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UNFILLED: M!Shepard or Futa!Shepard/Liara, cuckqueen
Shepard leaves her computer unlocked and Liara finds something on it. Multiple messages between Shepard and numerous women, filled with lewd messages, explicit pictures, pornographic videos; and not just stuff of the women, but also stuff with Shepard in them as well; and it's not just one-on-one stuff either. Seemingly everyone in the galaxy is sleeping with Shepard behind her back. Miranda, Sha'ira, Ashley, Tali, Jack, Tevos, Aria, even Aethyta are fucking her lover behind her back.

She's outraged at first, but then starts to get aroused. She copies all this to her own terminal and spends the next few days pouring through it, masturbating and giving herself orgasm after orgasm. then she starts using her shadow Broker connections to spy on what Shepard is doing right now, and finds her cheating on her yet again. She's utterly remorseless as well, saying that this is all Liara's fault for denying her, and her various mistresses are all too happy to agree. By the end of it all, Liara is a total mess.

When Shepard gets home, Liara practically throws herself at Shepard, begging to be let into her harem, promising to be a good little cuck. She has sex with Shepard that night, promising to be a good little last resort cunt.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_gen  character:Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  pairing:M!Shepard_Liara  relationship:het  relationship:f/f  kink:futanari  kink:infidelity  kink:cuckolding 
april 2019 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: F!Shepard/Liara, asari superiority fetish
Shepard loves asari. Like, to the point that it goes way beyond a preference. Who knows why, but Shepard just flat-out thinks that asari are the superior species in the galaxy. she normally keeps this belief locked up and only lets it out in the form of long, protracted, self-indulgent masturbation sessions. however, that begins to change once Liara joins the Normandy Crew during the hunt for Saren. Liara is basically the perfect asari to really bring out her submissive side. The well-off daughter of one of the most powerful and influential asari in the galaxy? Shepard can't resist. At first, it just seems like Shepard is trying to make Liara comfortable, but then she starts going above and beyond, like giving up her private cabin to Liara so that she doesn't have to slum it behind the medical bay.

At first, Liara is a bit confused but chalks it up to hospitality. However, when Shepard accidentally (or not so accidentally) leaves her computer terminal unlocked, Liara sees all the stuff that Shepard is into, and comes to the realization that she's also into it as well.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:f/f  kink:alien  kink:dom_sub  kink:fem_dom 
march 2019 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: Liara is an amazing stripper
Back before She and Liara were together, Shepard quite enjoyed going to places like Chora's Den and watching the asari dancers there. Once, during the Hunt for Saren, Liara saw Shepard in one such club and appeared to be upset, and now that they're together, Shepard has stopped going to strip clubs anyway. One night, Shepard brings this up and Liara is baffled. She was never jealous or anything like that. Asari have always had a fairly loose approach to monogamy and even then, Liara is far from the jealous type.

No, she was upset because Commander Shepard, her lover, deserves far better than the "amateurs" in Chora's Den or Afterlife.

Before Shepard can ask what she means, Liara leaves and comes back ready to put on a show. She performs a white-hot striptease that puts anything that could be found in any club to shame, and the follows it up with amazing sex. After that, she tells Shepard that if she ever wants to see an asari stip, to just ask her.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:f/f  kink:striptease 
march 2019 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: FutaShep and FutaLiara bond over masturbation
Both FemShep and Liara have thick, long cocks, and both of them are more than familiar with having to take matters into their own hands. Deployments can get long and dig sites can get lonely, so both of them have really gotten into self-pleasuring. After the two of them get together, the topic comes up and they both decide to show the other what they like, compare notes, and maybe show the other a trick or two. They discuss hand lotion vs water-based lubricant, preferred toys, self-edging, maybe Shepard shows Liara how good a vibrator in her ass can be while Liara teaches Shepard about sounding rods, and it ends with the two of them having a shared jerk-off session as foreplay before sex.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:f/f  kink:futanari  kink:masturbation 
march 2019 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: F!Shepard/Liara
all i wanted was for my Shepard and Liara to be together, and for them to enjoy the rest of their lives as lovers. sadly, the writers saw fit to remove the chance of that ever happening.

please, somebody write some form of heartwarming fluff featuring FemShep and Liara. i desperately need something to help me feel better after what i've just witnessed.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:f/f  kink:fluff  ending:destroy 
february 2019 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: Cuckqueen Liara/futa!Shepard
As the Shadow Broker, Liara is often required to spend long periods of time away from Shepard. This, however, suits her just fine. Shepard is a stud and Liara likes nothing more than abusing her Shadow Broker Network to spy on Shepard as she fucks her way through the hottest pieces of ass the galaxy has to Offer.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:f/f  kink:futanari  kink:cuckolding  kink:humiliation  kink:dirty_talk  kink:body_worship  kink:masturbation 
december 2018 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: F!Shepard/Liara, bodybuilder Shepard
FShep took up bodybuilding in the long periods between deployments and is very involved in the sport. MA1 Liara is at first puzzled by the entire concept but Shepard explains the sport and tries to get Liara into it. Including taking her to a gym, a chance for mesh clothing and sweaty bodies. Soon Liara is into the sport and working out herself.

