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straight up - Trojie - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Ray will one day blame years of the kind of friendship that involves one person opening the other person up to a host of new, exciting life experiences they wouldn't otherwise have got, and the second person in return spending a lot of time hovering in the ED trying to remember the street names of colourful pills, for what happens after he walks in on Gerard in their hotel room.
'Fucking - shit, close the door, man,' wheezes Gerard from the floor on the other side of the bed, where he fell a second ago because he was startled. In fairness to him, he probably hadn't expected Ray to come barrelling into their hotel room to change his shirt. In fairness to Ray he definitely hadn't been expecting Gerard to be fucking himself on his own hand when he did so.

This whole situation is clearly a shock to both of them.
fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:gerard/ray  author:Trojie  length:20-50k 
april 2018 by starkandspangle
The Road to Babylon - heartofthesunrise - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
The studio, as it always was, was rife with discomfort - disagreements, embarrassments over the way they’d forgotten how to play with each other - and yet it impressed upon Frank again and again what was missing. He left the studio every day exhausted, but… Curiously absent was that old heartache, the pang of creation.

In which Gerard hates everything he writes, Ray is coddling him through it, and Frank is coming to terms with the fact that MCR is the most important thing he'll ever do, and that he's not the frontman. A story about the building and dismantling of Conventional Weapons, and how much James and Frank hate LA, but love each other.
fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:frank/james  pairing:bob/frank  pairing:gerard/ray  author:heartofthesunrise  length:20-50k 
october 2017 by starkandspangle
Totally Not a Meet-Cute - argentumlupine - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Gerard has had a crush on Train Guy for a while, but just going up and talking to him would be weird. He needs a reason, right?
fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:gerard/ray  author:argentumlupine  length:0-5k  *au 
august 2017 by starkandspangle
best little whorehouse in arizona - xylodemon - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
In which Bob owns the place, Pete is a rich kid from the big city, and Ray is what passes for the law in town.
It's a tired-looking two storey a respectable distance from both the church and the General Store, and it's off the main road a piece, down a packed-dirt alley Bob tries to keep free of clutter and trash. The front door sticks a little and the upstairs balcony sags over the porch a lot, but he puts a fresh coat of whitewash on the exterior walls every summer, and he keeps the furniture nice and neat. The windowboxes are full of tiny, snow-white daisies, and he does more business than any other brothel in town. His girls know what they're about, and so do his boys. That does cause some muttering in town -- that he employs boys as well as girls -- particularly from the minister's wife, but Bob's always believed that a person's business is their own. His girls don't gossip and his boys don't ask questions, and Bob just smiles and nods when the minister slips out of Gabe's room and heads for home out the brothel's back door.
fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:bob/frank  pairing:gerard/ray  pairing:mikey/pete  author:xylodemon  length:0-5k  *au 
june 2017 by starkandspangle
Heist - doctorkilljoy - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
When Ray has a plan for their latest job, Mikey ad Frank are amused and think it can't possibly work. But Gerard is totally on board.
"Why the cross dressing?" Mikey frowned a bit. "That's kind of weird.

"Because every woman we know is on a job right now," Ray countered. "He's the only one out of us who can do it."

Gerard had been quiet through this whole conversation, and if it weren't for the tension running through him, one might have thought he wasn't even listening. Mikey however, wasn't having it.

"Why him? Frank's girly looking, he could do it too."

Ray shook his head and said, "Not for this job. Sorry but Frank's a bit too... Decorated."

Frank gestured to his arms and said, "Why is this suddenly a problem?"

"We need someone who will get attention, but not too much. And a hot chick with a billion tattoos is going to get the attention of every guy in the place." He nodded to Gerard. "I've got something, it'll be classy, pretty, but understated."

"Have you met Gerard?" Mikey asked. "There's a lot of things he can do, but understated isn't one of them."
fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:gerard/ray  author:doctorkilljoy  length:0-5k  *au 
april 2017 by starkandspangle
fic: Gravity Cannot Reach Us: thesamefire
Gerard and Ray both get pretty handsy when they're drunk and things just happen.
fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:gerard/ray  author:thesamefire 
april 2017 by starkandspangle
drift to you - jabbergrey - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Ray's casually invading Gerard's personal space, and he's suddenly a lot more interesting than the movie. (Or: in the early days of the band, Ray and Gerard sentimentally and kinkily make out on on a couch.
Somehow Gerard summons up enough brain cells to smile at Ray, dazzling and cockeyed, and slur, “Anything you want.”

Ray is a truly astonishing shade of pink when he says, “I want to fuck you.” Like Gerard wouldn’t want that, like there’s some reason to be embarrassed of that— “I want to hurt you with my dick—god, I sound ridiculous and I don’t care—no, but Gee, I want to treat you like shit and have you like it.”

Gerard falls against him, helpless, wanting.
fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:gerard/ray  author:jabbergrey 
october 2016 by starkandspangle
A Million Reasons - heartofthesunrise - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
In some ways, it was the most natural thing in the world: hadn't they always been two halves of the same whole?

A story about Gerard figuring out how to go after what he wants, Ray learning to accept the love he doesn't think he deserves, and the rest of the band exasperatedly hand-holding them through it.
“We’re getting married?” Ray laughed and moved his hand to settle on the side of Gerard’s head. He stroked through his hair once, twice, even though it was, to Gerard’s knowledge, pretty greasy, not to mention rich with the bouquet of sweat and gel.

“Well, yeah, I mean…” Gerard paused, pushed his head up into Ray’s palm like a needy cat. “I sorta need you around all the time to make sense of the world for me, so I should probably make an honest man outta you.” He laughed. “It’s the right thing to do.”

