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Palm OS Emulator - Wikipedia
Descended from Copilot, Palm OS Emulator is used for writing, testing, and debugging Palm OS applications. Palm OS Emulator emulates Motorola 68000-class devices and has intimate knowledge of Palm OS's inner working, allowing for the close monitoring of correct application operation. Unlike Xcopilot (another descendent of Copilot), Palm OS Emulator will not boot uClinux. By using "skin" files, Palm OS Emulator could very closely mimic the appearance of many models of Palm handheld.
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2 days ago by ezequiel
The elusive Palm OS 5.5 Garnet emulator for Windows/Linux
As some of you may undoubtedly know, I'm a bit of a sucker for Palm OS. These past few years, I've been busy collecting ROMs for the Palm OS emulator and simulator, making sure I have all the major Palm OS releases covered. There's really not much of a reason to do this - I have working devices which are a much better option than the emulators/simulators in most cases - other than to have a complete collection I can keep around forever.
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2 days ago by ezequiel
Access Linux Platform - Wikipedia
The Access Linux Platform (ALP), is a discontinued open-source software based operating system, once referred to as a "next-generation version of the Palm OS," for mobile devices developed and marketed by Access Co., of Tokyo, Japan. The platform included execution environments for Java, classic Palm OS, and GTK+-based native Linux applications. ALP was demonstrated in devices[1] at a variety of conferences, including 3GSM,[2] LinuxWorld,[3] GUADEC, and Open Source in Mobile.
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2 days ago by ezequiel
Palm oil ‘disastrous’ for wildlife but here to stay, experts warn | Environment | The Guardian
Palm oil ‘disastrous’ for wildlife but here to stay, experts warn
The deforestation it causes is decimating species such as orangutans and tigers - but the alternatives could be worse, finds authoritative report
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7 weeks ago by asterisk2a

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