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Amateur Theatrics [Avengers fic by galaxysoup, on AO3]
Steve’s the only one who’s stirring at all, over near Iron Man. He sits up, his uniform hanging off him, and the part of Clint’s brain that always gets him into trouble in serious situations notes that it’s about time they encountered a scenario in which Steve does not emerge from a fight looking heroically scuffed up and instead looks like anyone else who’s just had his teeth handed to him.

And then he takes another few steps and realizes that no, Steve looks disheveled and human because that’s what happens when you put a ninety-pound weakling in an authentic Captain America suit and then rough him up a bit.

He stares in horror. Steve catches his eye and says, “Hawkeye, are you okay?” and then stops because yeah, his voice doesn’t usually do that. There’s a horrible moment in which Clint sees a lot of expressions cross Steve’s face that he never, ever wants to see again, and then Clint says “I’m fine, it’s okay,” and spinelessly changes direction to go check on Thor.

The big guy’s breathing, which is a relief, and looks like he always does, which is even more of one. He doesn’t seem to be injured, just out cold.

There’s a rustle of cloth and armor behind them, because of course the universe would choose to revive Loki when there’s only Clint and half of Captain America to deal with him.
fandom:Avengers  genre:nopairing  author:galaxysoup  atmosphere:happy!fic  for.psiten  Av:movie!canon  genre:banter  genre:divergantAU  genre:friendship  genre:humor  genre:WTF-ery  category:fanfic  admin:rec  admin:length:medium  admin:rating:sweet  Av:not-film-compliant  pairing:Clint&Loki  admin:autokindled  Av:redemption!Loki  Av:Loki-is-my-favorite  admin:host:AO3  trope:children 
april 2012 by sumeria

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admin:autokindled  admin:host:ao3  admin:length:medium  admin:rating:sweet  admin:rec  atmosphere:happy!fic  author:galaxysoup  av:loki-is-my-favorite  av:movie!canon  av:not-film-compliant  av:redemption!loki  category:fanfic  fandom:avengers  for.psiten  genre:banter  genre:divergantau  genre:friendship  genre:humor  genre:nopairing  genre:wtf-ery  trope:children 

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