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Of Queens, Knights, and Pawns - chancecraz - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
I went to sleep on the worst day of my life and woke to find myself in the past on the second worst day of my life. As experiences go, I don’t recommend it.
fandom:StarWars  LeiaOrgana  LukeSkywalker  DarthVader  AhsokaTano  ObiWanKenobi  pairing:Han/Leia  author:chancecraz  timetravel  !_brilliant  via:adanska 
10 weeks ago by Harpijka
Cosmos by Fiachra
Figuring yourself out can be tough, but being surrounded by good friends can make all the difference. (aka the asexual and aromantic Luke self-discovery fic, with excellent Leia, Han, and Chewie acceptance and love. D'aww...)
fanfic  gen  fandom:starwars  pairing:han/leia  genre:characterstudy  genre:romance  trope:family  trope:revelation  length:ficlet  rating:pg  author:fiachra  web:ao3 
january 2019 by moonbeamsfanfic
Dreams and Visions by jessebee
Empire Strikes Back - The one where Luke figures out the family secret himself from the clue of Yoda's “tree of evil”, arrives on Bespin earlier, and does something they may all regret.  Prompt from ribbonedcuriosa:  “I will knock you on your ass if you even think about it.” Han/Leia and Han/Luke
fanfic  het  slash  fandom:starwars  pairing:han/leia  genre:au  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:tagfic  length:long  rating:pg13  author:jessebee  web:ao3 
january 2019 by moonbeamsfanfic
Children of the Future by Diggs
The Solo children must be hidden again for their own safety, but they get sent to the only two people who can truly protect them: Han and Leia... before they were married. Romance/Family - Han S., Leia O. - Chapters: 20 - Words: 77,271
fanfic  het  fandom:starwars  pairing:han/leia  genre:romance  genre:kidfic  genre:futurefic  trope:family  trope:timetravel  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:diggs  web:ffn 
january 2019 by moonbeamsfanfic
Reflected Legacy by DAsObiQuiet
Leia's dreams lead her and Han back to Tatooine, and force her to confront her heritage in the most unlikely way possible: by living it.

Moon's Notes: Favourite time travel fix-it so far, as (old) Leia and Han both go back in time to just before the Clone Wars. 70,000+ words, WIP last updated 2016...
fanfic  het  fandom:starwars  pairing:han/leia  genre:adventure  genre:pre-series  genre:futurefic  genre:tagfic  trope:timetravel  trope:family  trope:outside_pov  length:novel  rating:pg13  author:dasobiquiet  web:ao3  note:wip 
january 2019 by moonbeamsfanfic
A Peculiar Dream by LPK9
Luke Skywalker, age 20, has a very strange dream one night. The future changes. Post ANH AU. Now with second Epilogue! 160,000+ words.
fanfic  gen  het  fandom:starwars  pairing:han/leia  genre:au  genre:futurefic  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:adventure  genre:deathfic  trope:family  trope:revelation  trope:reincarnation  trope:alternatedimension  length:epic  rating:pg13  author:lpk9  web:ffn 
january 2019 by moonbeamsfanfic
Space Taxes - Unpretty - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Lando and Han can't get divorced. For tax reasons.

(I don't know anything about the Star Wars and would like to personally apologize to anyone who served.)
fic  starwars  ;originaltrilogy  pairing:han/leia  pairing:han/lando  [0-1k 
december 2018 by shadowkeeper
no one can stop me, not even gravity or nasa
“Fuck you,” Leia says. “Who said anything about getting married? Did Luke say anything about getting married?”

“Luke is not involved,” Luke says, not looking up.

“Hey, Luke is not involved,” Han says, pointing at her. She’s going to bite his finger off, then they’ll see how much pointing he can do with it. “This is about you and me, princess.”
author:magneticwave  fandom:StarWars  pairing:Han/Leia  rating:G  length:5k-10k  feelings:loltastic  genre:continuation 
september 2018 by darthjamtart
angel_deux: A Proud, Unpleasant Sort of Man
It takes Cassian Andor and Han Solo an embarrassingly long time to realize that they aren't each other's rivals.
rating:PG13  AO3  fandom:starwars  fandom:starwars_rogueone  !het  pairing:cassian/jynn  author:angel_deux  pairing:han/leia  genre:humor  genre:gen 
july 2018 by Miscella
The Thaw [by palimpsestus, Han/Leia]
The frozen ice world of Hoth, the gravity well, was the perfect hiding spot. The Rebellion wrapped up warm and hunkered down, made their walls of ice. Leia built her own. She wasn’t sure, but she thought Han might have been building too, laying the groundwork for his flight, keeping the distance between them. He would leave, and break Luke’s heart, and she would miss out on the one of the greatest generals the Rebellion might hope to have.

But there was no way to keep him.
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  wc:5001-10000  author:palimpsestus  pairing:han/leia  genre:het 
april 2018 by siria
were my lover a comet - notbecauseofvictories - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“I can do this,” she grits out, and he forces himself still, lets her settle herself around him. He thinks of grav-ball scores and that one time he’d seen Chewie’s knot, and not how tight she is, or how afternoon Yavinese sun paints her in soft golden curves.

fandom:starwars  pairing:han/leia  het 
march 2018 by as_lld_again
Drive It Like You Stole It - victoria_p (musesfool) - Star Wars Original Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes she feels like she's nothing but wanting, and these stolen hours with Han are the only thing that satisfy her.
fic  starwars  ;originaltrilogy  pairing:han/leia  [1-5k 
february 2018 by shadowkeeper
Drive It Like You Stole It [by musesfool, Han/Leia]
Sometimes she feels like she's nothing but wanting, and these stolen hours with Han are the only thing that satisfy her.
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  genre:het  wc:1001-5000  author:musesfool  pairing:han/leia 
january 2018 by siria
A journey of a thousand miles [by greyathena, Han/Leia]
Relationships have to start somewhere. Or, once you've jumped into a garbage chute with people you kind of either decide to like them or you don't.

Basically, Han and Leia from trying-not-to-think-about-her to declarations of love at the least convenient times.
type:fanfic  fandom:starwars  genre:au  genre:het  wc:40000+  author:greyathena  pairing:han/leia  character:lukeskywalker 
june 2017 by siria

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