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Using pandas with large data
Learn how to use simple techniques to reduce memory usage by almost 90% and work with bigger data using pandas.
datascience  pandas  performance  python 
6 days ago by adamcollado - Pandas_Cheat_Sheet.pdf uploaded by @neuralmarket
If you're a and use , this is a great handy cheat sheet for 'reshaping' your data.
datascientist  pandas  NMT  from twitter
7 days ago by neuralmarket
datas-frame – Scalable Machine Learning (Part 1)
Tom Augspurger provides an example of in-memory training and out-of-core prediction using sklearn and dask.
python  pandas  sklearn  dask  oocprediction  tomaugspurger  scikitlearn 
8 days ago by crambledon
Pandas dataframes and PyCharm IntelliSense - Stack Overflow
In order to get autocomplete for pandas dataframes in pycharm, use type hinting. here's how.
python  pycharm  pandas 
8 days ago by w1nt3rmut3

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