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Close Quarters - ladyfoxxx - Bandom, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
Warped passes in a blaze of hot nights, broken strings and stolen kisses. The last night of tour finds Patrick, Ray, Pete and Mikey the last guys standing after a long, lazy night of partying. It makes a weird kind of sense that it would be the four of them, Patrick figures. Two couples nearing their use-by date, trading sleep to wring every last moment from the summer.
fandom:BandomFOB  fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:patrick/ray  pairing:mikey/pete  pairing:patrick/pete  pairing:mikey/ray  author:ladyfoxxx 
august 2015 by starkandspangle
All Our Stars Aligned (Put Love On Hold) - xaritomene, xrysomou - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, Patrick starts playing cards at gaming hells to make ends meet. So far, he's managing, but when he meets Lord Highleyton, London's favourite disgrace, things start to unravel at an alarming rate - until Patrick ends up betting the last thing he has to offer: himself. Pete just wants to help, but he soon finds he might be doing more harm than good.

We'd say this is a shameless Regency AU of the Mills and Boon variety, but the truth is we are very ashamed.
fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:patrick/pete  author:xaritomene  author:xrysomou  *au 
april 2015 by starkandspangle
Inch of Skin - the_ragnarok - Bandom, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
In his interviews, Pete Wentz likes to joke about the soulmark. He went on a talk show once with his right wrist bared to show a temporary Care Bear tattoo. There was kind of a media uproar about it, which is the only reason Patrick knows this—he doesn't even follow media for musicians he likes. He's not going to do it for a pop-punk teen heartthrob who sold his soul to MTV.
fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:patrick/pete  author:the_ragnarok  *au 
april 2015 by starkandspangle
Pan Verse - Roxy_palace - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
"Second street on the left, and straight on till Mornington Crescent. Tell them Pete sent you."
Frank couldn’t explain it, but lately he was a fucking jinx in the kitchen. Everything he touched turned to shit.

In the job before Pollack’s he broke every second dish he washed. Before that he made a sack of flour explode and in the one before that, the live lobster tank in front of the restaurant smashed while he was cleaning it and half the lobsters escaped down a storm drain. To be honest, Frank didn’t really feel too bad about getting the sack for that. Live lobster restaurants were total bullshit anyway.

On the trash heap at fucking Christmas. How the fucking fuck was this his life? It wasn't easy getting work; not many people ready to believe a guy covered in as much ink as Frank was worth a shot, even if it was just washing dishes and scrubbing floors. But kitchen shit was all he knew how to do. It was his thing, even if, for some reason he sucked at it right now.

Frank knew he could be better. He just had to find the right place for him, the right kitchen. And when he did, he knew the pace, the sound, the physical exertion - getting it right, getting people fed well - that would be all he needed in life. When everything went right in a kitchen, it was an almost zen high – it was worth waiting for.
fandom:BandomMCR  fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:patrick/pete  author:roxy-palace  *au 
march 2015 by starkandspangle
In Production - ladyfoxxx - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
The AU where bandom are filmmakers and Gerard is directing the Umbrella Academy movie. Brian is the distractingly hot stuntman, Pete is the producer, Patrick is the studio babysitter and everyone gets lucky at the wrap party.
"Yeah, don't pick on Bob. He's not Schechter," Mikey chimes in and oh fuck you little brother.

"Oh, you did not just go there." Gerard turns a look of fire on Mikey.

"Oh come on, you can't stop it there Geeway. I have heard so many stories about this," Pete jumps in, practically foaming at the mouth.

At which point Bob decides to open his trap. "I have footage."

"Bob!" Gerard shrieks, because this is far more of a betrayal than is warranted for some tiny crack about invisible hands. He has to defend himself. "I was under so much pressure that day. And you know, I don't think Patrick needs to hear all our old bullshit stories. Sorry, Patrick."

"Oh, I wouldn't stand in the way of a good story. Do tell." Patrick is grinning. The fucking executive is grinning. To which Pete responds by bumping shoulders with the guy and muttering, "character development," sparking a secret exchange of smiles which is really just too much at this point.
fandom:BandomMCR  fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:brian/gerard  pairing:patrick/pete  author:ladyfoxxx  *au 
march 2015 by starkandspangle
lost in the falling dark - seimaisin, tuesdaysgone - My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
Patrick never believed in werewolves - until Pete transformed into one before his eyes. On Warped, he learns that the Way brothers are werewolves too, and Patrick's world is officially really damned strange. Patrick thought he'd figured out how to deal with his tangled feelings for Pete - by ignoring them. It seems like the best way to deal with his jealousy of Pete and Mikey, too. But Mikey seems to have other ideas.

