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Palantir has secretly been using New Orleans to test its predictive policing technology - The Verge
Predictive policing technology has proven highly controversial wherever it is implemented, but in New Orleans, the program escaped public notice, partly because Palantir established it as a philanthropic relationship with the city through Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s signature NOLA For Life program. Thanks to its philanthropic status, as well as New Orleans’ “strong mayor” model of government, the agreement never passed through a public procurement process.

In fact, key city council members and attorneys contacted by The Verge had no idea that the city had any sort of relationship with Palantir, nor were they aware that Palantir used its program in New Orleans to market its services to another law enforcement agency for a multimillion-dollar contract.

Even James Carville, the political operative instrumental in bringing about Palantir’s collaboration with NOPD, said that the program was not public knowledge. “No one in New Orleans even knows about this, to my knowledge,” Carville said.
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Palantir has secretly been using New Orleans to test its predictive policing technology - The Verge
For six years, the New Orleans Police Department has partnered with data-mining firm Palantir Technologies on what amounts to a predictive policing program. Predictive policing technology has proven highly controversial wherever it is implemented, and the secrecy surrounding the NOPD program raises questions about legality, transparency, and privacy.
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How Forensic Technology Can Help Fight the Ivory Trade – National Geographic Blog
C4ADS, a Washington, D.C.,-based organization stitches all that information (and more) together using data analysis software called Palantir. They compile police records, business and tax registries, bills of lading, satellite imagery, and ship-tracking data to track transnational criminal networks worldwide. They feed all that information into Palantir to get a basic map of a network, then they embark on an investigation using open-source information. The more data they feed in, the more complete the network becomes. This allows C4ADS analysts to discover links between different ivory seizures and gain an understanding of the players involved in the crime.
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Jamen selvfølgelig gjorde JM da det . med deres Trump-elskende stifter er da de rette. </sarkasme>…
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november 2017 by kimelmose
Is Trump Mulling Peter Thiel for a Top Intelligence Advisory Post? | Vanity Fair
Sources in the administration contend that more disruption is coming. For starters, according to one senior White House adviser, there has been serious thought given to whether Amazon, Google, and Facebook are, in fact, “public utilities.” Said this senior official, “Maybe not Amazon, but certainly Facebook and Google. They’re virtually monopolistic. And ‘anti-trust’ ought to take a hard look at them. . . . Is [their] data a public trust? Is information now a common good? You are going to see a big drumbeat on this. I’m not saying anything’s going to happen, but it’s certainly going to be looked at. That will be an airburst over Brother Zuckerberg.”
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september 2017 by celine
How Palantir, Peter Thiel's Secretive Data Company, Pushed Its Way Into Policing | WIRED
A Backchannel investigation reveals the difficult issues police and communities face when they adopt Palantir's secretive data-scooping software.
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august 2017 by osi_info_program

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