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With or Without You
Derek thinks that the mating rituals are overly romanticized bullshit, but claiming a mate and defending them from challengers is something werewolves do, and his pack can't afford to appear weak after the fire. Especially not when Deucalion and his friends are in town for the rituals. Enter Stiles Stilinski, who offers to let Derek claim him so he won't be overrun at the ceremonies. Nothing goes as expected.
fanwork  fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Stiles/Derek  pairing:Boyd/Erica  pairing:Isaac/Cora  pairing:Laura/OC  rating:pg-13  length:chaptered  type:prose  site:AO3  author:KouriArashi  quality:sunfish  extra:au  extra:mate  extra:matchmaking  Extra:Pretend!Relationship  extra:politics  extra:family  extra:slowbuild 
july 2017 by opalsong
Can't Be Seen Alone
Derek needs a date for his company Christmas party to prove to his ex-alpha, Kate, that he is over her. With the help of Issac, Boyd, and Erica (mainly Erica) they find Stiles, the company psychologist and unassuming Alpha. Fake loves turns real when chemistry abounds but will their budding romance survive Kate's psychotic tendencies?
author:skinsharpenedteeth  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Boyd/Erica  AU:omegaverse  alpha:Stiles.Stilinski  omega:Derek.Hale  fanfic  on.A03  length:40000-45000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski 
october 2016 by willowanne
The Choice
"You will be changed, Goscislaw Genim Stilinski. From your bones you will be changed.”
“That we cannot tell you… That is the price.”
He's made the deal, now he only has fifteen minutes to make a choice and either save or condemn them all. Fifteen minutes and then Stiles will have to live with the consequences.
author:moonstalker24  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Peter/Stiles  pairing:Sheriff.Stilinski/Melissa.McCall  pairing:Derek/Scott  pairing:Boyd/Erica  pairing:Jackson/Isaac  AU:timetravel  AU:genderswap  fanfic  on.A03  length:100000-150000  Downloaded  girl:Stiles.Stilinski 
august 2016 by willowanne
Love Thy Neighbor...He's Hot
Derek and Laura seriously lucked out with Stiles as their neighbor. Yeah he can be loud, but he keeps it to normal hours, and he brings them food, they have movie nights, he's so beautiful, and okay, Derek might be pining. The only problem is, Stiles has a girlfriend. And Derek HATES her.
The one where Derek and Laura live next door to Stiles, and Derek has a completely out of control crush.
author:Triangulum  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Scott/Allison  pairing:Boyd/Erica  pairing:Laura/Lydia  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:100000-150000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski 
march 2016 by willowanne
Sometimes Love is Just Crayons
With their wedding only days away, Stiles helps Derek get a lot off his chest. The wedding turns out perfect, and Stiles gets a heartfelt gift from Derek.
author:augopher  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Sheriff.Stilinski/Melissa.McCall  pairing:Boyd/Erica  pairing:Scott/Kira  AU  fanfic  on.A03  series:The.Things.We.Make.We.Make.with.Love  length:10000-15000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski 
october 2015 by willowanne
I Appreciate The Deep Dickin
And when Stiles gives Erica a coconut cake — the words I appreciate the deep dickin written on it with yellow frosting — only to have her get this resigned look on her face, he feels a little sad that she’ll probably never try to give Derek a dildo as a gift ever again.
author:wearing_tearing  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Boyd/Erica  AU  fanfic  on.A03  series:Stilinski.Custom.Cakes  length:5000-10000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski 
october 2015 by willowanne
This Is How We've Been Remade
Stiles' birthday is approaching, and Derek plans a vacation as a present. Okay, really it's the best way to disguise the perfect marriage proposal.
But first, he has to survive a month and a half wait. He can do this. Piece of cake.
author:augopher  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Sheriff.Stilinski/Melissa.McCall  pairing:Scott/Kira  pairing:Boyd/Erica  fanfic  on.A03  series:The.Things.We.Make.We.Make.with.Love  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski  length:15000-20000  holiday:birthday 
october 2015 by willowanne
A Double Baker's Dozen
Derek hasn’t been having the best year what with his first girlfriend rejecting the werewolf bite and dying and his second girlfriend turning out to be a psychopath who wanted to kill his entire family. And with bad things happening in threes, Derek can’t say he’s completely surprised when his grandmother dies nine days before his seventeenth birthday. She was the only family member that ever completely understood Derek, and for the past year, she’d been the main thing that held him together. When he opens his birthday gift from her nine days later, Derek finds a cupcake cookbook and makes the decision to perfect one recipe a month until he’s mastered them all. And maybe along the way he’ll manage to pull his life back together too.
author:Sourwolf.and.Stilinski(Kitsune_Moonstar)  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Scott/Allison  pairing:Jackson/Lydia  pairing:Boyd/Erica  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:30000-35000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski 
september 2015 by willowanne
In which Stiles doesn't enjoy the Hale summer party because she's wearing a dress (and Derek isn't there), and then both of those things stop being true.
