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The case of the stolen source code • Panic Blog
Steven Frank had his Mac compromised (yes! It can happen!) by a malware-infected version of video-encoding app Handbrake. They grabbed his credentials and accessed the Panic github and stole the source code - and then demanded a ransom. Company meeting!
<p>Someone has a bunch of our source code. But does it really matter? There are essentially three “worst case” scenarios we considered with our source being out there in somebody’s hands:

<strong>• They build free, cracked version of our apps</strong><br />• Guess what — those already exist. You can already pirate our software if you want to pirate our software — but please don’t — so this doesn’t really change anything in that regard. Also, whatever “free” version of our apps that would come from this person are virtually guaranteed to be infected with malware.

<strong>• They create malware-infected builds of our apps</strong><br />This seems likely. Given the person’s entire MO was to infect a well-used Mac app with malware, it seems inevitable. But we will find them, and working directly with Apple, shut them down. To minimize your risk, never download a copy of one our apps from a source that is not us or the Mac App Store. We are going to be hyper-vigilant about the authenticity of downloads on our servers.

<strong>• A competitor obtains this source to attempt to use it to their advantage in some way.</strong><br />The many Mac developers we’ve met over the years are fine, upstanding people. I can’t imagine any of them being this unethical, or even being willing to take the risk of us finding fingerprints of our code in theirs. And let’s not forget that — you guessed it — there’s a good chance any stolen source could have malware slipped into it.

Also, one important thought gave us some comfort: with every day that passes, that stolen source code is more and more out-of-date.</p>

Ransoms increasingly don't work.
security  panic 
6 days ago by charlesarthur
The Case of the Stolen Source Code
Last week, for about three days, the macOS video transcoding app HandBrake was compromised. One of the two download servers for HandBrake was serving up a special malware-infested version of the app, that, when launched, would essentially give hackers remote control of your computer. // In a case of extraordinarily bad luck, even for a guy that has a lot of bad computer luck, I happened to download HandBrake in that three day window, and my work Mac got pwned. // Long story short, somebody, somewhere, now has quite a bit of source code to several of our apps.
mac  macos  macosx  software  panic  handbrake  ransomware  hack 
6 days ago by djwudi
At last, liberals are waking from a long dream
"So how should we proceed in 2017? The first step is to tone down the prophecies of doom, and swap panic for bewilderment. Panic is a form of hubris. It comes from the feeling that one knows exactly where the world is heading. Bewilderment is more humble and therefore more clear-sighted. If you feel tempted to declare that the apocalypse is upon us, try telling yourself instead: “The truth is, I just don’t understand what’s going on in the world.” "
2017  panic  hubris  humility  uncertainty  bewilderment  yuvalnoahharari  truth 
29 days ago by robertogreco
Starling Marte and Home Runs in the Era of PED Testing
Joe Sheehan (and the data) suggests that the "Steroid Era" of baseball may have been more accurately described as the "Expansion/Players' Strike Era"...
baseball  mlb  steroids  PEDs  statistics  panic 
4 weeks ago by grahams
Coda for iOS
The incredible, portable text editor and file manager that does a lot has a major update that's astonishing.
development  ios  appstore  ide  ftp  ssh  javascript  php  highlight  code  coda  panic 
6 weeks ago by moalex
The Case Of The Suffocating Woman | Slate Star Codex
Theory that panic disorder is due to your body incorrectly thinking that you are suffocating or short of breath.
panic  pregnancy  psychiatry  sex  scott_alexander 
6 weeks ago by porejide

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