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Fic: Alphas Protect
Everyone in the world starts their lives as betas. It takes meeting one's soulmate to spark the change into alpha or omega. Sherlock is a beta. He expects to live his entire life that way. After all, he doesn't have a soulmate, right? But if he did have a soulmate, he knew he'd turn out to be the alpha. And Sherlock is never wrong. Right?
type:fanfic  type:slash  genre:alpha/beta/omega  tv:sherlock  rating:NC-17  pairing:Sherlock_Holmes/John_Watson 
december 2018 by kph2pt0
Fic: Sell Out
Omega!Sherlock has hidden his status all his life. Still, he has to let himself go into heat at least once every 18 months or so. After alpha!John moves in that becomes a problem. Finally, Sherlock arranges for John to be out of the country for his upcoming heat.

...John comes home early.

(Yeah, this is straight up pr0n.)

// Reccing this just because I keep forgetting I've read it and reading it again. It's happened like four times. Must break the cycle.
type:fanfic  type:slash  genre:PWP  genre:alpha/beta/omega  tv:sherlock  rating:NC-17  pairing:Sherlock_Holmes/John_Watson 
november 2016 by kph2pt0
Fic Series: The Lizzy Verse
Prompt: Teenage son/daughter of Sherlock and John (via mpreg, genderbent, adoption, cloning, up to you guys) dealing with his/her parents' shenanigans or his/her interaction or views of them. NINE PARTS
type:fanfic  type:slash  type:gen  tv:sherlock  genre:kid_fic  genre:kinkmeme-fill  rating:PG  contains:mama_bear/papa_wolf  pairing:Sherlock_Holmes/John_Watson 
january 2016 by kph2pt0
Fic: Watson's Folly
John Watson, the new Earl of Saughton, is madly in love with the beautiful Mary Morstan. But he has returned from the Peninsular War to find his family on the brink of ruin and his ancestral home mortgaged to the hilt. He has little choice when he is introduced to Mycroft Holmes, a civil servant of apparently unlimited wealth and no social ambitions for himself - but with his eyes firmly fixed on a suitable match for his only brother, the unorthodox and irascible Omega Sherlock Holmes. Can John forget the woman he loved and find happiness with a man so very different from his lost love?
type:fanfic  type:slash  contains:marriage  contains:mpreg  genre:alpha/beta/omega  tv:sherlock  rating:r  genre:AU  AU:Victorian/Regency  pairing:Sherlock_Holmes/John_Watson 
december 2015 by kph2pt0
Fic: Gordian
On any given day, Sherlock might come out of the bathroom smelling like an Alpha on the hunt (Alpha #8) or an Omega in heat (Omega #9), a Beta brooding (Beta #3), or like no gender at all. The last one was his actual scent, which wasn't so much scentless as confusing. At least in an adult.

If Sherlock and John were the sort of people to read Mills and Boon novels, they could have said that what occurred was because destiny intervened and set two destined lovers in the one true pairings path.

It was the lasagne.
type:fanfic  type:slash  genre:alpha/beta/omega  tv:sherlock  rating:NC-17  pairing:Sherlock_Holmes/John_Watson 
october 2013 by kph2pt0
Fic Series: Lupercalia Verse
Lupercalia: the season when the werewolf takes a mate. John is unhappy. Sherlock is intrigued.
type:fanfic  type:slash  tv:Sherlock  rating:nc-17  genre:werewolves-shapeshifters  pairing:Sherlock_Holmes/John_Watson 
june 2013 by kph2pt0
Fic | BBC Sherlock | "and stand there at the edge of my affection" by coloredink (General Audiences)
April 2011. "'You've written love letters,' Sherlock asserted."

I really had a hard time figuring out what to say about this one, because I love love love it, but I have to read it from a specific... canonical stance. This is a post S1 fic, and it depends on a detail of Sherlock's characterization that wasn't exactly jossed by S2, but the way it is presented here was undermined by S2, and it in general seems to turn up fannishly less frequently in S2's wake. But it also happens to be a detail that I enjoy and appreciate about Sherlock in any canon: that it isn't that Sherlock is all thought and no feeling so much that he connects the two in ways that are strange to John; in ways that John is, occasionally, either unwilling or unable to understand. The way that coloredink works with that here is lovely: this fic is very, very sweet, but it has teeth at the edges, and, as is usual in ink's fic, they point in unexpected directions.
canon:bbc_sherlock  canon:sherlock_holmes_and_related_fandoms  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  rated:general_audiences  published:2011  type:fanfic  words:1000-3000  contains:romance  contains:love  contains:declarations_of_love  contains:fluff  contains:friendship!fail  contains:trust_issues 
may 2013 by greywash
The Girl Who Came To Baker Street - krabapple - Millennium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson, Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Lisbeth just looks at him, a long look that John nearly shifts under. “I’ve hidden things from people before,” she says. “Almost everything, from everybody.” She pauses, bites her lip. “I’m trying to be better about that. At least with one person.”

