 100 times more dangerous than the thing itself.
Super sad for her, and for the many that died because they freaked out and did stupid shit, instead of just staying in your place.
Like, where are you supposed to run? It's literally shaking everywhere, you're not going to out-run an earthquake.
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17 days ago by chaseathompson
Panic Inc on Twitter: "🚨 Heads up. We are entering the last few hours that Transmit 5 will be $35 (instead of $45). I highly recommend buying now. Use Apple Pay!"
🚨 Heads up. We are entering the last few hours that Transmit 5 will be $35 (instead of $45). I highly recommend buying now. Use Apple Pay!

— Panic Inc (@panic) August 4, 2017
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17 days ago by mjtsai
At a Distance - by Aelin/Linsky (At a Glance #2)
He told Spock the story of The Dinner Conversation that night on video chat. Spock listened attentively.

“Tell me if I have understood correctly,” he said when Jim had finished his recitation. “If I come to dinner and make a suitable impression on your mother, then you may be permitted to come visit me here?”

“More or less,” Jim said.

The corners of Spock’s eyes crinkled into his version of a smile. “In that case,” he said, “I believe I can find an opening in my schedule tomorrow evening.”
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27 days ago by runpunkrun

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