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Can I get some Francesco Vecellio up in here?
Really don't actually care much who with... Ezio? Fine. Perotto Calderon (pre-Lucrezia)? Mentor student is hot... M/M loving Anon would even be happy with Francesco Vecellio/Tessa Varzi... But... Anon would probably inflict or receive grievous bodily harm for Cipriano Enu/Francesco Vecellio Yes Plzzzzzz. mmmmm...Francesco.......
Part3  AC:Project_Legacy  status:filled  character:Francesco_Vecellio  character:Cipriano_Enu  pairing:Francesco/Cipriano  genre:slash 
july 2014 by asscreedarchive

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ac:project_legacy  character:cipriano_enu  character:francesco_vecellio  genre:slash  part3  status:filled 

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