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Anyone But You
Forced to make an appearance at one of the Goththedral’s vampire fetish parties, the Saint's leader decides she should reward herself with a little bit of anonymous sex. But at a masquerade ball it could be anyone hiding behind that mask. Including the leader of a rival gang, one with an obsession for technology and the color blue.
source:AO3  Tangerine_Catnip  rating:Explicit  status:complete  relationship:f/m  words:5K-10K  fandom:Saints  Row  character:Boss  pairing:Boss/Matt  kink:roleplay  theme:identity  kink:virginity  kink:vaginal-penetration  character:Matt-Miller 
august 2015 by beckswithrecs
Extraterrestrial Bromance
As ideas go, it's looking less and less clever by the second. But quitting now would be letting the terrorists win.
*fanfiction  fandom:saintsrow  pairing:boss/matt  rating:nc-17  +favourite 
december 2013 by KIRCEE

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+favourite  *fanfiction  author:evidence  author:tangerine_catnip  character:boss  character:matt-miller  fandom:saints  fandom:saintsrow  kink:roleplay  kink:vaginal-penetration  kink:virginity  rating:explicit  rating:nc-17  rating:teen  relationship:f/m  row  source:ao3  status:complete  tangerine_catnip  theme:cuddling  theme:identity  words:1k-5k  words:25k-50k  words:5k-10k 

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