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ShanaStoryteller: Solstice
An AU oneshot based off of my fic "An Invincible Summer" The Massacre was prevented, and some things stay the same, but a lot of things are different. Mostly that Natsu ends up with a different Uchiha. (6,800 words)
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fandom:naruto  medium:fic  creator:shanastoryteller  length:5k-10k  relationship:het  pairing:itachi/naruto  focus:itachi.uchiha  focus:naruto.uzumaki  topic:genderqueer  bookmarked:2018-04  concept:genderfuck  *secondary.fanworks.policy:partial.permission  concept:fixit  verse:natsu.nami.collection  posted:2016-08  pairing:gaara/mei  concept:injury  au:canon.divergence 
april 2018 by sylvaine
Bitten - Daydreamer - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
28k words - about as good as you might expect a vampire/werewolf fic in the naruto verse to be... lol. //

Upon accompanying his father and brother to a joint meeting of the were and vampire councils, Sasuke Uchiha meets a werewolf who he will never forget, even over the course of a hundred years.
fandom:naruto  theme:au-intentional  theme:vampirefic  theme:werewolves  pairing:sasuke/kiba  pairing:itachi/naruto 
february 2016 by hermionemalfoy
Once upon a time, he was a boy who dreamed of becoming the strongest ninja in his village. Multipart, epic-feeling itanaru Naruto-centric fic.
fandom:naruto  pairing:itachi/naruto  theme:akatsuki  theme:au-intentional  theme:missing.nin 
may 2010 by hermionemalfoy
ronsard: [Fic] Vertigo
[Scenes from a hotel room]

Itachi on stormy weather, fatalism, and Uzumaki Naruto. But not necessarily in that order.
fandom:naruto  pairing:itachi/naruto  theme:akatsuki  theme:au-intentional 
may 2010 by hermionemalfoy
Rent by NoNoWriter
Summary: Somehow, no matter what his walking fan service of a neighbour does, Itachi just doesn't have the energy to mind. [ItaNaru]AU. || Weirdly fun story.
fandom:naruto  au  pairing:itachi/naruto  c:naruto-uzumaki  c:itachi  humor  romance  pov:itachi  <2.000  rating:pg-13  author:nonowriter  first-time  status:complete  type:fanfiction  non-crossover 
december 2009 by csad - Winter Release
Kyuubi’s secret out. Akatsuki attacking. Fighting for strength, and falling for your ex–best friend’s older brother. Maybe Naruto will have to deal with more than requested…
warning:wip  pairing:itachi/naruto  fandom:naruto  theme:au-intentional  theme:akatsuki.capture 
august 2009 by hermionemalfoy - Colourless Vanity
Naruto had every intention to go train with Jiraiya after the Valley of End… but instead, he’s given another option –become a member of the newest ANBU team…
pairing:itachi/naruto  theme:au-intentional  theme:anbu  fandom:naruto  warning:wip 
august 2009 by hermionemalfoy
Quillslinger, nee The Engine Driver
also at, but she it's flocked and easier to find the fic here
fandom:naruto  pairing:itachi/naruto  theme:missing.nin 
july 2007 by hermionemalfoy
FanFiction.Net : Sunrise, Sunset
The one where Akatsuki take Naruto, and he trains with them without really joining, with alternating POVs from other characters (Sakura esp). almost badfic but not quite
pairing:itachi/naruto  fandom:naruto  warning:wip  theme:missing.nin 
june 2007 by hermionemalfoy

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<2.000  *secondary.fanworks.policy:partial.permission  admin:host:ao3  admin:kindled  admin:length:epic  admin:rating:good/fun  admin:wip  atmosphere:upbeat  au  au:canon.divergence  author:nonowriter  author:xov  bookmarked:2018-04  c:itachi  c:naruto-uzumaki  category:fanfic  concept:fixit  concept:genderfuck  concept:injury  creator:shanastoryteller  deviantart  fandom:naruto  fanfiction  ficwarning:slash  first-time  focus:itachi.uchiha  focus:naruto.uzumaki  genre:au  genre:banter  genre:divergantau  genre:humor  genre:non-established-relationship  genre:rarefandom/pairing  genre:slash  humor  length:5k-10k  medium:fic  n:non-mas  non-crossover  pairing:gaara/mei  pairing:sasuke/kiba  pairing:sasuke/naruto  posted:2016-08  pov:itachi  rating:pg-13  relationship:het  romance  status:complete  theme:akatsuki.capture  theme:akatsuki  theme:anbu  theme:au-intentional  theme:missing.nin  theme:vampirefic  theme:werewolves  topic:genderqueer  trope:au:sameworld  trope:parallel-universes  trope:timetravel  type:fanfiction  verse:natsu.nami.collection  warning:wip 

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