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Written by the Victors - Speranza - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Caroll, Franklin R. Atlantis Revisited. New York and London, Routledge, 2011.
Chapman, Denise. Several Kinds of Genius: The Life of Rodney McKay. NY: Harper Perennial, 2015.
Croft, Rosalind. City of Spires: A Memoir. Toronto: The Mercury Press, 2009.
Dugan, Paul. A Political History of Atlantis. Oxford: OUP, 2012.//

This is one of the big classics of SGA fic. I didn't like it as much as many others seem to and prefer some of Speranza's other stories. But it is still a really interesting style and certainly worth taking a look at.
Medium:fanfic  fandom:sga  pairing:john/rodney  pairing:john/teyla  length:50K-99Kwords  rating:threestars  trope:meta  trope:press 
november 2018 by ifshehadwings
bironic: Forty Years and Eight Pounds (The Skin Hunger Variations)
John finds what he's been waiting for when Teyla places it on his chest, warm and heavy and smelling of milk. Or: Six people John never told, and four he didn't need to tell.
author:bironic  AO3  pairing:john/teyla  fandom:stargate_atlantis  trope:family  trope:babyfic  rating:PG13  ace!john  !het 
may 2014 by Miscella
John/Teyla, lactation kink.
An (in)conveniently malfunctioning gate traps Teyla away from her nursing baby overnight. Engorgement is uncomfortable, and she didn't bring a pump. John offers to help her out.
!prompt  character:john_sheppard  character:teyla_emmagan  pairing:john/teyla  type:het  kink:lactation 
november 2012 by sga_kinkmeme
Stargate Atlantis Secret Santa 2010 - Fic: Heteronormativity (Emmagan/Sheppard, PG-13)
Summary: In which Teyla may be plotting something, Keller may be delusional, Ronon may be cheating and John may in fact be the girl. No pudding cups were injured in the production of this fanfic.
author:mad_maudlin  fandom:sga  pairing:john/teyla  pairing:ronon/jennifer/melena  rating:pg-13  trope:au  trope:schmoop  trope:humor  trope:sweet  wc:20000-49999 
september 2011 by amazonziti
But then Teyla began to turn into a friend. John started making faces at her on missions, and then he started making faces at her in bed, and then they started laughing and poking at each other more than fucking. Eventually they decided to skip the sex entirely and maybe just watch the Flutie game again, or they'd go to the gym and beat the shit out of each other, which they both really enjoyed.
author:speranza  fandom:sga  pairing:john/teyla  pairing:john/ronon  pairing:mckay/sheppard  rating:nc-17  trope:humor  trope:sweet  trope:heart-hurty  wc:1001-4999  trope:foundfamily 
september 2011 by amazonziti
john_teyla_fic: Fic: One Brief Hour, by wojelah (NC-17)
Summary/Description: Written to the prompt: "Established relationship; John's a little uncomfortable with his desire to be dominated sexuality but, now that he and Teyla are in a
committed relationship, he's ready to broach the subject."
author:wojelah  fandom:sga  pairing:john/teyla  rating:nc-17  trope:futurefic  trope:sweet  trope:kink  kink:bondage  wc:1001-4999 
september 2011 by amazonziti
liviapenn: Fic: First Contact (SGA, John/Teyla)
When she has finished her soup, Teyla pushes her bowl away and asks Major Sheppard one of her questions from the afternoon meeting; about the meaning of the title, 'Ms.'

Major Sheppard crumbles small round crackers into his bowl of soup as he explains. Apparently it is the respectful address for a woman with no military rank or scientific title who prefers to keep her marital status unknown. He cannot quite explain to Teyla's satisfaction why that would be desirable. Finally she shakes her head. "I believe I would prefer to be addressed as Teyla."

"Well," Major Sheppard says, "sure, if you want."
author:liviapenn  fandom:sga  pairing:john/teyla  rating:r  *****  wc:5000-9999 
september 2011 by amazonziti
John/Teyla, consent play, bondage, possessiveness, begging, other kinks welcome
They're fulfilling one of John's favorite fantasies: evil!Teyla has John tied on her bed and plays with him until he breaks and begs her to claim him.
!prompt  post:05  post:lj  character:john_sheppard  character:teyla_emmagan  pairing:john/teyla  type:het  kink:consent_play  kink:bondage  kink:possessiveness  kink:begging 
july 2011 by sga_kinkmeme

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