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Ok so there are prompts for Connor with Haytham, Charles or Hickey but I would love to see then all claiming and sharing him with each other. I don't mind if Anon wants to make it Alpha/Omega or whatever just really want Connor getting more attention than he knows what to do with. Preferred not out right non-con but dub-con is welcome.

Bonus points:
- Washington gets a smack down from Charles.
- Hickey doesn't keep his hands to himself in public and refers to Connor as Sweetheart.
- Connor at some point gets slightly overwhelmed at first and retreats to the Homestead and/or Frontier.
- Haytham comes to get him and ends up charming everyone on the homestead but Achilles.
Part5  AC3  status:unfilled  character:Connor(Ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:Haytham_Kenway  character:Charles_Lee  character:Thomas_Hickey  pairing:Connor/Haytham/Charles/Thomas  genre:slash  kink:foursome  kink:dub-con  AU:alpha/beta/omega 
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ac3  au:alpha/beta/omega  character:charles_lee  character:connor(ratonhnhaké:ton)  character:haytham_kenway  character:thomas_hickey  genre:slash  kink:dub-con  kink:foursome  part5  status:unfilled 

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