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A refugee ship from a dying planet crash lands on the Southern Continent during the Ninth Pass. Can a handful of troll kids and a former Empress carve out a Hold and Weyr for themselves without giving too many hidebound Holders heart attacks?
fanwork  fandom:Homestuck  Fandom:Pern  pairing:John/Karkat  pairing:Vriska/Kylara  rating:pg-13  length:series  type:prose  site:AO3  author:OtherCat  quality:sunfish  extra:crossover  extra:politics  extra:worldbuilding  extra:culturedifferences 
december 2016 by opalsong
Covalent Bonds
Wherein, Having Beaten A Game, All Players Are Taken Back To The Same, Worst Available Universe, With Species Changes To Match For Those Who Did Not Match Beforehand.

In short: You're all trolls now, welcome to Alternia.
fanwork  fandom:Homestuck  pairing:Karkat<>Gamzee  pairing:John/Karkat  pairing:John<>Vriska  rating:r  length:series  type:prose  site:AO3  author:askerian  quality:sunfish  extra:postSBURB  extra:speciesswap  extra:bond  extra:family  extra:cultureshock  extra:PaleRomance(isthebestkind)  extra:AshenRomance(issuperrare)  extra:BlackRomance(ishardtodowell)  extra:ocpov  extra:podficced! 
august 2016 by opalsong
The Only Recipe For Lasagna You'll Ever Need, by urbanAnchorite
Choose lasagna as good first meal for boy humans (1) and boy trolls (1) to show you can overcome this cooking thing. Feel impugned when Rose suggests you would both eat popcorn between two slices of bread and call it a day. Advise her you only did that the once.
fandom:homestuck  pairing:john/karkat  type:fic  genre:fluff  genre:humor  genre:domestic  genre:first.kiss  char:john.egbert  char:karkat.vantas  char:rose.lalonde  timeline:future!fic  words:1k-5k  rating:pg 
june 2015 by muchasabejas
Tech Support of the Apocalisp (And Other Tumblr Tinyfics), by VastDerp
Aradia saves Sollux from being Indiana Jonesed to death. / Karkat protects John against Earth Human Rabies. / Mituna can't say "Tallulah". / Sollux Captor suspects Latula Pyrope's intentions toward his big brother are less than honorable.
fandom:homestuck  pairing:latula/mituna  pairing:aradia/sollux  pairing:john/karkat  type:fic  genre:au  genre:domestic  genre:fluff  theme:family  theme:disability  char:latula.pyrope  char:mituna.captor  char:sollux.captor  char:aradia.megido  char:karkat.vantas  char:john.egbert  char:chronus.ampora  char:meenah.peixes  words:1k-5k  rating:pg 
may 2015 by muchasabejas
If You Like My Name, You Should Hear My Number - Asuka Kureru (Askerian) - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
In Which A Secret Mutantblood Unknowingly Picks Up A Member Of The Nobility In A Bar Of Ill-Repute, After Which They Proceed To Have Sex, Fall Asleep, Then Have Sex Again While The Mutant Desperately Tries To Hide His Blood Color And Not Laugh At The Blueblood's Deplorable Jokes. Contains References To Ashen Pornography, A Somewhat Pitiable Inability To Handle The Gloriousness Of War, And Mentions Of Conciliatory Perversions Unsuitable For Trolls Aged Eight Or Under.

|| This is actually really hilarious, and delightfully happy, within the caveat that anything trollstuck and set on Alternia necessarily has background fuckery. Excellent voices all around.
fandom:homestuck  author:asukakureru  pairing:john/karkat  type:trollstuck  type:alternateuniverse  type:morningafter  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:voice  type:stylisticappreciation  type:takeanideaandrun  type:justforfun  type:characterization  length:10k-15k 
march 2015 by blottingtheink
Red Lights - Everlind - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
“Alright, cool,” Dave nods, popping you a thumb’s up. “Okay, so here’s the deal: you should fuck John up the butt.”

