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A Better Claim - TheLastGoodGoldfish - Veronica Mars (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sacks doesn’t work up the nerve. There’s no hit. Keith isn’t injured. Veronica solves the Carrie Bishop case and returns to New York. (Movie AU)
fandom:veronicamars  auofcanon  futurefic  pairing:logan/veronica 
may 2017 by kit12123
Till Dick Do Us Part - igrockspock - Veronica Mars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
"Don't let it weird you out that Logan and I are married," Dick says. "It's just a convenience thing, and I won't stand in your way."

fandom:veronicamars  pairing:logan/veronica  het 
march 2017 by as_lld_again
Break it Down (aka The Adventures of Mac and Weevil) - sowell - Veronica Mars (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
fandom:veronicamars  pairing:weevil/mac  pairing:logan/veronica  het 
january 2016 by as_lld_again
Till Dick Do Us Part
"Don't let it weird you out that Logan and I are married," Dick says. "It's just a convenience thing, and I won't stand in your way."
author:igrockspock  fandom:veronicamars  rating:pg  type:het  pairing:logan/veronica  genre:fluff  status:complete  count:5000-10000 
september 2015 by slashpimp
metal under tension
Knowing he was halfway around the world (with a 12 and a half hour time difference during the bulk of his deployment, Veronica had a real good idea where he'd been) flying planes into countries with a lot of heavily armed people who'd want him dead, just because of the flag on his uniform -- it was kind of awful some days.

But he was home now. Or would be as soon as they managed to park this damn ship. Dock it. Whatever. There was a lot of jargon.
fic  fandom:veronicamars  pairing:logan/veronica 
june 2015 by allthingsholy
a strange new story every time
He recognizes, logically, that he has his reasons for being in the Food Emporium at 11:30 on a Wednesday night. Reasons like his demanding job; reasons like nosy paparazzi who still manage to find him some days. He's not even alone in his habits--half of the city seems to be in here with him, god bless New York. He suspects that at least a few of his fellow shoppers have fallen victim to his most pressing problem: an inability to notice that his entire apartment is empty of edible food until it's too late to be reasonable about it.
fic  fandom:veronicamars  pairing:logan/veronica 
february 2015 by allthingsholy
Every Belt That Ever Hit Someone (Is Still Made to Hold Something Up) - igrockspock
Logan doesn't get any votes for Most Changed at the ten-year reunion, which is bullshit when you think about it. In the past ten years, everything in his life has changed. He's joined the Navy, dated a pop star, and figured out that Dick Casablancas can occasionally behave like a real human being. Only one thing hasn't changed: he's still in love with Veronica Mars. Oh, and he's suspected of murdering his girlfriend.
fandom:veronica.mars  pairing:logan/veronica  rating:4* 
february 2015 by Dhi
Kid Things
5 years after graduation, Logan comes back to Neptune to ask Veronica for help.
fandom:veronicamars  pairing:logan/veronica  rating:r  author:sowell  status:complete  multi-chapter 
january 2015 by IshtarFish
Gravity Sings
Logan’s back from deployment, Veronica's back to working cases, and they're back to figuring out how to make their relationship work, this time as adults with demanding jobs. But when their new normal is disrupted by an unusual missing persons case, Veronica is reminded yet again that nothing ever comes easy in Neptune -- and even with the help of Mac, Keith, and Weevil, solving this case may come at too high a cost. {a long v. mars casefic set after the first book - in-character, reads exactly like canon, and so freaking good}
fandom:veronicamars  timeline:book1  pairing:logan/veronica  rating:pg13  author:machaswicket 
december 2014 by blithers
Eight Weeks Probation | igrockspock
A long time ago, Logan and Mac used to be friends... Wait, no, it was more like they existed in a state of mutual toleration followed by nine years of radio silence. If Logan wants this thing with Veronica to work out, he might want to fix that.
friendship:logan-mac  canon:veronicamars  post-movie  character:loganecholls  character:macmackenzie  length:midlength  author:igrockspock  pairing:logan/veronica 
october 2014 by innocentsmith
Eight Weeks Probation - igrockspock
A long time ago, Logan and Mac used to be friends... Wait, no, it was more like they existed in a state of mutual toleration followed by nine years of radio silence. If Logan wants this thing with Veronica to work out, he might want to fix that.
fandom:veronica.mars  pairing:logan/veronica  gen  rating:5* 
october 2014 by Dhi
Metal Under Tension - MachaSWicket - Veronica Mars (Movie 2014), Veronica Mars (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
SUMMARY: MOVIE SPOILERS. Veronica squinted at the line of tiny, white-uniform-wearing figures along the side of the massive ship, looking from one to the next as if she could possibly pick out Logan from this distance.
fandom:veronica_mars  pairing:logan/veronica 
march 2014 by lattara

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