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David/Rodney and Joe/John
David/Rodney and Joe/John, where one (or more) of them really gets off on watching the other pair. Bonus points if you work background John/Rodney and/or David/Joe in it!
character:joe_flanigan  character:john_sheppard  character:david_hewlett  character:rodney_mckay  crossover:rpf  type:slash  kink:dopplegangers  kink:voyeurism  kink:watching  post:05  post:lj  !prompt  pairing:joe/john  pairing:joe/david  pairing:david/joe  pairing:david/rodney 
march 2011 by sga_kinkmeme
RPF Joe/David, erotic spanking
Joe is never sexier (or cuter) than when he's draping himself bare-assed over David's lap demanding a spanking. David spanks him until he (Joe) comes. Despite this aspect of their relationship, when they have sex, Joe always tops.
!prompt  post:05  post:lj  character:joe_flanigan  character:david_hewlett  pairing:david/joe  type:slash  type:rpf  kink:spanking 
january 2011 by sga_kinkmeme
What's the opposite of Method Acting? (Joe, Joe/David, submission, rpf)
Every time the script calls him to kneel for a wraith, he can't help but let his own submissive nature into his head even though he views John as a dom. Can be about what he thinks as they're filming, his own fantasies after, and/or anything else related to the kneeling scenario.
!fill  post:03  character:joe_flanigan  type:solo  kink:submission  type:rpf  post:lj  character:david_hewlett  pairing:david/joe 
november 2010 by sga_kinkmeme
Disturbances in an Elf's Life
Joe/David: Joe is a very content elf on most days. He has to put up with leprechauns trying to steal or destroy his precious liquid, but that turns out to be a minor disturbance compared to the human who suddenly shows up close to his hut. Shooting a documentary about squirrels, David is much too close for comfort, and he seems to take a special interest in Joe.
fandom:stargateatlantisrpf  pairing:david/joe 
october 2010 by cabayuki
RPF, David/Joe, submission, bondage
Joe finally has to tell David to stop teasing him about enjoying the scenes where John is kneeling or tied up. David figures out what Joe wouldn't tell him - the teasing was a problem because it hit too close to home.
!prompt  post:03  character:david_hewlett  character:joe_flanigan  pairing:david/joe  type:slash  type:rpf  kink:bondage  kink:domination_submission  post:lj 
august 2010 by sga_kinkmeme
RPF, Joe/David, dirty talk
Joe loves driving David crazy throughout the day, but he always makes it up after they're finished working.
!prompt  post:02  character:joe_flanigan  character:david_hewlett  pairing:david/joe  type:rpf  type:slash  kink:dirty_talk  post:dw 
august 2010 by sga_kinkmeme
Everyone's At It
Nick had no idea why his parents were taking such a hands off attitude about it. It was like they believed Joe was living out his own personal Rumspringa, but given time and plenty of space, Joe would be ready to come back into the fold soon enough.
fanfic  author:onthehillside  rpf  rpf:disney  adult  fic:jonas.brothers  jonas.brothers  pairing:danielle/kevin  pairing:david/joe  pairing:miley/nick 
october 2009 by cashewdani

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