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Written for the prompt: Valjean got away clean with the bishop's silver and never had his Road-to-Damascus epiphany. Instead, he ends up becoming a powerful fixture in the Parisian underworld, one of Montparnasse's lieutenants.

Enter police spy Javert, dedicated to putting an end to corruption and gangs of thieves. Except, oops, Valjean recognizes him as his former prison guard, and is going to hand him over to Montparnasse. Unless Javert can convince him otherwise...
fic  slash  au  fandom:Les_Miserables  pairing:Valjean/Javert  mob  dark 
4 weeks ago by Ishara
Ripples in the River
Inspector Javert is injured while staking out the Rue Plumet, and is less than thrilled when Valjean takes it upon himself to help him.
fandom:Les.Misérables  hurt/comfort  fluff  getting.together  pairing:Valjean/Javert  complete  very.good  author:TheLifeOfEmm 
6 weeks ago by Kehlen
No Strangers
“Um,” Valjean said, not very eloquently. He raised his wrist in illustration. Javert’s wrist rose at the same time, as well as the chain of the handcuffs that currently connected them. “What do we do now?”
fandom:Les.Misérables  alive!Javert  era:after.barricades  alive!Valjean  getting.together  sweet  fluffy  shenanigans  pairing:Valjean/Javert  complete  author:Esteliel 
november 2018 by Kehlen
It's Empty in the Valley of Your Heart
Jean Valjean dies, and discovers a Heaven more wondrous than he ever imagined, where he is reunited with family and friends, and he can do anything he can dream of. But there is one person missing from this paradise, and saving Javert from himself will not be easy.
fandom:Les.Misérables  afterlife  shameless.fluff  helper:Fantine  heartwrenching  helper:Valjean  helper:M.Myriel  pairing:Valjean/Javert  hurt/comfort  BAMF!Valjean  oblivious!Javert  complete  very.good  author:akatonbo 
november 2018 by Kehlen
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Inspector Javert didn’t dislike Christmas, but he wasn’t particularly fond of it either. He smiled at the carollers when they came to his door, gave money to the charities that provided gifts for the more unfortunate of Paris, and even hung up a wreath on his door. He bought his dog a pre-wrapped bone from the store and allowed himself an expensive cut of meat for Christmas dinner but beyond that, Christmas usually passed without much concern for the inspector.
fandom:Les.Misérables  au  pairing:Valjean/Javert  getting.together  parent!lock  parent!Valjean  kidfic  kid!Cosette  fluffy  complete  Christmas  author:Milzilla 
september 2018 by Kehlen
The Problem With Dating a Saint
She just needs a minute or two to unscrew the polite smile she's been wearing all night, and then she'll be ready to face the rest of "meet your perfect girlfriend's perfect dad" night. If she'd thought it through, she might have remembered Cosette's other dad.
fandom:Les.Misérables  au  au:modern  author:agrlnamedlucifer  sweet  pairing:Cosette/Éponine  PoV:Éponine  pairing:Valjean/Javert  complete 
july 2018 by Kehlen
my heart lies buried like something dead
That night on the parapet, Valjean forces Javert to live. Some time later, Javert finds himself returning the favor.

"Do you think," Javert said slowly, in a tone that perhaps meant to mock but trembled with another emotion entirely, "that once you have saved a life, you must also save that man's soul?"

"I know nothing of saving souls," Valjean said. "My soul was bought for God, not saved. But it is my belief that you are better than the fate to which you have consigned yourself."
fanfiction  fandom:les.mis  pairing:valjean/javert  author:cinaed  rating:teen 
march 2018 by smallsaddad
The Drowning Sky
Valjean pulls Javert up out of dark waters.

""No," Valjean says, but Javert knows that he has planted the possibility – Valjean shoving aside the bedclothes and rucking up his nightshirt and the grim slap of flesh on flesh and those hard convict's eyes boring into the back of his neck, Valjean's breath on the back of his neck again, and –

The rush of blood southward catches him almost by surprise. He hopes Valjean does not notice the change in his eyes, the startled swallow. He always hopes too much. To see where he stands Valjean need only glance at the bedclothes.

This, Javert thinks, the thoughts leaden in his stomach. This, this, this is what becomes of you without the prop of your law. This is where your thoughts slink – vile and filthy, back to the gutter, this is the slimy rind that's left of you –"
fanfiction  fandom:les.mis  pairing:valjean/javert  author:zamwessell  rating:mature 
february 2018 by smallsaddad
Three Days (or The One Where Javert and Valjean Take a Road Trip Through France and Raise a Child)
Javert calls what he thinks is Valjean's bluff about needing three days to find the child Cosette and intercede for her. The Inspector comes along for the ride -- and gets much more than he bargained for, in the process.
fanfiction  fandom:les.mis  pairing:valjean/javert  author:zamwessell  rating:explicit  greatest.hits 
february 2018 by smallsaddad
The light of our eyes and the stars is enough
"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, in spite of ourselves."- Victor Hugo