Pete seems like the answer to Mikey's growing misery. Newly-sober Gerard is still learning how to control his wolf self without self-medicating, and he's been dancing around his relationship with Frank for far too long, in Mikey's opinion. But watching Pete and Patrick do the same dance just reminds Mikey of how lonely he feels, especially since he's feeling an instinctive need to be part of what Pete and Patrick share.
If Mikey is remembering how to work a crowd, Pete can already make it sit up and beg. And that's particularly fucking apt, because the first time he's downwind and within arm's length of Pete - unfortunately for him, because Pete's plastered in mud and carrying a Super Soaker filled with something unidentifiable - all his senses convulse at once. Werewolf. Pete's a werewolf. But how does he not know this already?

Mikey feels his hackles raise a little, and he freezes, taking in a deep breath. Taking in the scent. Wolf, yes, but not pack; the scent has a kick like burnt sugar and bitter herbs, both strange and tantalizing. Pete makes eye contact for just that one moment too long, and Mikey stiffens automatically. Then Pete blinks and flashes him a toothy white grin. "Mikey Way," he cries, and launches himself at Mikey. Mikey flinches, too surprised to even let out the growl that builds in his chest. Amazingly, Pete catches himself in mid-lunge. "It's just mud. Mostly," he says, like that's why Mikey flinched. He wiggles his eyebrows, and says "Maybe later," then runs off.

Mikey stays where he is - exactly where he is - for a long time. Pete Wentz. He's never heard a word about this, not through any of the usual channels. And Pete's scent - it makes Mikey uneasy, and so does Pete. He hadn't just ignored the rules. He'd acted like he didn't know the rules. Not good, and especially not good with Gerard being so - well, Gerard has a bit of a short fuse these days, still slightly fragile underneath. Shit. He takes a moment to bare his teeth at nothing, and stalks off. He's going to have to keep an eye on Pete Wentz.
fandom:BandomFOB  fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:patrick/pete  pairing:mikey/pete  pairing:mikey/patrick/pete  author:seimaisin  author:tuesdaysgone  *au 
november 2014 by starkandspangle
You Shouldn't Go With Him (When You Could've Had Me) - Jiksa - Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
The first text message arrives late one afternoon in autumn, apropos nothing. It’s been months since they put the band on hold and Patrick is still entirely out of things to say to Pete.


Where Ray wants to buy a jet ski, Mikey can’t be trusted around electricity, Joe spoons a piñata, Pete won’t stop reading about gay stuff on the internet and Patrick is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
fandom:BandomFOB  fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:patrick/pete  pairing:patrick/ray  author:Jiksa 
october 2014 by starkandspangle
Anywhere You Let It Go - skoosiepants - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
"Okay," Patrick said, getting out a notebook. It had kittens dressed up in little superhero outfits on the front, so Pete guessed it was Jon's. Charlie was lying on the bed, playing with Dan and a little monkey rattle thing Patrick called Horatio. "Okay, this is what I've figured out so far. I'm stuck in some sort of hell that looks vaguely like a Sandra Bullock movie."

Pete squinted, cocked his head. "Okay."

"Right." Patrick tapped a pen on the paper. "Right, and I'm pretty sure Spencer wanted to, like, hold hands in public or something, and Brendon freaked out and they mutually broke up, no matter what Ryan says, and now Brendon is overcompensating for his fuckup, because he's insane, and Spencer is possibly the most stubborn kid ever—"

"Besides you," Pete cut in.

"Besides me," Patrick agreed, which was a testament to how worn out he was, since he'd never normally agree about that
fandom:BandomFOB  fandom:BandomPATD  pairing:patrick/pete  pairing:brendon/spencer  author:skoosiepants 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
If There Is a God, I Thank Him Every Day for Bringing Us Patrick - Schuyler - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Pete Wentz thinks MCR's second drummer is perfect, and he's not sure how he missed Patrick in Chicago, but he's out to get him now.
"Mikey is clearly shitty at introductions. I'm Pete."

Patrick shook his hand. "Patrick..."

"Stump, I know," Pete said, grinning. "I've seen you play. You're awesome."

Patrick felt a little uncomfortable in the face of Pete's manic stare. "Um, thanks." He grabbed onto Pete's hand and held him back a second, letting Mikey, who was of course texting again, get ahead. "Get his phone, ok?" Patrick whispered. "We're gonna hose them." Pete's eyes glittered with mischief. He nodded and ran to catch up.

"Mikey, lemme borrow your phone? Mine's dead and I gotta find 'licia." Mikey caught sight of Gerard and Ray and handed it over without thinking.

