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This May Be the Oldest Tattoo Kit in the World
Tattooing is an ancient art, but it has left only ephemeral traces in the archaeological record. Examples of mummies with ink-decorated skin do exist—such as Ötzi the Iceman and the Siberian Ice Maiden—but they're rare. And archaeologists are only just beginning to distinguish tattoo needles from other tools that were used for tasks like working leather or weaving baskets.

Despite those challenges, a pair of researchers thinks they've identified what could be the world's oldest tattooing toolkit: a set of pointy, ink-stained needles that were carved out of wild turkey bones and then buried in a Native American grave at least 3600 years ago.
tattoo  paleolithic  archeology 
10 weeks ago by josephaleo
The Way We Treat Our Pets Is More Paleolithic Than Medieval
"Hunter-gatherers tended to think of pets as part of the family, and so do we. But in other time periods, intimacy with animals has been more taboo."
animals  multispecies  human-animalrelations  human-animalrelationships  pets  2018  hunter-gatherers  intimacy  relationships  medieval  paleolithic  families  morethanhuman 
12 weeks ago by robertogreco
Neanderthals, the World’s First Misunderstood Artists - The New York Times
Neanderthals, the World’s First Misunderstood Artists
Carl Zimmer
NYTimes. 22-27 February, 2018

The Neanderthal, the Artist
Recent studies of cave art suggest that the cousins of modern humans were more sophisticated than their beastly reputation.
neanderthals  paleolithic 
february 2018 by asfaltics
Was Australopithecus an Artist? / Stone Age Tools, or Art? Or Both?
Was Australopithecus an Artist?
Jason Farago. NYTimes. February 1-2, 2018

better title in print edition —
Stone Age Tools, or Art? Or Both?  Australopithecus  paleolithic 
february 2018 by asfaltics
The Human World of the Upper Paleolithic | Grand Strategy: The View from Oregon
“The longest war ever fought by humans was not fought against other humans, but against another species — Ursus spelaeus, the Cave Bear. For several hundred thousand years our stone age ancestors fought pitched and bloody battles with these denizens of the most precious commodity on earth — habitable caves. Without these shelters homo sapiens would have had little chance of surviving the Ice Ages, the winter storms, and the myriad of predators that lurked in the dark.”
paleolithic  bears  cave  history  war  ideas 
september 2017 by bezthomas
Cooper Otzi AXE KIT Celt blade, Ötzi Iceman of the Alps , Chalcolithic Pre-Bronze

Fascinated with history and primitive tools, I have been making copper and some bronze artifacts for over a decade, hand casting and forging them here in Connecticut. Museums and Universities have bought my items for educational purposes. I also set up educational displays at libraries.
copper  axe  handtools  paleolithic 
july 2017 by fogfish
Longevity/Health in Ancient Paleolithic vs Neolithic Peoples
Review of paleopathology evidence (stature, lifespan, skeletal indices) comparing Paleolithic (hunter-gatherers) vs. Neolithic (agricultural) peoples.
paleolithic  hunter-gatherers 
june 2017 by essjaybee
Hunter-gatherer mortality · john hawks weblog
Tracking research into human origins, from the field to the laboratory.
paleolithic  hunter-gatherers 
june 2017 by essjaybee

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