Valjean cannot sleep without Javert by his side - the challenge is getting him to leave his work and come to bed.
fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  shameless.fluff  hurt/comfort  complete  author:Waistcoat35  pairing:Valjean/Javert 
january 2018 by Kehlen
The Inspector and the Mouse King
Excited about Christmas, little Marie Pontmercy is drawn to one specific toy left by a mysterious man clad all in black: a wooden nutcracker with polished boots and frightful whiskers. Soon Jean Valjean finds himself pulled into a strange adventure—and meets a man he thought long dead.
crossover  crossover:Les.Misérables&The.Nutcracker  fandom:Les.Misérables  fandom:The.Nutcracker  kidfic  grandfather!  Valjean  Valjean&Javert  pairing:Valjean/Javert  getting.together  sweet  shenanigans  helper:Valjean  helper:Javert  BAMF!Javert  fairy.tale  author:Esteliel  complete  Christmas 
december 2017 by Kehlen
Our Souls Still in Fetters
After Javert is assigned to discover a blackmailer within a public-house that caters to men who prefer other men, Valjean is unexpectedly drawn into the case. Together they must stop the blackmailer before any lives can be ruined...including their own.
fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  pairing:Valjean/Javert  getting.together  shenanigans  cracky  fluff  hurt/comfort  complete  author:Cinaed  very.good 
august 2017 by Kehlen
The Lord's Script
It is like this: when a matched pair meet, it is usually not long before the first Touch and then the Words. There is always a stirring under the skin to reach out because humans were never designed to live in isolation. There is a pull that never wavers, quiet and calm under the surface. Denying it only makes it stronger and causes chance meetings again and again until they Touch. It is like this: even Valjean thinks the number times they have met by sheer coincidence is ridiculous and Javert is frankly sick of it.
fandom:Les.Misérables  AU  au:soulmates  soulbond  soulbonded:Javert&Valjean  soulbonded:Cosette&Marius  getting.together  shameless.fluff  complete  pairing:Valjean/Javert  alive!Valjean  alive!Javert  author:Kaleran  very.good 
july 2017 by Kehlen
Inspector Javert and the Empire of Death
It is 1832, and in the aftermath of the failed uprising, Inspector Javert is about to commit suicide when he is rescued by Jean Valjean, the man he has wronged. While Javert heals and tries to find his place in a world where doubt and guilt have taken the place of everything he once believed in, he is plagued by his developing feelings for Valjean, and distracted by a series of murders. In the course of his investigations, the search for the man behind the crime soon becomes personal when it seems that Valjean and his family are threatened by the mysterious villain as well. Despite the distrust of his superiors, Javert might be the only one who can solve this crime, while at the same time Valjean seems to be just as much in need of a savior as Javert was.
complete  getting.together  heartwrenching  oblivious!Javert  oblivious!Valjean  exquisite  alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  shenanigans  angst  hurt/comfort  clever!Cosette  author:Esteliel  fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  pairing:Valjean/Javert  important.character:Claquesous  helper:Valjean  helper:Javert  shameless.fluff  bitter.sweet 
february 2016 by Kehlen
Courting Nerves
Surely Valjean knew. Yet he has been calm and self-assured through it all, never faltering, never flinching—and even as Javert leaned forward to kiss him, he watched him with that assured benevolence and did not move away. And now he gasps at an accidental brush of fingers, and when Javert goes to chide him, finds that he is blushing. "Now you've done it, Javert," he says to himself under his breath. "That's just the thing I need—to make a fool of us both."
alive!Valjean  alive!Javert  shenanigans  complete  author:stonecarapace  fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  pairing:Valjean/Javert  getting.together 
february 2016 by Kehlen
Valjean has never really thought about sex before getting together with Javert and is intrigued to learn that Javert has. Javert would really rather not answer Valjean's questions.
hurt/comfort  angst  shenanigans  alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  complete  author:Zarabeth22  fandom:Les.Misérables  shameless.fluff  pairing:Valjean/Javert  very.good  era:after.barricades 
january 2016 by Kehlen
Juniper and Camphor
Valjean closed his eyes, his head coming to rest against his shoulder as Javert drew his hands into his lap. Silently, he began to smooth the salve into the inflamed joints, breathing in time with Valjean as the fire hissed and sputtered. The dry skin soon gleamed from the rendered fat, and his fingers slid easily across the palm that he had come to know as well as his own. Valjean's fingers were shorter than his, but thicker; gnarled now from the ache in his joints, though they relaxed more and more as Javert massaged him patiently, until at last Valjean's palm lay relaxed in his own.
alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  complete  author:Esteliel  christmas  fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  bitter.sweet  shameless.fluff  PoV:Javert  pairing:Valjean/Javert  kidfic.sorta 
december 2015 by Kehlen

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