Mikey had barely gotten out his "What's up?" to Gee when Frank jumped, screaming, from behind the Greenpeace bus and sprayed them with the hose. Gee screamed like a girl and tried to run, so Patrick and Ray, heroically, threw themselves on the Ways. Frank kept cackling as he jumped into the fray. Mikey called Patrick a traitorous fucktard and held him down under the cold spray. Patrick just laughed. He caught sight of Ray, soaked and grinning and pouring soap on Gerard's head, and leaving Chicago to join this band felt like the best decision he'd ever made.
fandom:BandomFOB  fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:patrick/pete  author:Schuyler  *au 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
i spend my money on the regular miracles - endquestionmark - Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship [Archive of Our Own]
“My mom is visiting town next weekend,” Patrick starts.

“Point,” Joe says.

“It’s a last-minute surprise trip,” Patrick continues.

“Point,” Joe says.

“I told her I couldn’t meet her for dinner because I had a date.”

“Point, point.”

“Shut up, Joe,” Patrick says, because seriously, he’s only a little further down his mug than Joe is and his patience is running out.

“Po — ow!”

“Thanks, Andy,” Patrick says, and pretends not to notice Joe’s pout. “I failed to mention that said date won me at an auction for which I was volunteered. I failed to mention who volunteered me. I failed to mention that we’re not really dating! Point, point fucking point.”
fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:patrick/pete  author:endquestionmark  *au 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
Pennies and Dimes for a Kiss - girlpearl - Fall Out Boy, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
There aren't a lot of jobs that an 18-year-old high school dropout is qualified for, especially if he's trying to make rent and help get his band off the ground.
So Patrick maintains that there's no way he could've known from reading the ad that he was applying to be a phone sex operator. He figured it was telemarketing, maybe insurance sales or home security--although, in retrospect, he's not sure that would've been any more respectable or less degrading. But he'd sent in his resume, and he'd gotten called in for an interview, and once he was there, well, he'd already gone all the way downtown, and it would've felt rude to just walk off, and he didn't have anything better going that morning, and it seemed like, you know, it was probably worth it to stick around and hear what they had to say. What they had to say, it turned out, was $2.99 a minute, with Patrick taking home 30¢ of that. Even if he only got 10 hours of call time a week, he'd still have more than enough to pay rent. Besides, he reasons, it's not all that different from what he does on stage. He's just using his voice to pretend to be someone else, someone that people would want to talk to.
fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:patrick/pete  author:girlpearl 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
a deeper season than reason - girlpearl, melusina - Bandom, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Panic! at the Disco [Archive of Our Own]
Patrick’s got a lot of time on his hands right now. Touring is always like that, but somehow it hadn’t occurred to him how much worse it would be without Pete and Joe and Andy. If Patrick spends way too much of his downtime wondering what exactly Brendon and Spencer have been getting up to, it’s just idle curiosity, something to kill the time. It turns out that two of his closest friends are kinky motherfuckers and really, anybody would speculate about it under the circumstances.
“Couldn’t we just release a sex tape?” Brendon’s all innocence, but Pete still suspects that’s meant to be a dig at him.

“You got one?” Pete fires back.

“Well yeah, but it would be awkward when your boyfriend showed up in it.”

“Yeah, right, and your mom.” Pete gets out before he registers that Patrick’s breath has hitched weirdly and he’s gone very still. Spencer’s wearing a carefully blank face and Brendon’s laughter sounds just a little hysterical.
fandom:BandomFOB  fandom:BandomPATD  pairing:brendon/spencer  pairing:brendon/patrick/spencer  pairing:patrick/pete  author:girlpearl  author:melusina 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
Since We Have to Be Here - Jai (lordessrenegade) - Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
The thing is, Patrick really likes going down on guys.
"I'm going to do something," Patrick says, walking onto Pete's bus and locking the door behind him. "I'm going to do something, and you're not going to make a thing out of it, ok? You're not going to say anything, and we're not going to talk about it, but I'm just going to…I have to—" his hands land on Pete's hips, pushing him back into the nearest wall, and he drops to his knees in front of him.

Pete lets out a strangled sound. "I. Um," he tries.

Patrick leans forward, his lips brushing against the zipper of Pete's pants. "You're not. Going. To talk," he says, his hands sliding down Pete's thighs, feeling the heat of his skin through his jeans. "I know that's a hard concept for you," his fingers trace along the inner seams of the pants, curling up around the waistband and pulling Pete's hips up off the wall a little, towards him so he can work on the button. "But you're going to do it. Or I'm going to stop."

Pete lets out a sound very close to a whimper, but doesn't say anything. Patrick smiles.

"Good," he says, and mouths Pete's cock through his pants. Pete's head tips back against the wall with a thud.
fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:patrick/pete  author:Jai 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
Coffee Shop Au - twentysomething - Bandom, Panic At The Disco [Archive of Our Own]
"Oh, no, man. People get their coffee or tea, you've got students with their laptops, they're gonna want you to feed them, man. You've got this great kitchen back there." Pete says. Spencer frowns some more, because he doesn't know the first thing about cooking.