A story about finding yourself, falling in love, and really good duck in plum sauce.
author:cupidsbow  author:Ionaonie  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Boyd/Erica  pairing:Cora/Lydia  pairing:Isaac/Allison  pairing:Scott/Kira  AU:always.a.girl  fanfic  on.A03  length:30000-35000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski  girl:Stiles.Stilinski 
september 2015 by willowanne
Navigating This Space Between Us
Derek gets forced to watch some sci-fi show about a surly, secret prince and the sarcastic young spaceship captain hired to aid him on his quest. Strangely enough, he finds himself hooked on it. So much so that he's even drawn into the fandom. There he meets a popular fanfic author with an oddly endearing attitude, and he gets rather smitten. Maybe this mystery guy could actually help get him to stop pining for Stiles...
Fandom:TeenWolf  Pairing:Derek/Stiles  Length:5-10K  Pairing:Boyd/Erica  Rating:nc-17  sterek  Medium:FanFic 
august 2015 by hardticket
What I Did On My Summer Vacation - grimm - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
fandom:teenknotting  pairing:sterek  pairing:scott/allison  pairing:boyd/erica  slash  het  au  longfic 
august 2015 by as_lld_again
Baby Boy
What the heck is FetLife?
Stiles is too curious for his own good, and he can't help himself, so he joins a website advertising to be a good place for "kinksters." He just wants to be nosy and see what total strangers are up to. Then he meets Peter, who wants to be called Daddy.
Could Stiles be his baby boy?
author:SushiOwl  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Peter/Stiles  pairing:Scott/Allison/Isaac  pairing:Jordan/Lydia  pairing:Boyd/Erica  AU  subject:Daddy.kink  fanfic  on.A03  length:70000-75000  Downloaded 
july 2015 by willowanne
Surprise, Surprise
The best surprises of life are just that, surprises.
Five times Derek Hale surprised Stiles Stilinski and the one time they were both surprised.
Military AU
author:Charlie_Michelle  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Boyd/Erica  pairing:Isaac/Cora  AU:always.a.girl  fanfic  on.A03  length:15000-20000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski  girl:Stiles.Stilinski 
may 2015 by willowanne
Building A Better Tomorrow
The continuing saga of Stiles Stilinski, Mage and Emissary of the Hale Pack of Beacon Hills, and his wonderful family of humans and werewolves.
author:chimera01  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Scott/Cora  pairing:Jackson/Lydia  pairing:Boyd/Erica  AU:timetravel  fanfic  on.A03  series:Fix-It.and.Begin.Again  length:100000-150000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski 
may 2015 by willowanne
When sparks fly
"Derek,” Stiles thunders. “Were you ever going to tell me your house is trying to hook us up?”
Derek's head snaps up, eyes wide and scenting the evident crackle of magic in the air.
Or the one where spark!Stiles moves into an enchanted apartment block owned by a grumpy alpha and is completely oblivious to the building's efforts to matchmake them.
author:LunaCanisLupus_22  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Lydia/Allison  pairing:Boyd/Erica  pairing:Jackson/Danny  pairing:Scott/Kira  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:35000-40000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski 
april 2015 by willowanne
A Toast to New Chapters
Holidays are hectic. There are gifts to be purchased, parties, and family-- What do you get when you throw in a Master's Thesis defense, graduate school commencement, an elementary school holiday festival, moving, and a broken down Jeep?
A whole lot of memories
author:augopher  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Sheriff.Stilinski/Melissa.McCall  pairing:Scott/Kira  pairing:Isaac/Allison  pairing:Boyd/Erica  AU  holiday:Christmas  fanfic  on.A03  length:15000-20000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski 
february 2015 by willowanne
After School Special
"Because I’ve always loved you.”
As if on cue, the song that was playing ended and Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” started playing. Boyd turned around to see Stiles giving him a thumbs up.
That sneaky little bastard.
“Took you long enough,” Erica said.
author:linksofmemories  fandom:Teen.Wolf(MTV)  pairing:Boyd/Erica  AU  fanfic  on.A03  length:5000-10000  Downloaded  pairing:Derek.Hale/Stiles.Stilinski 
january 2015 by willowanne

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