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On pumpkins and the avoidance of being pedestrian
John comes home from the Diogenes to find two evil geniuses waiting to jump him. Consensual please.

Bonus for Sherlock and Jim actually taking the time to properly seduce John (with those lovely voices of theirs hnnngh) instead of going straight to ripping clothes off.
Threesome  pairing:john_watson/jim_moriarty  pairing:sherlock_holmes/jim_moriarty  pairing:sherlock_holmes/john_watson  from delicious
january 2012 by sherlockbbcfic
?: You're dying.

John: Everyone is dying.

?: But you, you're dying quicker than most.
minifill  sherlock_holmes  lestrade  pairing:john_watson/jim_moriarty  from delicious
january 2012 by sherlockbbcfic
Ain't Gonna Look for them Roundtable Boys
Lestrade and Sherlock enlist John to work undercover at the surgery in the hopes to capture a serial killer targeting doctors.

It works a little too well as John is captured and brutally tortured.

Despite all their efforts, including those of one can locate John.

Moriarty learns of Johns capture/torture. He has his own men free the Doctor(who is near death) and return him to Sherlock and company.

For he is the only one that will ever have the privilege of killing John Watson.

No crack.
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december 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
What if after the whole pool fiasco John ends up waking up with amnesia. Sherlock takes off to get rid of Moriarty himself not wanting to put the man he loved in further danger and thinking that John won't miss what he doesn't remember having. The thing is John does him, he just doesn't know who he his. Then one day John meets a man who fits perfectly into the hole in John's heart. His name is Jim.
pairing:john_watson/jim_moriarty  sherlock_holmes  amnesia  from delicious
december 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
This One and All the Ones Afterwards
Can I get some birthday fic for Moriary? Because, you know, it's Andrew Scott's birthday on the 21st and since there's no actual birth date for Moriarty...

(I'd prefer good!Jim/John or Jim/Seb if there's a pairing in there.)
pairing:john_watson/jim_moriarty  sherlock_holmes  from delicious
november 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
I just need pregnant Jim. Don't care how, don't care with who, I just really, REALLY need it.

I will love you for all eternity if there's Jim/John at the end but it isn't necessary.

(Apparently the child shall be a part human part cat named Ritchfield. Interesting My, but not exactly what I had in mind.)
pairing:john_watson/jim_moriarty  pregnancy  from delicious
november 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
Dinner Date
Moriarty dubcons John while on the phone with Sherlock.  He's very civil about it though. After the fact, he lets John shower then sends him back to Baker Street/drops him off at work.
pairing:john_watson/jim_moriarty  sherlock_holmes  Dub_con  from delicious
september 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
I have a major craving for some Jim/John, meme. Any sort of fill would be much appreciated, although the more consensual, the better (that said, dub-con or non-con is fine). Bonus points for genderswap (one or both of them), possessiveness, and Jim wooing John creepily. Please and thank you.
john_watson  sherlock_holmes  jim_moriarty  stalking  pairing:john_watson/jim_moriarty  wip  from delicious
june 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
Jim/John crack!prompt! Sometime after TGG, Jim starts trying to woo John away from Sherlock.
Jim/John crack!prompt! Sometime after TGG, Jim starts trying to woo John away from Sherlock. Basically, I want Moriarty the lovestruck cockroach (not literally- cockroaches aren't nearly as endearing as lobsters.) He won't go away no matter how many times John rejects him or Sherlock tries to murder him. Bonus points for the following: John agreeing to go out with Jim so that Lestrade and/or Mycroft can try to capture Moriarty (and the failure of these attempts, thus necessitating more dates), a notable decrease in local crime during this odd courtship, and jealous!Sherlock and jealous!Sebastian trying to Sabotage Jim's dates (working together or separately- extra bonus points if they're working separately and manage to cancel each other out or somehow enhance the date). A bit long, but there it is.
john_watson  jim_moriarty  pairing:john_watson/jim_moriarty  crack  sherlock_holmes  lestrade  mycroft_holmes  from delicious
march 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
At Least I Got a Good Shag
Post-John/Jim, consensual. I just want to see a humorous(ly casual) aftermath. Can lead to John/Sherlock or not, or imply future John/Jim or not
sherlock_holmes  john_watson  jim_moriarty  pairing:john_watson/jim_moriarty  from delicious
march 2011 by sherlockbbcfic
Sort of fill
Jim starts kidnapping John just because he starts to enjoy his company, although it's still disguised as a game with Sherlock. Implied, one-sided, or explicit John/Jim.
john_watson  jim_moriarty  pairing:john_watson/jim_moriarty  from delicious
february 2011 by sherlockbbcfic

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