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And On the Highway of Regret
James T. Kirk woke in a place he didn’t recognize. Of course, that wasn’t anything new. He often woke in places he didn’t recognize, usually after a night of heavy drinking and work. It was the nature of the work to wake in strange places.

But this place was not a residence. It was professional with medical equipment.

Perhaps he had been stabbed by a customer. That occasionally happened and then he would wake up in a hospital.
fandom:Star.Trek  pairing:spirk  illness  illness:amnesia  amnesiac!Kirk  helper:Spock  bonding  Vulcan.bonding  hurt/comfort  bitter.sweet  complete  author:Leloi  pon.farr  deaging  deaged:Kirk 
july 2016 by Kehlen
The Taming of T'Pring
Instead of freeing T'Pring at the end of the kalifee, Spock decides to claim her, frustrating her carefully laid plans. While initially hostile, T'Pring learns some important and unexpected lessons among the crew of the USS Enterprise, not least that not only is mutual love possible, but what it looks like, that it truly exists.
fandom:Star.Trek  pairing:spirk  Vulcans  Vulcan.bonding  important.character:McCoy  abuse  abused!T'Pring  character.studied:T'Pring  important.character:T'Pring  helper:Kirk  helper:Spock  complete  fluff  sweet  angst  author:AshayaTReldai  very.good  hurt/comfort  abuser:Stonn  abuser:Vulcans 
august 2015 by Kehlen
Minding the Store
I never believed that after the trauma of Amok Time, everything could just go back to normal between Jim and Spock, as the show would have you believe. Thus this attempt to deal with the fallout. The title comes from Jim's rather flippant comment in Sickbay after Spock finds out he's alive. /// Sequel: On the Morrow
fandom:Star.Trek  era:TOS  era:after.Amok.Time  pairing:spirk  getting.together  bonding  Vulcan.bonding  important.character:McCoy  sweet  angst  complete  series  has:sequel  author:CMM 
november 2014 by Kehlen
Every Hug
The first time was involuntary, I am certain. He did not walk toward me so much as fall against me, body crumpling in a graceful arch. I remained still, unsure of how to proceed. "You're alive" he breathed, so softly that only I could have heard him.
complete  oblivious!Spock  sweet  author:TheProblematique  Vulcans  fandom:Star.Trek  era:AOS  pairing:spirk  getting.together 
november 2014 by Kehlen
Spock and Kirk met once as teenagers. Afterwards, Kirk found he was pregnant. What did he do?
fandom:Star.Trek  era:AOS  au  pairing:spirk  mpreg  pregnant!Kirk  parent!lock  parent!Kirk  angst  important!character:Winona.Kirk  good!Winona.Kirk  complete  author:ShadowLoverK  exquisite 
october 2014 by Kehlen
So Wise We Grow
"Commander Spock, we have located your son," the Vulcan lady on the screen says, which would be great, except Jim can tell by the look on Spock's face that he's never heard of this kid before in his life. "If it is expedient, the child will be sent to join you on the Enterprise within the week."
fandom:Star.Trek  pairing:spirk  kidfic  parent!lock  parent!Spock  parent!Kirk  Vulcans  sweet  angst  hurt/comfort  complete  author:Deastar  very.good  helper:Kirk 
july 2014 by Kehlen
Two Firsts for Spock
Perhaps it should not be a surprise that Jim is the only person at school to have befriended Spock.
fandom:Star.Trek  au  kidfic.sorta  kid!Kirk  kid!Spock  pairing:spirk  sweet  fluff  Earth.raised!Spock  complete  author:cymbalism 
june 2014 by Kehlen
A month after the V’ger incident, Spock and Jim are on a winter shore leave on Earth. Yet as Jim considers taking the next step in their relationship, he finds that the past colors the present in unexpected ways. Written for the "horseback riding in the snow" prompt, but it evolved quite a bit past that.