“Good for you.” John sighs.

“Everything I’ve kept hidden is because someone could use it to hurt me,” Lisbeth says. Her tone is completely matter-of-fact, but John’s a bit shocked by the intensity of her voice, of the words themselves.

“But what you two hide wouldn’t hurt, so I’m not sure why you would, especially with each other.”

“Because he’s not gay.” Sherlock’s voice comes from the kitchen, where he’s standing just behind the sliding doors, and the tone could flay flesh from bone.
fic  fandom:the_millenium_trilogy  fandom:sherlock  pairing:lisbeth_salander/mikael_blomkvist  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  crossover  from delicious
may 2013 by eternalblue
Fic | Sherlock Holmes (Ritchieverse) | "Proverbs 13:24 (King James)" by Taz (Mature)
January 2013. "As I watched the weak female arm rise and fall, I knew this was my fault. Discipline was the specialty of the house, but care must be taken, and some of the girls had been in danger of developing muscular arms. I had recommended a change to the Burmese cane. The species is light, flexible and whippy, yet still capable of delivering a penetrating sting, even when applied through twill trousers, such that I have heard many a military man say it brings back the moment they first perceived the value of submitting themselves to discipline."

...honestly, if you didn't see "Taz" and that summary and immediately LEAP to read this story, I'm not sure how much I can say to convince you, but I'll do my best. Taz has a wonderfully light voice with Victorian-era porn, and this is just what you'd expect: funny, filthy, and appropriately swooning on its chaise, panting in its corset, &c. &c.—literally, in this case, since Watson is rapidly faced with a problem that can only be solved by him donning corset, stockings, makeup, and a wig. And then caning Holmes extensively.

Good job, Watson. Fandom approves.
canon:sherlock_holmes_and_related_fandoms  canon:sherlock_holmes_(ritchie_movies)  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  rated:mature  published:2013  type:fanfic  words:3000-8000  contains:cross-dressing  contains:bdsm  contains:identity_issues  contains:hot_porn  contains:discipline  contains:humor  contains:sex_work 
may 2013 by greywash
Fic | BBC Sherlock | "Home" by Resonant (Explicit)
January 2011. "'Right, then,' said Sherlock. 'I'll need you out by the thirtieth.'"

I really, really love this story, but the characters' pain in this is almost concussive to the reader. I can't reread it when I'm in a lowish state, especially because it has one of those post-S1-fic happy endings that burns like acid after S2. Resonant has a tremendous gift for writing suffering, especially the, well, *boring* parts of suffering, the parts that don't make good poems or resolve easily but just grind and *hurt*, and here Resonant's done it with both John and Sherlock, and even when they start fixing each other it's hard to avoid their rough edges. A little, coiled-and-barbed kind of a story, absolutely wonderfully done.
canon:bbc_sherlock  canon:sherlock_holmes_and_related_fandoms  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  words:3000-8000  rated:explicit  published:2011  type:fanfic  contains:romance  contains:relationship!fail  contains:friendship!fail  contains:domesticity  contains:caretaking  contains:angst  contains:breakup  contains:mental_health_issues  contains:clothes_kink 
april 2013 by greywash
Fic | BBC Sherlock | "Like Leaves & Kings (All Things Must Fall)" by gyzym (PG-13)
April 2011. "Sherlock is the worst roommate in the world. John suffers him less gladly than he could, but better than most. [I recognize that this is basically a summary of the canon. Sue me. Summaries are hard.]"

This little number is one of the best post-S1 /Sherlock/ fics out there: it doesn't compromise either John or Sherlock in order to get them to make out, and it rings mighty true all around. John in particular is beautifully handled here, richly slippery and unreliable as a narrator, both to himself and to the reader. Really fantastic, and funny, and hot.
canon:bbc_sherlock  canon:sherlock_holmes_and_related_fandoms  contains:bamfiness  contains:domesticity  contains:flirting  contains:friendship  contains:humor  contains:lying  contains:pigtail_pulling  contains:violence  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  published:2011  rated:pg-13  type:fanfic  words:3000-8000 
april 2013 by greywash
Fic | BBC Sherlock | "Continuity" by lavvyan (General Audiences)
June 2011. "Hope is the most dangerous emotion."

