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There's a curse on the village, and none of the traditional gods are responding. There's another one that might listen, but he requires an offering.

Steve volunteers.
fandom:marvel  pairing:loki/steverogers  setting:au  genre:firsttime  author:lise  archive:ao3  supernatural:deities  kink:ritualsex 
july 2016 by wrennette
An unforeseen side effect of the super soldier formula is that Steve is insatiable in bed. He can, and needs, to go for hours before he's satisfied. Only a god can satisfy him, much to Loki's pleasure. Fill for a prompt on capkink.
fandom:avengers(marvel)  fandom:marvel  author:alekibutt  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:kinkmeme  genre:pwp 
november 2015 by wrennette
All the stars were crashing 'round
Going back to his house one evening, Steve finds a wounded crane and -being who he is- tries to help it, even as the wounded bird turns into a wounded man who won't answer his questions, eat his food, or leave his thoughts. Fairytale!AU
fandom:avengers(marvel)  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:thor  fandom:marvel  author:dfotw  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:fairytale  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:courtship  setting:au 
november 2015 by wrennette
Falling, and Falling, and Falling Together
In one life, Steve spends sixty-six years asleep after he crashes into the Arctic. In that same lifetime, Loki sees horrors no one should ever witness as he falls through a black hole. This is not that lifetime. A broken god meets a lonely human, and together they mend, heal, and find love where they least expect it. (the one in Steve's head)
fandom:thor  fandom:marvel  author:poetikat  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:genderbender  genre:friendship  genre:courtship 
november 2015 by wrennette
The Jotunn King
Loki must face judgement for the death of Laufey in Jotunheim. Steve accompanies him to make sure he receives a fair trial. But the customs in Jotunheim are foreign to Steve, and he finds himself staying longer than he expected.
fandom:avengers(marvel)  fandom:marvel  author:vassalady  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:travel  supernatural:dimensiontravel  genre:royalty 
november 2015 by wrennette
Slips Like Sighs
They've just got a new long-term patient scheduled, and the care plans already been decided, gone over with family—an older brother. Steve's looked at the file and the charts: car accident, lawyer, some brain damage, and some damage to his left side.
fandom:avengers(marvel)  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:thor  fandom:marvel  author:felicitygs  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  setting:au  genre:disability  genre:reconciliation 
november 2015 by wrennette
this river's full of lost sharks
“I think there’s a naked man on the beach.” Or, how Tony and Pepper adopt a genius mute and save the world. | Iron Man 2 / Thor AU, Tony/Pepper, Tony/Loki/Bruce/SCIENCE; minor Loki/Steve, Thor/Jane
fandom:ironman  fandom:thor  fandom:marvel  archive:ao3  author:greatunironic  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:preslash  genre:family  genre:friendship 
november 2015 by wrennette
Update Installed; System Rebooting
Based around this prompt: Loki is the youngest researcher in his lab, and the other scientists look down on him because of that and because he's shy/anti-social. They think he's weird, assume he has no friends, and mock him about getting a date for Fancy Work Event. But the joke's on them when he shows up (after some cajoling from his husband or fiancée) on the arm of a tall, blond adonis* that seems to get along with everyone yet is clearly devoted to him. And he's (Loki) friends with their boss, Tony Stark?
fandom:thor  fandom:captainamerica  fandom:avengers(marvel)  fandom:marvel  author:valkyrien  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:courtship  genre:comingout  setting:au  genre:friendship 
november 2015 by wrennette
The Winter Soldier
After Loki's punishment at the hands of his brother, he's cast down and forgotten, left to die in the frozen wastes of far northern Midgard. Fortunately for him, a certain Captain doesn't agree...
fandom:xmen  fandom:avengers(marvel)  fandom:marvel  author:awildlokiappears  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:reconciliation  genre:firsttime  genre:courtship  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:recovery  supernatural:mutants 
november 2015 by wrennette
The Avengers find themselves staring at Comic-Con footage featuring Loki, who is supposedly locked up in Asgard. When weird goes weirder, the team takes a trip to Asgard in search of answers. What they find are more questions, and proof that things aren't always what they seem. Steve/Loki budding bromance with possibly more, shapeshifting, general kick-assery. Told exclusively from Tony Stark's POV.
fandom:avengers(marvel)  fandom:marvel  author:mckinney_wylis  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:reconciliation  supernatural:dimensiontravel  genre:paralleldimensions  genre:mystery  genre:friendship 
november 2015 by wrennette
Steve Rogers is called back into the Jaeger program to pilot his old Jaeger, which was restored by Loki Laufeyson. Loki has his own reasons for being on the Jaeger program, but Fury won't include him as a candidate for co-pilot.
fandom:marvel  fandom:thor  fandom:avengers(marvel)  fandom:pacificrim  author:thegreatcatsby  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:crossover  genre:adventure 
november 2015 by wrennette
In The Realm of Ungrateful Cockroaches
Instead of returning to Asgard after the battle of New York, Loki finds himself in a time loop, repeating the events of the Avengers over and over again.(groundhog day au)
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers(marvel)  author:bigsciencybrain  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:timetravel  genre:firsttime  genre:friendship  genre:mystery  kink:bondage 
november 2015 by wrennette
Lost Weekend
What if rather than pausing for cinematic effect, Odin managed to quickly pull both of his sons back from the edge of the abyss?
fandom:marvel  archive:ao3  author:innercityisis  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:firsttime  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:abandonment  kink:hermaphroditism 
november 2015 by wrennette
The Many Doors of Níu Heimar
In the weeks before Thor's coronation, Loki almost dies, not once, but twice. (An AU in which events conspire to keep Loki from the choices he made in Thor, a war is on the horizon and the chosen battlefield is Earth, and the Avengers assemble with an extra teammate and one less villain to fight).
fandom:thor  fandom:avengers(marvel)  fandom:marvel  author:nixajane  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:adventure  genre:family  supernatural:magic 
november 2015 by wrennette
One Year and One Day
It started with Loki coming to live in Avengers Tower. Or no, actually, it started weeks before that, when Tony took Steve into town to buy him shoes and he finally realized that in this day and age no-one batted an eyelid at two men holding hands in public.
fandom:marvel  author:mazuku  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:courtship  genre:comingout  genre:firsttime  warning:homophobia 
november 2015 by wrennette
don't forget to clear your browser history
"I'm thinking of something we should try," the message, that Steve receives during an Avengers meeting of course, says.
fandom:captainamerica  fandom:thor  fandom:marvel  author:recordrewind  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  kink:fisting 
november 2015 by wrennette
An Unusual Circumstance
Steve had experienced many changes after the serum, but he could never explain one of those changes until now. With the new knowledge that Loki provided and their entrapment by a lovely aroma, he can't say he is disagreeable to the reasons.
fandom:marvel  author:inane_rational  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:firsttime  kink:alphaomega 
november 2015 by wrennette
Found a Reason For Me
Steve's part of the security detail assigned to protect the visiting Asgardian Royal Family. Including tabloid darling Prince Loki.
fandom:marvel  author:elyssblair  archive:ao3  pairing:loki/steverogers  genre:courtship  genre:royalty  setting:au 
november 2015 by wrennette

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