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The state of being away - Deputychairman - due South [Archive of Our Own]
Ray’s clothes were scattered all over Fraser’s bedroom, and together they’d pretty much wrecked Fraser’s bed. When he got back from the airport, Fraser would probably change the sheets and pick up all the clothes that were his and then there wouldn’t be any sign that Ray had ever been there at all.
Fandom:dueSouth  Genre:Slash  Pairing:RayK/Fraser  05-10k.words 
september 2015 by silentflux
Cops in Toyland - Arwyn
The fact that he was half-hard and felt like he had ants crawling under his skin, making him itch and twitch and want to punch the hell out of something -- well, hell of a coincidence, that was all.
fandom:duesouth  rating:m  length:short  pairing:rayk/fraser 
july 2015 by seussian
(Family Portrait c. 2001 Journey)
An AU where Ray Kowalski meets and falls in love with Constable Benton Fraser.
Fandom:dueSouth  genre:au  Genre:Slash  Pairing:RayK/Fraser  80k+.words 
may 2015 by silentflux
Real Boys - salieri
He came to the city on the trail of the killers of his father, and for reasons that will be elucidated, he didn't remain. Also, that there's a dog, okay? RayK, Fraser, lots of special guest stars.
I miss reading Due South fic and this definitely helped relieve some of that wanting. Wonderful world building as well. Five
fandom:duesouth  length:epic  pairing:rayk/fraser  rating:e  au:cyborg  robot  five  NICOLEREADTHIS  via:seussian 
february 2014 by chicagoartnerd
Cabin Fever - strangenessandcharm
An injured Dean finds himself a stranger in a strange land. It’s called... “Canada”.
fandom:supernatural  length:long  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:rayk/fraser  fandom:duesouth  rating:t  tag:crossover 
february 2014 by seussian
Some Stay - Alethia
"I go away for a single tour and come back to find people are spawning, you're decrying rank. One more and you'll be a hippie vegan fuck, singing 'kumbaya' and professing we should all just love one another."
fandom:generationkill  length:medium  pairing:rayk/fraser  rating:e 
february 2014 by seussian
The Killer Replacements - Speranza
"I adjusted my itinerary with the hope of perhaps catching Ray Vecchio. Or the person we have come to call Ray Vecchio. Who is not that person," I said, pointing toward the door. "That person," I added acidly, "calls me 'sweetie.'"
fandom:duesouth  length:short  pairing:rayk/fraser  rating:e 
february 2014 by seussian
Kowalski Is Bleeding - Speranza
Was it okay to fall crazy stupid in love with the ex-wife of the murdered guy who was your best friend's partner and lover? I didn't think there was any sort of greeting card out there for this one.
fandom:duesouth  length:long  pairing:rayk/fraser  rating:m  tag:whump  tag:h/c 
february 2014 by seussian
Some Strange Prophecy - Speranza
"You may think he's nuts now, but you haven't even begun to see what nuts is where Fraser's concerned."
fandom:duesouth  length:reallylong  pairing:rayk/fraser  rating:e 
february 2014 by seussian
Four Virtues - Speranza
"It is a love thing and a sex thing. Also a food thing. A cow thing. A beef thing."
fandom:duesouth  length:medium  pairing:rayk/fraser  rating:e 
february 2014 by seussian
Enduring Distance - Speranza
"Yes, it's about the freakin' sub!" Ray yelled, flinging his arms up in the air. "There's a fucking nuclear submarine not a hundred miles from here, Benny!" He pointed wildly, in the wrong direction as it happened.
fandom:duesouth  length:long  pairing:rayk/fraser  rating:e  tag:personalfaves 
february 2014 by seussian
Wildly Dangerous Ways - Speranza
"Cause Fraser and me are starting to fuck outside of crime scenes!"
fandom:duesouth  length:long  pairing:rayk/fraser  rating:e 
february 2014 by seussian
The Border Between Life and Death - Speranza
"I mean punished. Being subjected to punishment. For bringing the killers of my father to justice." Fraser sighed wearily and closed his eyes. "You do remember the killers of my father, Ray? I talk about them all the time."
fandom:duesouth  length:long  pairing:rayk/fraser  rating:e 
february 2014 by seussian
Hanged Man - Speranza
"Sh." Ray cups Fraser's chin in his hand and rubs Fraser's lips with his thumb. "No talking." He doesn't know why he's so sure; he only knows that it's key that they don't talk about it.
fandom:duesouth  length:long  pairing:rayk/fraser  rating:e 
february 2014 by seussian
Chicago's Most Wanted - Speranza
"Of course he got the money--he's Fraser, he's organized, he's a fucking criminal mastermind, what do you think?!"
fandom:duesouth  length:reallylong  pairing:rayk/fraser  rating:e  au:crime  tag:personalfaves 
february 2014 by seussian
Anatomically Correct - Speranza
They all wanted their very own Mountie doll, manners and batteries included, horse sold separately.
fandom:duesouth  length:medium  pairing:rayk/fraser  rating:e 
february 2014 by seussian

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