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Fic: Cover Story [tim/kon, dcu au]
The only reason Tim keeps kissing his bodyguard is because it makes a good cover. That's all.
dcu  pairing:tim.drake/kon-el  author:caecily  (au)  (au:no.powers)  (au:bodyguard)  (  [rating:pants]  (words:2501-5k) 
december 2016 by midnightbex
Scions - winterlive - DCU - Comicverse [Archive of Our Own]
Tim Wayne, adopted son of Gotham mogul and secret vigilante Bruce Wayne, shows every sign of being his father's true successor - by day, and by night. Tim sets his sights on a valuable Metropolis lab for merger with Wayne Biotech, and all that stands in his way is the city's own rising star: Conner Luthor.
category:fanfiction  fandom:dcu  pairing:tim.drake/kon-el  genre:slash  genre:first_time  au:other  rating:explicit 
may 2014 by grim_lupine
Fetching - Salmon_Pink - DCU - Comicverse [Archive of Our Own]
Krypto likes to take care of Kon as much as Kon likes to take care of Krypto. When Kon is hungry, Krypto fetches him food. When Kon is sleepy, Krypto fetches him blankets. And when Kon is horny, Krypto fetches him Tim. Which leaves Kon the not-so-fun job of awkwardly explaining to Red Robin why he's been dragged to Smallville in the middle of the night by a well-meaning superdog.
category:fanfiction  fandom:dcu  pairing:tim.drake/kon-el  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:pwp  rating:explicit 
may 2014 by grim_lupine
chinae: SV: When the Sun met the Moon - Part 3/3
Lex Luthor had just proclaimed his intent to run for Office when an explosion rocked the building, followed by rounds of ammunition. In the aftermath, many of those gathered that day, press corps, security guards, supporters and volunteers, lost their lives. Had Conner, before that day, been told how in one single instant his life would so dramatically change, he would not have believed it.
fandom:dc.universe  pairing:clark.kent/lex.luthor  pairing:tim.drake/kon-el  kid.fic 
november 2011 by igorina
iesika - Close To Home index post
A murder mystery at Smallville High drives Kon to brush up on his detective skills – and his undercover work. He might need to call in some help. Good thing his best friend is an expert at both.
category:fanfiction  fandom:dcu  genre:slash  genre:first_time  pairing:tim.drake/kon-el  rating:mature 
october 2011 by grim_lupine
In Between Be and Begin by Merelymine
Tim studies his downcast face, the familiar curve of his shoulders. His brain is still having trouble believing in what his heart already knows. “We all went a little crazy when you died, Kon.”

Kon looks at him at that, surprise written all over his face. He comes over to sit on the edge of the bed. “What, even you?”

As if Tim is any sort of paragon of sanity. He can feel a painful sort of smile tugging at his mouth. “Cassie didn’t tell you?” he asks.

Kon shakes his head, his bright blue eyes suddenly worried.

Tim doesn’t really know what to say. How do you tell your back-from-the-dead best friend that you almost drove yourself completely off the deep end trying to clone him? About that damn underground lab and all of those failures he’s suddenly grateful for.
category:fanfiction  fandom:dcu  genre:slash  genre:first_time  pairing:tim.drake/kon-el  rating:explicit 
september 2011 by grim_lupine
To Touch and Be Touched by Merelymine
Tim breathes out slowly, trying to calm himself. Kon is wrapped around him from head to toe, his heavy body radiating heat like an electric blanket.

“Conner.” There’s no response. Tim focuses on the thin line of light coming in from behind the messily pulled curtains on the other side of the room. It’s getting close to daybreak if Tim’s internal clock is any indication, and that means he’s only managed to sleep about three hours.

“Kon,” he tries again, biting his lip as he tries to wriggle out from under his friend. When Tim had offered him a place to bunk down for the night he hadn’t exactly been expecting this. It’s not the first time they’ve shared a bed, of course. It’s not even the first time they’ve shared a bed this small, it’s just that—
category:fanfiction  fandom:dcu  genre:slash  genre:first_time  genre:pwp  pairing:tim.drake/kon-el  rating:explicit 
september 2011 by grim_lupine
Fic: Four Times Red Robin Didn't Hug Superboy (and one time Kon hugged Tim) [tim/kon, dcu]
Halfway through the third tier systems checks, his scalp and the back of his neck started prickling. Either someone was getting ready to kill him or Kon was staring at him again.
dcu  author:irrelevant  (words:10001-15k)  [rating:no.pants]  (content:5things)  (content:first.time)  pairing:tim.drake/kon-el  from delicious
july 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Ink for Yourself [tim/kon, dcu]
Tim raises an eyebrow when he sees it. "So if we ran you through a bar scanner, would you cost more or less than Maggie Simpson?"

Kon frowns at him. He pulls the marker out of his back pocket. "One Sharpie chisel-point marker: $1.50. Time spent drawing a barcode on my arm: twenty-seven minutes. Being Superboy: Priceless."

"You're priceless, all right," Tim says. "We couldn't pay anyone enough to take you off our hands."
dcu  author:musesfool  (words:5001-10k)  [rating:no.pants]  (content:first.time)  pairing:tim.drake/kon-el  from delicious
june 2011 by midnightbex
Fic: Heels Over Head [tim/kon, dcu]
Tim looks... really turned on. Fucking score. He’s staring at Kon’s hand, too, apparently just as hypnotized. Kon drags his thumb down the little happy trail and hooks it into the waistband of Tim’s pants. His fingers curl around Tim’s belt buckle, but he doesn’t go any further than that.

And he’s been worried about Tim bucking, but when Tim really does buck it’s the hottest thing Kon’s ever seen - slim hips arching off the couch in a small, sharp thrust, and that's definitely an erection outlined clearly when his pants pull tight. If Kon’s other noises have been embarrassing, this one is downright humiliating, and it makes Tim go still. Kon wants to punch himself in the face. He wants to apologize. He wants-

He wants to rip Tim’s pants off and rub off against his abs. He wants to suck him until he screams and sink into him balls-deep and fuck his mouth and roll over for him and kiss him again and. The messages are mixed but they all mean the same thing anyway.
dcu  author:iesika  (words:5001-10k)  [rating:no.pants]  (content:first.time)  (content:pwp)  (content:smut)  pairing:tim.drake/kon-el  from delicious
june 2011 by midnightbex

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