Ray turned the movie down just a little. “That’s an awfully lofty promise, Gee.”

“Yeah, well.” Gerard turned onto his side and nosed against Ray’s hip, breathing him in, that sharp, sweet smell of home. He ignored the fact that this closeness and the scent of Ray’s sweat made his dick twitch in his jeans. “I’ve got my long term goals.”

“One of these days you’re gonna have to figure out your short term goals, dude,” Ray said without reproach. That was a thought, to be sure. Gerard had a very clear idea of where and how he wanted to be - to be with Ray - ten, twenty years from now. It was so vivid in his mind that it seemed an inevitability, a given. The next months or years, the perilous gap between friends and lovers and partners… That was the part he hadn’t worked out. Typical.

Ray didn’t seem too bothered. He dragged his fingers down the back of Gerard’s neck and held him there, secure.
fandom:BandomMCR  pairing:gerard/ray  author:heartofthesunrise  length:20-50k 
september 2016 by starkandspangle
sing you to sleep - akamine_chan - My Chemical Romance, Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
Ray sees splotches of color, purple and red, vivid against the pale skin of Gerard's wrists. The flesh is raw and abraded, and Ray stares for a long moment before putting two and two together. "Hey, hey, Gee," he says, low and soothing. He puts his hand on Gerard's leg, trying to reassure him.
rpf:mcr  pairing:gerard/ray  author:akamine_chan  length:0-1k 
september 2015 by underthisweather
no_tags | #20 - Gerard/Ray, new start
The texts became rarer, a slow Morse code of occasional bizarre pictures. Gerard's missives were stuttering to a stop, like he was finally winding down From what Ray had heard, though, Gerard was just about the opposite of that. Gerard was a sharknado of energy, tearing through projects and guitars and probably attacking the fanmail with a zeal that made Ray sick to his stomach to even think of.

Gerard was busy. They all were. It was normal to -- not lose touch, but misplace it, maybe. Shove it into the glove compartment of life under half a dozen expired insurance cards. You knew it was still there -- you'd just have to rummage around when you needed it.
rpf:mcr  category:gen  pairing:gerard/ray  length:1k-2k  author:alpheratz 
september 2013 by underthisweather
And A Bit of Conversation by analise010, written by argentumlupine
Gerard needs to pass Spanish or he won't graduate from college. He should probably find a tutor.

Length: 00:10:01
Band:MyChemicalRomance  Pairing:Gerard/Ray  Podficcer:analise010  Author:argentumlupine  Length:0:10-0:20 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Totally Not A Meet-Cute by reena_jenkins, written by argentumlupine
"Gerard has had a crush on Train Guy for a while, but just going up and talking to him would be weird. He needs a reason, right?"

Length: 00:11:44
Band:MyChemicalRomance  Pairing:Gerard/Ray  Podficcer:reena_jenkins  Author:argentumlupine  Length:0:10-0:20 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Take a Bite of My Heart Tonight by paraka, written by lucifuge5
At 28, Ray Toro had the perfect rock musician's life: fun, loud and fulfilling.

That sense of normalcy faded away right after Gerard got that damned hamster cage. Suddenly, it was up to Ray to figure out the truth about who he was, accept the inevitability of it all and have a happy ending before the arrival of the next full moon.

(OR, the story of Ray and his inner were!creature.)

Length: 00:54:48
Band:MyChemicalRomance  Pairing:Gerard/Ray  Podficcer:paraka  Author:lucifuge5  Length:0:45-1:00 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Crash by dapatty, written by gorgeousnerd
In a future version of Seattle, Frank Iero's a lot of things: bike messenger, cage fighter, sometimes thief, Ray Toro's roommate. Mikey Way's also a lot of things: record label owner, co-heir to his grandmother's fortune, younger brother. Neither are normal. But they don't know just how far each other's abnormalities go until Frank's past and a secret of Mikey's unexpectedly shove together. (Dark Angel AU.)

Length: 02:38:31
Band:MyChemicalRomance  Band:FallOutBoy  Band:PanicAtTheDisco  Pairing:Gerard/Ray  Pairing:Frank/Mikey  Podficcer:dapatty  Author:gorgeousnerd  Length:2:30-3:00 
may 2013 by bandompodfic
Below the Trees, Which Are Below the Stars - alpheratz - Bandom, My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Gerard slowly awoke around five when the quiet place in his heart where Mikey was when he wasn't in the air began to prickle. That meant Mikey was close, likely already in France. It was morning. Light was seeping into the room through the cracks in the shutters, the birds were starting to yell, and Gerard was, as always, worried. He couldn't fall back asleep, so he lay in a half-doze under the warm covers and waited. When Mikey touched down, Gerard felt it in his chest as an extra beat of his heart, a missing cog snapping into place, and smiled up at the ceiling helplessly. There wasn't any point in getting up. Mikey wouldn't be home for hours, and it was his turn to make the coffee.
pairing:frank/mikey  pairing:gerard/ray  rpf:mcr  category:au  length:30k-40k  x-dled  love  author:alpheratz 
april 2013 by underthisweather
bandomstuffsit: Your Shadow Keeps Me Bright: gift for alpheratz
"You called for a truck?" the guy asked when he was a few feet away. The monkey's tail swung to and fro, impatient.

Gerard nodded. "Yeah, yeah. I was driving home, taking the scenic route for nostalgia's sake, when my car made this weird, loud noise and then it slowed down and died. So I called you, erm, I mean, your garage 'cause I know jackshit about cars." Gerard blushed, poking Ursula's side through his jacket when he felt her snickering at him. Such a pain in the ass.
rpf:mcr  pairing:gerard/ray  category:au  length:5k-10k  author:lucifuge_5 
january 2013 by underthisweather

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