"If you don't, you're totally gonna get spanked by Starbucks." Pete points out. "Don't worry, Spence, Patrick knows a guy."

"Don't worry, Spence, Patrick knows a guy" translates to Spencer anxiously scrubbing down the walls as he waits for "bden", whoever the hell that is.

"Hello?" A male voice calls, as the obnoxious bell that Spencer keeps forgetting to take off the door dings cheerfully. Spencer abruptly wishes his hands weren't soapy and dirty- it'd probably help him feel less stupid.

The guy- "bden"- has floppy dark hair and the sort of thick rimmed glasses Spencer only sees on the L train. He's wearing a bow tie and Spencer doesn't even know what's happening.
fandom:BandomPATD  fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:brendon/spencer  pairing:jon/ryan  pairing:patrick/pete  author:twentysomething  *au 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
we're friends when you're on your knees - sceptick - Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
Written for a prompt left by an anon at the bandom_meme: Pete's pretty loudly enthusiastic (or obnoxious) most of the time, so when he starts getting quiet in Patrick's presence, he's not sure if he should be worried. When he starts getting quiet and doing what Patrick says, Patrick's even more worried. And a little turned on.
“Thanks for the concern, Stump,” Pete says, and he sounds almost back to normal.

“Shut up, Wentz,” Patrick shoots back, relief loosening his shoulders, but then – Pete licks his lips, and does.

Ten minutes later, Patrick’s got a pillow over his crotch and a cup of tea steaming on the coffee table in front of him, and all he can think is, Well. Shit.
fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:patrick/pete  author:sceptick 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
Cryptography for Dummies - melusina - Bandom, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
Patrick knows he's sending Pete a code that Pete doesn't have the key for. But Patrick doesn't know how much more obvious he could be, how much more prominently he could wear his heart on his sleeve. It makes Patrick question everything he thinks he knows about their friendship.
Patrick has made Pete approximately forty-five mix CDs. It started as an effort to correct the woeful gaps in Pete’s musical education (seriously, how had Pete never listened to Prince?), but it rapidly expanded to compilations for studying, driving, Pete’s birthday, every other major holiday, and for no reason at all.

The mixes predate Patrick’s crush on Pete, but just barely. By the third one (a mix for their first drive home to Chicago), Patrick was already half in love with Pete, and every vaguely romantic song he added to the mix felt like a confession. He was sure that he was exposing himself, that Pete would guess how Patrick felt as soon as he listened to it, but they played it ten times between Austin and Chicago and Pete never said a word.

After that, it becomes a game Patrick plays with himself. How many hints can he leave, how many songs about crushes and unrequited love can he put on every mix he makes for Pete before Pete finally fucking figures it out?
fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:patrick/pete  pairing:mikey/pete  pairing:pete/others  author:melusina  *au 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
Wake Up and Notice You're Someone You're Not - Jai (lordessrenegade) - My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
"Hey, you try googling 'bodyswap,'" Bob said, "and see where it gets you."
"Look, guys, this is…" he let go of the coffee long enough to wave one hand around uselessly. "This is bad."

"Thank you, Mikey," Patrick said dryly. "Because we couldn't tell that before." He was sitting on the floor in front of the tv, resting his chin on his knees, arms wrapped around his legs. The coffee Gerard had handed him was sitting at his side, warming him through his pants, because he couldn't really deal with seeing Frank's hands every time he lifted the mug to take a sip.

"No, I mean…" Mikey frowned. "Has anyone even thought to wonder where Frank is?"

"Oh." Patrick blinked. "Oh shit."
fandom:BandomMCR  fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:patrick/pete  pairing:frank/gerard  pairing:gerard/patrick  author:Jai 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
There's A Light On In Chicago - seimaisin - Bandom, Fall Out Boy [Archive of Our Own]
Patrick is a widower and young father. Pete is an advertising exec with a failing relationship. When Patrick's daughter makes a call to a radio shrink, lives intersect and shenanigans ensue.

An AU based (loosely) on Sleepless in Seattle.
fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:patrick/pete  pairing:brendon/patrick  author:seimaisin  *au 
august 2014 by starkandspangle
Five Trophy Boys (And One Real One) - inkjunket - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Pete knew head, and this was not nice, rhythmic mid-Western head, or fast and slick New Jersey head, or slow and sultry Southern head, or noisy and syncopated Chicago head (totally different category from mid-Western head as a whole). This was one-of-a-kind trademarked Spencer Smith head, with maybe a small dose of thank-you-for-signing-my-band head, and Pete may have had morals, but he wasn't a saint.
fandom:BandomFOB  pairing:patrick/pete  pairing:pete/others  author:inkjunket 
august 2014 by starkandspangle

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