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"...Mom made chicken soup for you. With matzoh balls. The universal remedy." "Not for what I've got." Mark says nothing.
fandom:rent  fic:rent  slash  fanfic  pairing:mark/roger  author:thistlefics 
july 2007 by cashewdani
Hands Open
It's Tuesday night, an hour before close at the Life Café, when Roger leans over to Mark and whispers, "Stop it."
fic:rent  fanfic  slash  pairing:mark/roger  fandom:rent  author:brix 
february 2007 by cashewdani
The Ballad of Mark and Roger
Someone standing right behind Mark screams "ROGER!" loud enough to cause temporary deafness, and the singer looks up at that, looks straight at Mark, straight through Mark's lens, and smiles.  fanfic  fic:rent  slash  het  pairing:mark/roger  fandom:rent  adult  pairing:april/roger  pairing:mark/maureen  author:marks  yuletide  yuletide2006 
february 2007 by cashewdani
The Ballad of Mark and Roger
"Hey," Roger replies. His duffel bag lands on the floor with a thump. "How are you?"

"Collins is leading revolts in Massachusetts, I haven't spoken to Benny in two months, Maureen left me for a lesbian, and we have no heat," Mark tells him.
thing:fic  challenge:yuletide  type:sweet  type:fixit  pairing:mark/roger 
january 2007 by ohnoktcsk

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adult  author:brix  author:marks  author:thistlefics  challenge:yuletide  fandom:rent  fanfic  fic:rent  het  pairing:april/roger  pairing:mark/maureen  slash  thing:fic  type:fixit  type:sweet  yuletide  yuletide2006 

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