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Parallax - ignipes - Bandom, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
fandom:bandom  pairing:ryan/spencer  pairing:brendon/jon  slash  au 
19 days ago by as_lld_again
A Different Beat
by jain

[Archived August 19, 2016]
The band already has two guitarists.
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:pg  canon  theme:pre-panic  length:<5k 
february 2017 by ryden
Prairie Doll of Mine
by liketheroad

[Archived August 17, 2016]
Just as he had known, from the minute he saw him across the playground, that he wanted Ryan for his friend, as soon as the thought that he might actually want to kiss someone occurred to him, Spencer knew that he wanted that person to be Ryan. He knew it made him greedy, but the fact was that he didn't want to leave parts of Ryan out in the open to be taken by other people. Small Town AU
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:nc-17  au  theme:kids  theme:high-school  theme:abuse  length:25k-50k  bottom:ryan  note:favorite 
february 2017 by ryden
by fictionalaspect

[Archived August 6, 2016]
Ryan stumbles down the stairs and points at him accusingly. "You." He says. "You are totally Spencer from the future, what the fuck."
pairing:ryan/spencer  pairing:ryan/spencer/spencer  rating:r  canon  theme:time-travel  theme:doppelganger  theme:high-school  length:5k-10k 
february 2017 by ryden
I Don't Know How
by rosehiptea

[Archived July 21, 2016]
"Ryan just felt shaky, like maybe his bones were attempting to escape. He was so nervous. So, so nervous."
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:pg  canon  theme:touring  length:<5k 
february 2017 by ryden
The City by the Lake
by ignipes

[Archived July 4, 2016]
They've got twenty years of shared memories. 'Remember when' covers a lot of ground.
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:pg-13  canon  length:<5k 
february 2017 by ryden
Oscar Wilde would not apologise
by pr_scatterbrain

[Archived July 4, 2016]
Spencer’s family never moved to Las Vegas, but he and Ryan find their way to each other anyway. Featuring Maja as Spencer’s childhood friend and roommate, Lykke Li as Spencer’s bandmate, Gabe as Maja’s somewhat pathetic rock star ex and Z and Alex being the worlds worst best friends. A college AU.
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:r  au  theme:college  length:10k-25k 
february 2017 by ryden
Listen to the Wind
by hesmagicandmyth (pseud:spencertized)

[Archived June 16, 2016]
When Brendon brings the unconscious man he finds during a blizzard into his home, he suspects the man may be a slave, but there's no way he could have predicted any of the things that unravel simply by allowing the stranger in to sit next to his fireplace.
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:pg-13  au  theme:slavery  theme:disorder/illness  length:10k-25k 
february 2017 by ryden
An episode of sparrows (or: We have to find the Spencer Duck!)
by liketheroad

[Archived March 27, 2016]
Wherein it is suggested that panic didn't manage to write an album up in the cabin because they were a little distracted by their drummer turning into a duck
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:pg-13  canon  theme:anthropomorphism  theme:cabin  theme:crack  length:<5k 
february 2017 by ryden
Dates With Lost Meanings
by arctic_grey

[Archived December 30, 2015]
For as long as I can remember I have been in love with Spencer. For as long as I can remember Spencer has known it. And for as long as I can remember...Spencer hasn’t cared.
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:r  canon  theme:timeline  length:<5k  bottom:ryan  community:slashatthedisco 
february 2017 by ryden
we are for each other
by itsforscience

[Archived December 30, 2015]
I've loved you longer than you've known yourself, I'll love you even when you're loving someone else.
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:r  canon  theme:timeline  length:<5k 
february 2017 by ryden
no line you can't step right over
by prettykitty_aya (pseud:prettykitty_fic)

[Archived December 30, 2015]
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:r  au-or-canon  length:<5k 
february 2017 by ryden
Years Unfold
by turps

[Archived December 25, 2015]
In the end, it's all about Ryan.
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:pg-13  canon  theme:timeline  length:10k-25k 
february 2017 by ryden
Your Candle Burns Too Bright
by sena

[Archived December 11, 2015]
[Series: #3/3] In which making homemade fireworks with Brendon turns out to be not at all disastrous and Spencer starts to get things figured out.
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:nc-17  canon  theme:high-school  length:<5k  series:dreaming-to-the-twilight 
february 2017 by ryden
Never See the Sky the Same Way
by sena

[Archived December 10, 2015]
[Series: #2/3] Spencer might actually have feelings for his best friend. Spencer's best friend might be a stupid boy who doesn't realize this.
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:r  canon  theme:high-school  length:<5k  series:dreaming-to-the-twilight 
february 2017 by ryden
Dreaming to the Twilight
by sena

[Archived December 10, 2015]
[Series: #1/3] Spencer sometimes makes out with his best friend. It's not like it's a thing, and it never goes any further than kissing. Until it does.
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:nc-17  canon  theme:high-school  length:<5k  bottom:spencer  series:dreaming-to-the-twilight 
february 2017 by ryden
Carry On and On and On
by boweryd

[Archived November 24, 2015]
"You are so awesome, Spencer, Gerard Way is going to sweat on us!"
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:nc-17  canon  theme:high-school  length:<5k 
february 2017 by ryden
bb!Spence and bb!Ryan ficlet
by sena

[Archived October 14, 2015]
Written for anon_lovefest for the prompt "15-year-old Spencer fucking 16 year-old Ryan for the first time (age mostly unimportant except that I want this pre-panic). I know not all first-time sex is awkward, fumbling and painful, but I really want this to be all of those things."
pairing:ryan/spencer  rating:nc-17  canon  theme:high-school  length:<5k  bottom:ryan  community:anon_lovefest  event:anon-lovefest 
february 2017 by ryden

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