This is a quiet, minimalist sort of a fic, but it packs a HELL of a punch. Sherlock's canon agonies over his three worst weaknesses are complex and difficult and correspondingly hard to capture; but this does a beautiful job. Sherlock, silenced, may be one of the most painful things I can think of to read in this fandom, and here, all the ways in which he can and cannot speak are just excruciating. And his last line is wonderfully double-edged and barbed, and John's response is perfect.
canon:bbc_sherlock  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  pairing:sarah_sawyer/john_watson  rated:general_audiences  words:1000-3000  published:2011  type:fanfic  contains:pining  contains:romance  contains:relationship!fail  contains:relationships_are_hard  contains:communication 
april 2013 by greywash
Fic | BBC Sherlock | "Unconventional Decor" by coloredink (Teen and Up Audiences)
March 2011. "Sherlock makes a list of all the things in his room that might be causing John to not want to sleep there. It is very long."

So, I should probably mention that because of how I plan my rec sets (my to-rec tag+organize+the random button are all deeply involved, though I do exercise *some* editorial discretion), today is a /Sherlock/-heavy day; these are all rereads, though, because I'm still on almost-complete-new!Sherlock!fic-lockdown, so they're all post-S1 fics, and I apologize in advance if you have read them all before.

This particular story was really the foundational member of my bedtime reads set (, even though I'm just getting around to publishing it now; as I've mentioned before, my operational principle for bedtime reads is "controlled feels", and here, as elsewhere, that is what you get, from coloredink. Her Sherlock voice is fabulously funny and precise, with these wonderful moments of unexpected (to him) vulnerability that are aching, cavernous, and totally, totally believable. If your assorted internal organs aren't squishing about and flip-flopping uncomfortably by the third little section, I will be deeply, deeply surprised; and if you make it to the end of this without being swept away in a swoon of delight, I won't know what to say at all. About as close to pure unadulterated fluff as I can really enter into in this fandom, and *beautifully* done.

[I also want to mention that I'm not sure I'm going to be able to put up the full set today; we had a minor household disaster that needs addressing and I may run out of time, but I'll just put them up tomorrow if I do.]
canon:bbc_sherlock  canon:sherlock_holmes_and_related_fandoms  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  words:3000-8000  type:fanfic  rated:teen_and_up_audiences  published:2011  set:blankie  contains:domesticity  contains:doubt  contains:romance  contains:sleep  contains:humor  contains:fluff  contains:science  contains:relationships_are_hard  contains:mental_health_issues  contains:nightmares  contains:bdsm  contains:negotiations 
april 2013 by greywash
Fic | BBC Sherlock | "Acts of God (Sherlock)" by thehoyden (Teen and Up Audiences)
August 2010. "John came to realise rather quickly that Sherlock had absolutely zero interest in their household affairs."

These little, slice-of-life gennish stories that really, really work are one of the highlights of /Sherlock/'s fannish output, and since I can't write them at all I am always thrilled to the toes over everyone else's. This is a fannish classic for a reason: really beautifully characterized, funny and a little mean, and warm in the right, off-center ways.
canon:bbc_sherlock  canon:sherlock_holmes_and_related_fandoms  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  rated:teen_and_up_audiences  published:2010  type:fanfic  words:1000-3000  contains:family  contains:finances  contains:domesticity  contains:friendship 
april 2013 by greywash
Fic: The Flight of John Watson
When Sherlock is forced to share his eyrie, he is determined to make the best of it. However, he has no intention of ever pair-mating. It's a pity his body has other ideas.

John Watson can't believe his luck when he meets Sherlock Holmes. But who would ever want a flightless Tiercel with PTSD who can't even manage a courtship flight?
type:fanfic  type:slash  genre:alpha/beta/omega  tv:sherlock  rating:nc-17  pairing:Sherlock_Holmes/John_Watson 
april 2013 by kph2pt0
Fic | BBC Sherlock | "Lacuna" by coloredink (Explicit)
September 2011. "God, it must have been terrible, to think that he would never have this again."