Perhaps cut to Mass Effect 2 where Liara is now a semi-pro bodybuilder in her spare time.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:f/f  kink:muscles  kink:exercise 
june 2018 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: F!Shepard/Liara + Liara/Vega
Liara's only ever been with femshep, and she loves her. But for decades, since humans became known to the galaxy she's had a kink for male humans, especially muscular ones.She's spent a lot of private time watching human porn.

Then comes ME3 where Liara meets Vega. She isn't able to resist flirting and shortly after the mars mission she begins pursuing him behind femshep's back.

can be short, just covering the initial hook up or long, covering the affair at various points during the story and beyond the ending.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  character:Vega  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  pairing:Liara_Vega  relationship:het  relationship:f/f  kink:infidelity  kink:muscles 
june 2018 by masseffectkink
F!Shepard/Liara, "Sex Club Normandy", 1/1
In the Upper Wards near the presidium lies Club Normandy. A high end sex club visited by Citadel Elite and average citizens alike that caters to their every sexual need.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:filled  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:f/f  kink:sex_club  fanfic:finished 
april 2018 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: Liara/Javik + Liara/F!Shepard, pheromones, cheating
The protheans interacted a lot with asari, using them for various things. one obvious use is sex. They genetically engineered the asari to respond to prothean pheromones with increasing arousal.

Now comes Javik's revival and time on the Normandy. Liara's eagerness to talk to the prothean vanished as she discovered how blunt and crude he is, a warrior not a great thinker who could tell her about the Protheans. She can't stand his personality, she greatly dislikes him, but finds herself drawn to him. Javik realizes what's happening and makes a move on Liara, and the biologic response to the prothean pheromones makes her give in despite being engaged to femshep.

Throughout the story of me3, Liara continues to give in and even seek out Javik as the pheromones drive her crazy, despite despising him she carries out her affair with him, making sure femshep doesn't find out.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Liara  character:Shepard_female  character:Javik  pairing:Javik_Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:het  relationship:f/f  kink:alien  kink:infidelity 
march 2018 by masseffectkink
F!Shepard/Liara, "The Swimsuit," 1/1
Liara agrees to go to a public swimming pool on the Citadel with Valorie Shepard and some of the other crew while they're on shore leave. The only issue is she's not sure what humans wear to go swimming, and finds out their tastes in swim wear differ greatly.

mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:filled  fanfic:finished  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:f/f  kink:alien  kink:fluff  kink:vacation 
february 2018 by masseffectkink
F!Shepard/Liara + Shepard's asari daughter, "Dear Diary," 11/?
You know that scene where the kid walks in to see the parents playing 'special' games and it is the parents that are completely horrified? Yeah, we need that.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:filled  fanfic:unfinished  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:f/f  character:Shepard's_asari_daughter  genre:kidfic  kink:family 
february 2018 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: F!Shepard/Liara, aggressively sexting Liara
FemShep and Liara are in a relationship. Shepard is used to the somewhat reserved Liara that we all know and love. However, when there's a screen between them, she can be quite lascivious. Maybe Shepard's in the middle of a meeting and all of a sudden her Omnitool tells her that she has a message, and it's an incredibly lewd selfie from Liara. Maybe while on the shuttle ride to/from a mission, she gets a message containing an incredibly vivid and detailed description of what Liara plans to do to Shepard as soon as she can get the commander alone. Maybe Liara has Shadow Broker stuff to do and she manages to take a break to reveal that she likes to be naked in her Shadow Broker office, complete with a picture and an invitation.

Go nuts with this prompt and Shepards reactions to her girlfriend suddenly sending her a ton of sexually explicit stuff out of nowhere.

Actual Smut is optional but greatly appreciated. Same with Futa content.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:f/f  kink:dirty_talk  kink:sexting  kink:futanari 
february 2018 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: F!Shepard/Liara + Joker friendship, fluff, and angst
Femshep/Liara and their last night together. Little is spoken yet many decisions are made. Liara will have Shepard's child.

Cut to Joker and Shepard talking before the battle. Liara is staying on board the Normandy for the final battle and Shep tells Joker she wants him to bug out if things go badly. Joker argues against, doesn't want to abandon Shep etc, Shep says she owes him "A life for a life".

And that's why the Normandy is fleeing from the battle and crashes on some distant planet!
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  character:Joker  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:f/f  kink:friendship  kink:pregnancy 
february 2018 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: Aethyta + Shepard, drunken bonding
Matriarch Aethyta and Shepard have a drunken inappropriate conversation about women. With multiple mentions of "Nezi's" fabulous rack and Aethyta getting belatedly offended about the things Shepard says about Liara.

I'd love to see m!Shep for variety, but fem!Shep would be awesome too.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:aethyta  character:Shepard_gen  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  pairing:M!Shepard_Liara  relationship:het  relationship:f/f  pairing:Aethyta_Benezia  kink:friendship  kink:alcohol 
january 2018 by masseffectkink
UNFILLED: F!Shepard/Liara, lingerie fetish
Anyone else notice that in the love scene, Shepard keeps her bra on, but Liara doesn't?

I figure Asari don't wear underwear. And because of that, lingerie is strange and exotic to Liara, and she likes it when Shepard wears a bra while they're together.
mass_effect:trilogy  prompt:unfilled  character:Shepard_female  character:Liara  pairing:F!Shepard_Liara  relationship:f/f  kink:clothes  kink:alien 
january 2018 by masseffectkink

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