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Trump, Palantir, and the Battle to Clean Up an Army Procurement Swamp
A favorite term to describe the problem is the “Iron Triangle,” the three corners of which are acquisition bureaucrats at the Pentagon, the Beltway contractors and their lobbyists, and members of Congress and their staffs who listen to the lobbyists when funding has to be authorized (or increased when costs exceed the budget). “The reason the Iron Triangle always seems to win,” says a veteran GAO auditor, “is that these people depend on each other and even may rotate from one place to another.” As the auditor explains it, “It’s not really a matter of personal corruption; it’s just an insidious culture that is corrupting.”
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Palantir Enables Immigration Agents to Access Information From the CIA
Much of the document is devoted to justifying FALCON’s heavy reliance on Thiel’s firm. “Palantir has stated that only Palantir is the authorized seller and distributor of its software products and provider of any required maintenance services for its software,” the document states. “Palantir has also not authorized any other vendor to provide training services on Palantir or FALCON.”
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Palantir and deportation
Silicon Valley firm aiding Trump's roundup of immigrants
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IBM Death's Calculator
Details and images of IBM's support of the holocaust
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