fandom:Star.Trek  pairing:spirk  era:TOS  era:after.STMP  getting.together  sweet  complete  author:aldora_89 
may 2014 by Kehlen
Spock has nude photos of Jim. Jim discovers them. Can Spock realize that Jim isn't angry?
fandom:Star.Trek  era:AOS  pairing:spirk  getting.together  helper:old!Spock  oblivious!Spock  complete  author:Aelimir 
april 2014 by Kehlen
Spock senses Jim is dissatisfied with their sexual encounters, but Jim refuses to tell him why. He goes to his counterpart for advice and follows it the next chance he gets. Set several months after Into Darkness. A kinky one shot that is becoming a kinky novel of undetermined length. It just refuses to die! :)
fandom:Star.Trek  era:AOS  pairing:spirk  kink  author:Aelimir  series 
april 2014 by Kehlen
Stolen Kisses
Spock enjoys how Kirk loves their relationship. In private, he creates dates and romance. In public, he steals kisses from Spock, even at the most embarrassing moments. Spock responds. Spirk.
fandom:Star.Trek  era:AOS  pairing:spirk  fluff  Vulcans  complete  author:JessicaMDawn 
april 2014 by Kehlen
Cultural Differences
Vulcans and Humans have different meanings for certain gestures. What happens when those gestures are misunderstood?
fandom:Star.Trek  era:AOS  pairing:spirk  fluff  complete  author:RubyQuinn 
april 2014 by Kehlen
Spock’s faith in logic was tested when he had to take command of the Galileo crew, but his faith in Jim is unwavering.
fandom:Star.Trek  era:TOS  pairing:spirk  complete  sweet  author:verizonhorizon 
march 2014 by Kehlen
A Perfect Fit
Jim Kirk is no taller than a thumb, but his dreams reach the stars. Based loosely on the story 'Thumbelina'.
au  complete  author:bigmamag  humor  fandom:Star.Trek  era:AOS  pairing:spirk  fairy.tale  bitter.sweet 
march 2014 by Kehlen
In Silence You Can't Hide Anything
One night (more like morning, actually) I got it into my head that I wanted to write a fic exploring both the euphoria and the turmoil of being in love... as one does at two in the morning when they're rabid insomniacs and they're too tired to sleep. So yeah, hopefully that last sentence explains a great deal in regards to this fic, lol. ;-)
fandom:Star.Trek  era:AOS  author:jaylee_g  pairing:spirk  complete  sweet  very.good 
march 2014 by Kehlen
Affliction's Sons
New Vulcan is in the midst of a Pon Farr epidemic. Sarek goes to investigate but is trapped on an uninhabited planet with Winona Kirk just as he begins Pon Farr himself. Spock and Jim save their parents, only to discover that they are now stepbrothers. Dealing with the epidemic, their parents' new relationship, and their own friends-with-benefits relationship will challenge both of them.
fandom:Star.Trek  era:AOS  pairing:spirk  pairing:Sarek/Winona  complete  author:Stella.Andrea  exquisite  fluff  angst  hurt/comfort  humor  important!character:McCoy  pon.farr  Vulcan.bonding  Vulcans  getting.together 
march 2014 by Kehlen
Comment fic
Sarek is quite pleased when Spock informs him that he and the captain are having a baby. He sets about preparing to become a grandfather, continually informs Spock that he approves of this development, secretly researches how to be the best grandpa EVER, etc. Then Spock lets it slip that he and Kirk aren't married yet, and Sarek is horrified. They're the highest clan in Vulcan society! They CANNOT have a member born out of wedlock! It's simply illogical. But he has a solution:CUE VULCAN SHOTGUN WEDDING Bonus points if Sarek's wedding to Amanda was ALSO a shotgun wedding, leading to some very disturbing revelations for Spock.
fandom:Star.Trek  era:AOS  pairing:spirk  complete  mpreg  pregnant!Spock  important!character:Sarek  meddling  meddling!Sarek  fluff  pairing:Sarek/Amanda  humor 
march 2014 by Kehlen

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