You drop your cup of water.

|| Emotionally, this feels like a major throwback for me, but it's a fun, solid humanstuck, even though John feels a little bit too retiring for John actually, but still. Some really epic pining; did enjoy.
fandom:homestuck  author:everlind  pairing:john/karkat  type:humanstuck  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:pining!  type:hijinks  type:sillysillyboys  type:holidays  type:justforfun  length:10k-15k 
march 2015 by blottingtheink
Making Progress - Miko - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
fandom:homestuck  pairing:john/karkat  slash 
december 2014 by as_lld_again
Integration - unrealityfreak - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
It's a cross between an office romance and a hostile alien takeover, and it ends just the way you would expect.
fandom:homestuck  pairing:john/karkat  author:unrealityfreak  location:ao3  rating:pg13 
november 2014 by swisscheese
Asteroid Docking Procedures - JumpingJackFlash - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
After three years out of contact, John and Karkat can finally talk again. The conversation doesn't go quite the way they were expecting. Now the three weeks it will take the golden ship to match velocities with the asteroid seem like three million. Why are the laws of physics so unkind to desperate teenaged boys?
author:JumpingJackFlash  location:ao3  rating:nc-17  fandom:homestuck  pairing:john/karkat 
november 2014 by swisscheese
Reach - FiveTail - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
John and Karkat find themselves on opposite ends of the universe after the game.
author:FiveTail  location:ao3  rating:pg  fandom:homestuck  pairing:john/karkat 
november 2014 by swisscheese
Head Full of Love, Heart Full of Blood - tortoisegirl - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
John and Karkat are awkward as hell with sex, but they still make sure to communicate with each other and set their boundaries.
author:tortoisegirl  location:ao3  rating:nc-17  fandom:homestuck  pairing:john/karkat 
november 2014 by swisscheese
Learning Each Other (Got a Lot to Learn) - Laylah - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
"Karkat," you say, because it feels amazing but you can't help yourself, "is that an octopus in your pants or are you just happy to see me?"

"That is the stupidest pickup line in either of our universes," Karkat says, his face gray-red and his pupils huge, "and I dare you to find out."
pairing:john/karkat  fandom:homestuck  author:Laylah  location:ao3  rating:nc-17  !tentacles 
november 2014 by swisscheese
Now I Won't Settle for Less - Taimat - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
Six sweeps old Karkat is frustrated with just being palhonchos with John, but can't seem to find a way to move beyond that relationship.
author:Taimat  location:ao3  rating:nc-17  fandom:homestuck  pairing:john/karkat 
october 2014 by swisscheese

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length:1-3k  length:1-5k  length:10k-15k  length:3-5k  length:30-50k  length:5-10k  length:chaptered  length:commentfic  length:oneshot  length:series  loc:ao3  location:ao3  old-delicious  pairing:aradia/sollux  pairing:dave/jade  pairing:dave/sollux  pairing:dave/tavros  pairing:dave/terezi  pairing:dave<>tavros  pairing:dave<>terezi  pairing:dirk/equius  pairing:dirk/jake  pairing:equius<>nepeta  pairing:gamzee/karkat  pairing:gamzee/tavros  pairing:gamzee<>tavros  pairing:john/dave  pairing:john/equius  pairing:john/eridan  pairing:john<>dave  pairing:john<>vriska  pairing:kanaya/rose  pairing:karkat/gamzee(moirail)  pairing:karkat/gamzee  pairing:karkat/jade  pairing:karkat/sollux  pairing:karkat/terezi  pairing:karkat<>gamzee  pairing:karkat<>kanaya  pairing:karkat<>sollux  pairing:latula/mituna  pairing:rose/kanaya  pairing:terezi/dave  pairing:terezi/karkat  pairing:vriska/kylara  performer:anonymous  performer:hananobira  performer:rhea314  performer:robotsquid  quality:crocodile  quality:salamander  quality:sunfish  quality:whale  rating:g  rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  rating:pg  rating:pg13  rating:r  site:ao3  site:dreamwidth  site:livejournal  site:tumblr  slash  theme:character.death  theme:college  theme:disability  theme:dream.bubbles  theme:dystopia  theme:family  theme:politics  time:10:00-30:00  time:30:00-1:00:00  timeline:future!fic  type:a+forsexuality  type:alternateuniverse  type:art  type:beautiful  type:broken  type:characterization  type:criminallyadorable  type:dom/sub  type:fanart  type:fic  type:firsttime  type:hijinks  type:holidays  type:humanstuck  type:ifiweregay  type:justforfun  type:kink  type:makesmesmile  type:midtext  type:morningafter  type:nosburb  type:officeau  type:oopsi'minlovewithyou  type:ouchmyheart  type:pesterlogs  type:pining!  type:podfic  type:posttext  type:prose  type:short  type:silliness  type:sillysillyboys  type:socialjustice  type:stylisticappreciation  type:takeanideaandrun  type:trollstuck  type:voice  type:whatmustbedone  type:whatwedotoeachother  type:workingitout  unread  wc:0-5k  wip  wordcount:1000-5000  words:1k-5k  words:5k-10k  ~unread 

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