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liminalliz: false prophets
How do you stop the apocalypse when the rules keep changing?
fic  fandom:tscc  pairing:john/cameron  lj 
august 2012 by tabacoychanel
hradzka: Cinderella, Made of Steel
Sarah stops. "What?" she says.

"You're not the wicked stepmother," says Cameron.
fic  fandom:tscc  genre:missing.moment  pairing:john/cameron 
august 2012 by tabacoychanel
anythingbutgrey: Looking for a Ghost
She grins. “You’re a terrible liar.”

That’s not true, of course. John’s an incredible liar. He lies for a living and, if he can keep the world from ending, should probably become an actor. But he’s not used to lying to Cameron’s face, even if Cameron says Future John keeps secrets from her. Future John has more practice. In the present tense, John doesn’t know how. Especially not when she’s smiling.
pairing:john/cameron  lj  fic  fandom:tscc  genre:futurefic 
august 2012 by tabacoychanel
powergrapes: Conversations About the Inevitable
He couldn't articulate it yet - it was too uncomfortable, too raw - but somewhere inside, deep down, he knew that he was the only one capable of breaking Sarah's heart. She would never allow anybody else to matter that much to her.
fic  fandom:tscc  pairing:john/cameron  lj  pairing:derek/sarah 
august 2012 by tabacoychanel
nessataleweaver: The Only Way Out is Through
“You’re sure already?” he asked, his whisper echoing off the steel walls. Alex’s hair caressed his face in silken strands as she nodded. “Boy or girl?”
“Not sure, yet. Let’s call this one Cameron – safe either way.”
pairing:john/cameron  fandom:tscc  pairing:justin/alex  fandom:wowp  fic  LJ  genre:crossover 
august 2012 by tabacoychanel
Sensory Exploration - Isagel - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles [Archive of Our Own]
She reboots tabula rasa, memories wiped clean, opening her eyes to see him leaning over her, watching her face. His fingers are still pressed against her skull where the chip has just been re-inserted.

She does not remember the date which John - much younger then, in her future - will refer to as her “built day”, but when she considers it, she thinks that this might be the moment of her birth.
fandom:terminator-thesarahconnorchronicles  fic  character:cameronphillips  pairing:john/cameron 
january 2012 by oldladysoul
linguistics - Lise (thissugarcane) - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles [Archive of Our Own]
the tin man and the scarecrow, the odd couple, he used to say. Cameron's programming is more complex than people know. (written mostly between season one and two, which means it may not be accurate at all regarding Cameron's actual functioning.)
fandom:terminator-thesarahconnorchronicles  fic  pairing:john/cameron 
january 2012 by oldladysoul
CROSSOVER, John/Cameron, aphrodisiacs
While on a mission, one or both of them is exposed to an aphrodisiac that leaves them with an extra-high libido when they return home.
character:cameron_mitchell  character:john_sheppard  kink:aphrodisiacs  kink:drugs  kink:drugged_sex  !prompt  post:06  post:dw  pairing:john/cameron  type:crossover  crossover:sg1  type:slash 
february 2011 by sga_kinkmeme
CROSSOVER, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell (SG1), genderswap
John's temporarily transformed into a woman, and once he starts getting used to the idea, it occurs to him that this is the perfect opportunity to explore sex from the other side...and fulfill his longstanding fantasy of getting Cameron Mitchell into bed. (Straight or bisexual Cam, as you prefer. Has John misjudged the situation?)
character:cameron_mitchell  character:john_sheppard  crossover:sg1  type:het  type:slash  kink:genderswap  !prompt  post:05  post:lj  pairing:john/cameron  type:crossover 
february 2011 by sga_kinkmeme
falseeeyelashes: upon your belly you shall go
Cameron – it, her, metal, machine, salvation, destruction, harbinger of death, pleasure, mystery, it, her, Derek doesn’t know what the fuck this thing is, what it is supposed to be. Its fingers fumble over a tube of lip gloss and he watches the smear of a wet sheen across its mouth.
fandom:tscc  fic  pairing:john/cameron  pairing:derek/cameron 
january 2011 by tabacoychanel
CROSSOVER SG-1, John/Cameron, BDSM, dub-con
Mitchell arrives in Atlantis and Sheppard teaches him how the Pegasus galaxy works. Their relationship can be established but Mitchell is shocked by the BDSM.
!prompt  post:lj  post:05  character:john_sheppard  character:cameron_mitchell  pairing:john/cameron  type:slash  crossover:sg1  kink:bdsm  kink:dubcon  warning:dubcon 
january 2011 by sga_kinkmeme

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