This is one of my favorite stories in the fandom, possibly my favorite story in the fandom. I mean—it's hard to pick; there's an awful lot of good fic in Sherlock fandom, but what makes coloredink's fic so special is how willing she is to let the characters be *problems*, and her absolutely masterful handling of this particular intersection between consent issues and codependency, where people in relationships that are all-consuming make terrible, dishonest decisions in very believable ways, and the aftermath is completely in character, probably positive according to the characters' own analyses, and does and should make the reader uncomfortable. It'd be disingenuous to call this romance, but it'd be disingenuous to call it anything else: it is romance. That just doesn't mean what you think it means. This story is absolutely devastating, in about a thousand good and difficult ways, and the reader experience is more complicated and transformative than it is with a lot of fics five times its size. A really, really amazing story.
canon:bbc_sherlock  canon:sherlock_holmes_and_related_fandoms  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  words:8000-20000  type:fanfic  published:2011  rated:explicit  contains:amnesia  contains:lying  contains:consent_issues  contains:breakup  contains:reunion  contains:fighting  contains:forgiveness  contains:love  contains:codependency  set:desert_island_fics 
march 2013 by greywash
Fic | BBC Sherlock | "Timing" by azriona (General Audiences)
August 2012. "Time and place, boys. Time and place."

I'm not reading much /Sherlock/ fic these days (due to my previously mentioned issues with reading/writing overlap), but I'm working on making these sets weekly and hoping to turn up a reread at least for each set. This one was an obvious float-to-the-top-of-the-stack: it has great banter and great voices and a light hand overall, and is also very short (a perfect coffee break!) and very funny and very, very cute.
canon:bbc_sherlock  canon:sherlock_holmes_and_related_fandoms  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  words:under_1000  published:2012  type:fanfic  rated:general_audiences  contains:kissing  contains:humor  contains:banter 
january 2013 by greywash
Fic | BBC Sherlock | "How the mouth changes its shape" by breathedout (Explicit)
July-December 2012. "1955. Under the placid veneer of suburban playparks and middle-class conformity churns a hidden London: femmes and butches dancing close in basement bars; clandestine love between women. To Sherlock Holmes, struggling private detective and mistress of disguise, it’s a realm she renounced years before. To Johnnie Watson, daredevil ambulance driver turned auto mechanic, it’s become a little too familiar. But when someone is murdered in the washroom of the city’s most notorious lesbian club, the investigation will lead both women to reconsider their assumptions about themselves, each other, and the world in which they live."

Gosh, I hate trying to figure out how to rec stories that are basically lots smarter than me, but... well. I'll do my best.

To borrow a structure from this rather out of context (er, also without breathedout's knowledge or consent, so hopefully she won't beat me for it later): there are three kinds of genderswap stories in fandom: ones that use genderswap as a method to expose the problematization of femaleness within patriarchal culture, ones that use genderswap as a method to subvert the problematization of femaleness within patriarchal society, and "How the mouth changes its shape". There is an awful lot going on here: an adventure story; a murder mystery; a lesbian love story of absolutely brutal intensity; and one of the most complex and interesting musings on gender, societal norming pressure, and identity issues I think I've ever read.

It's the last two that really grab me on this one (the overall structure pulls the focus off the first two). Fannish F/F very rarely hits the level of passion and intensity that breathedout has gotten here, and the depth and intricacy with which this story translates and interprets a fundamentally canon-compliant characterization of the BBC characters (only, women) is really truly remarkable. The juxtaposition of Sherlock's fluid surface identity and inherent sense of self (furiously strong and vicious when threatened) with Johnnie's much more subtly performative (and in many ways therefore more vulnerable) innate Johnnie-ness is wholly recognizable as the men we see on screen, but the contrast unfolds itself with new and heartbreaking meaning outside that familiar context, and within this one, both mainstream contemporary as well as typical fannish assumptions about the meaning and weight of gender become untenably unsteady. Really, really compelling, and really, really first rate.
canon:bbc_sherlock  canon:sherlock_holmes_and_related_fandoms  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  rated:explicit  type:fanfic  words:100000+  contains:genderswap  contains:gender_issues  contains:gender_roles  contains:romance  contains:hot_porn  contains:underage  contains:undercover  contains:identity_issues  contains:gender_performance  contains:wwii  contains:drugs  contains:casefic  contains:angst  contains:teen_angst  contains:sexism  published:2012  contains:homophobia  contains:racism  contains:antisemitism  contains:flexible_morality  contains:performance_and_disguise 
january 2013 by greywash

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