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Bilbo/fem!DoYC; mistaken gender, Dwarven names are opaque to Bilbo
Statistically speaking, if there is one Dwarven woman to every three Dwarven men, then there should be three women in the company. The Dwarves all know this, and think nothing of it - Dwarven women are, after all, just as hardy as men.

However, for Bilbo it takes until the Dwarves bathe in the fountain in Rivendell to discover that there are women in the company.

It's not really his fault, he figures. The Dwarves all have beards, dress like men, and who can see breasts through all the thick layers Dwarves wear? Still, when he expresses his surprise, he feels quite embarrassed when somebody exclaims that, how could he have thought so; those are clearly girls' names! (And it's especially humiliating that the Dwarf he'd been having a flirtation with - one of the women - is right there to hear this exchange.)

Later on, still fresh from bathing, said Dwarf seeks out Bilbo in order to familiarize him with female Dwarves, so he doesn't make the mistake again; it-- (Full details at prompt)
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Bofur says a few good things with her mouth, and Bilbo (Bilba, Billa, etc.) wants her mouth to do a good thing somewhere else.
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Bilba/DOYC, Dwarves don't have dowries--Hobbits do
So, Bilba and DOYC are interested in one another, court for a time, and decide to get married--yay!

Fastforward to doing it the proper way: they must meet each other's families, and their families meet. One of the Tooks is serving as Bilba's family-representative, and begins to discuss with them during negotiations the dowry.

The dwarves aren't sure what this 'dowry' thing is, and are most offended when they find out. Imagine! A wife paying to be wed!

Turns out, things are kind of the opposite in dwarrow society.

-- Female Bilbo, please.
-- Discussion of dowry and bride price!
-- Cuteness
-- Romance

These are the things I want. If any author!anons would be so kind as to oblige me, I would be mighty appreciative! :D
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Fem!Bilbo/DoYC, dwarves are sexually liberated whereas hobbits are incredibly repressed
As the dwarves leave Bag End to start their journey, some of them can't help but notice the disapproving to downright menacing stares they get as they set out but assume that the locals simply wish to see them gone. To their surprise, they are later joined by Bilbo who looks as if she spent a good deal of time crying but assures them it's just allergies. What they don't know is that Bilbo had a reputation due to a few teenage fumbles with local boys and that hobbits are strictly against any kind of promiscuity. That left her with a black mark and when a whole troupe of dwarves marched straight into her home and left early the next morning, neighbors assumed the worst. Bilbo left partially because she did want to go on an adventure but the driving force behind her running off was former friends and neighbors turning cruel and unkind. tl;dr: Bilbo lives in a slut shaming society, her neighbors assume that the dwarves all had their way with her, and their nasty behavior towards Bilbo th
#filled  char:fem!bilbo  char:fem!bofur  char:fem!dwarves  char:lobelia-sackville-baggins  !femslash  !het  pairing:fem!bilbo/fem!bofur  pairing:fem!bilbo/ofc  type:au  type:angst  kink:genderswap  warning:bullying  pairing:fem!bilbo/omc  warning:sexism 
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